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Intch: Building the Future of Work with Deel

The future of work is here, at least for us at Intch. We are a US-based company that operates a small, fully remote team. Our full-time team counts fewer than 10 people, but thanks to Deel, we easily work with over 30 people scattered all over the globe. We all have different citizenships and use different currencies. Some of us have more than one home, and Erik, our front-end developer, leads a life of a digital nomad, never spending more than a month in one geography.

This fully complies with our mission, as we are building a networking app for the future of work. Intch lets professionals from all over the globe find the right people and connect in order to create new exciting work projects together. Whether they are looking for remote jobs or part-time team members, new clients, co-founders, or just business advice, Intch erases the borders and lets people choose from where, how much, and with whom to work. 

Intch App – Your Chief Networking Officer Try it

At Intch, we practice what we preach. Here are some of our team locations: the USA, Canada, France, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Serbia, and Georgia. Sometimes it is difficult for us to adjust to each other’s time zones, but even this does not prevent us from doing our job and finding time for fun together. 

You know what is not fun? Payments, contracts, and compliance with all the different local labor laws and currencies. 

Thank God there’s Deel! 

Let us hand the mic to the team:

Intch team

Letting the CEO focus on what matters most

Yakov Filippenko, Intch CEO:

As a startup founder, my focus is on growing my business, not on managing compliance and paperwork. I had planned to hire someone for this job, but with Deel I realized that it was unnecessary. I can easily pay Intch employees without worrying about the tedious administrative burden and it takes only a few hours each month. 

Deel frees up my time and energy to focus on what I do best and what matters most: growth, strategy, and the team. Deel also helps to hire the best talent no matter the location. This is almost like what we do at Intch! Our app helps find the right people, and Deel simplifies the formalities of the hiring process. We are a perfect match!

Smoothing the process of hiring and being hired

Tasha Konkina, Head of Brand:

I moved to Turkey just before joining Intch and was in the process of getting my residence permit and opening a new  bank account—the local way of doing things is rather relaxed (read: extremely slow). I was worried about the legal nuances of my onboarding, but with Deel it went seamlessly smooth.

I was later amazed by the simplicity of the process when hiring my own team. Works great for both sides—employers and employees.

Building trust and financial security in a new location

Tatiana March, Head of Content:

I joined Intch eight months ago and Deel’s way of getting paid was new to me. The process of creating my account was quick and I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of bureaucracy. 

I recently moved to Portugal and, thanks to Deel, I feel the freedom to be anywhere and send my money to local bank cards or online wallets. Most often, I use transfers to bank cards and Revolut. Money is usually credited to the account within an hour, but it all depends on the bank or service that accepts the money.
The service also generates documents that can be submitted to the embassy or tax office. 

Deel is designed for people and companies that can work from anywhere in the world.

Intch deel

Now you know how to handle a global team. Wanna know how to find a remote job?

Studies show that Gen Z wants to have flexible hours and work from anywhere in the world, and reality shows that other generations do not mind that either.

Intch has built a community of over 100,000 entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world who help each other boost their careers and grow their businesses through networking.

If you share our vision that work can be flexible and less employer- and location-dependent, you are welcome to join. 

Jeremy Robbins

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