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How to Find a Job on Intch

Regular job boards do not offer enough remote or part-time positions, due to the current crisis with layoffs drastically decreasing the number of open positions and raising competition.

70-85% of job openings never even get published and that an estimated 80% of jobs are landed through networking. Those people that manage to navigate in and out of periods like these do not job hunt, they network. That is the secret. To hack job hunting, we need to network.


🚀 Intch helps you access the hidden job market and land jobs through networking

More than 20k professionals around the globe have found their new job at Intch by contacting the hiring manager directly 🚀

A few simple steps to help you reach your goal 👇

1. Create a request

Requests are a key tool for meeting and collaborating with people on Intch. A request is a unique template that helps you easily describe what you’re looking for and who you are.

Specify what kind of job you are looking for, what you are good at, and attach links to your CV and portfolio of projects.

2. Intch AI shows your request to the relevant people

They will either get in touch with you themselves or recommend you to someone from their network.


The best experts in one app.

Don't wait to be added to connections, start chatting right away.

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What’s next? Be proactive to double the response!

1. Direct access to hiring managers

At Intch, you don’t have to send out CV and wait for HR respond. Write directly to the hiring manager and discuss the job opportunity.

2. Reply to requests from other users

Intch AI will send you a selection of requests that match you every day. If you help people with their requests, they will introduce you to the right people as a favor.

3. Share requests

With the people from you network who might be interested.


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