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Work Background
Strategy Consultant
Strategy Sprints GmbHStrategy Consultant
Jan. 2023🔶 A Strategy Sprint evolves a business through both critical introspection and a circumspect analysis of the external environment. A business that has done so, can traverse the complexities of a dynamic marketplace and thrive where it chooses to compete. 🔸 As a Strategy Sprints coach I act as a guide and catalyst for rapid business transformation and growth. I mentor teams through a progression of targeted actions requiring swift execution to realize measurable improvements. I encourage setting ambitious goals to exploit previously overlooked, impactful opportunities. 🔹Crystalize the foundational constructs of vision and values to chart an organizational path forward and serve as a touchstone from which to lead. 🔹Establish goals that are the measure of the magnitude of the aspirations for growth and function as benchmarks for progress. 🔹Discern strategic value by aligning a deep understanding of evolving market conditions with impeding customer needs and core competencies. 🔹Solidify positioning by divining an uncontested market space, planting a flag on that unoccupied ground, and leveraging a defensible competitive advantage. 🔹Answering the question: Who are we selling to? By fine tuning the ideal client profile a business can gain crucial alignment across all business functions starting with customer acquisition and ending with customer satisfaction. 🔹Install a scalable and repeatable sales process that emphasizes assimilating customer problems instead of pitching solutions which builds trust and shifts the business into a state where deal closing is an inevitability. 🔹Coach clients to be fully present in the interplay between buyer and seller and be well-prepared, practiced, and proficient in responding to objections. 🔹Formalize sales oversight and foster a culture of of opportunity creation by instituting pipeline and deal review meetings.
Senior Business Consultant
International Development Services, Inc.Senior Business Consultant
Jan. 2020 - Jan. 2022🔸 Charged with executing business improvements or turnarounds during eight to thirteen week consulting engagements. Areas of rehabilitation typically focused on management, efficiency, and accounting. Of paramount importance was to instill the guiding principle: By controlling your cash, you dictate your destiny. 🔹 Identify bottlenecks in each department to prioritize areas for immediate improvement and intervention. 🔹 Conduct root cause problem solving to expose underlying issues that lead to recurring challenges. 🔹 Unveiling true financial performance by reorganizing the chart of accounts for managerial insight and usability. 🔹 Utilizing an accurate break even point to pinpoint areas for cost control, forecast profitability with greater accuracy, and cultivate a performance-driven culture. 🔹 Generate accurate pricing models based on factual financial data to allow for more competitive market participation and decision making to drive net profitability. 🔹 Establishing management team accountability by defining leading and lagging KPIs in their respective domains.
Business Owner
Aeon AssessmentsBusiness Owner
Jan. 2014 - Jan. 2017Austin, Texas🔹 Launched an iPad-based medical diagnostic testing platform for pain managers that created customer value by monetizing “patient wait time” that was otherwise unremunerated. 🔹 Unlocked medical practice revenue while increasing therapeutic benefits by converting an outdated paper-and-pencil process to a reimbursable computerized workflow addressing depression, anxiety, and opioid risk. 🔹 Conducted all aspects of business development and client account management. 🔹 Developed and maintained all aspects of a HIPAA compliant technology platform.
Sales Executive
ZBSSales Executive
Jan. 2011 - Jan. 2013Austin, Texas🔹 Spearheaded sales activities by forging relationships with physicians and practice managers to close long sales cycle deals in the medical services space. 🔹 Qualified medical practice prospects by projecting utilization based on specialty, clinical volume, and payer mix. 🔹 Produced pro forma financials subjective to the prospect’s clinical operations as sales collateral in the syndication of physician-owned pharmacy groups.
Oswald GalleryOwner
Jan. 1999 - Jan. 2010Austin, TX and Jackson Hole, WY🔹 Directed all business functions of a retail and wholesale fine art brokerage specializing in high ticket works. 🔹 Conducted face-to-face sales directly with clients accruing 10+ years of experience in relationship selling. 🔹 Developed a commercial segment by cultivating professional peer relationships and building a business-to-business network of wholesale dealers. 🔹 Assembled an energetic client base of repeat purchasers by fostering trust and prioritizing customer satisfaction. 🔹 Integrated a CRM system (NetSuite) to manage prospect/client engagement and transform principal accounts into recurring revenue streams.
Equity Research Analyst
Bard Associates, Inc.Equity Research Analyst
Jan. 1998 - Jan. 1999Chicago, IL🔹 Identified target investments by formulating an investment thesis and applying a bottom-up approach to single out individual equities trading at an attractive valuation. 🔹 Conducted deep due diligence by meeting with C-suite executives and analyzing financial statements to determine growth potential and a defensible competitive advantage.
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