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8 Tips How to Create a Request That Drives Your Business

Hi! This’s Yakov, Founder @Intch.

Requests are a key tool for meeting and collaborating with people on Intch. A request is a unique template that helps you easily describe what you’re looking for and who you are. 

In this article I will give you 8 tips on how to make your requests engaging, informative and effectiveSo, let’s dive in.

1. Define your target audience

Before deciding WHAT to say, think WHO you want to say it to.
Intch helps to define your audience by letting you choose professional industries of the people you’d like to connect with and their location.

You will choose right after you tap “Create a networking request“ on the main screen of the Intch mobile app:


Think of a portrait of the people who should see your request.

There are 2 reasons why it’s important:

  1. Intch algorithm matches your request with people based on many parameters and one of them is this category.
  2. Understanding your audience will help your request get noticed and get more replies. Speak more about your audience and their needs, less about yourself.

Tip: ask yourself “What kind of people need my expertise the most? What are their goals? What would grab their attention?”

2. A catchy headline is 80% of success

If people don’t understand what is going on from the first heading, they will simply skip your request. Try to think outside the box when giving your request a title — but do not get too creative, the title should be short, clear and concise.

Here are a few examples depending on your goals. So you’re:

Looking for a side project or new clients

Think outside the box — instead of pitching your service, start with offering a trial for free.

intch request

Looking for an expert

A great title would say who you’re looking for and what for.

Intch request

Raising capital

If you want to pitch your startup to the investors, then the title should describe what the essence of the startup is.

Intch request

I know that your offer is unique. You just need to demonstrate it.

Tip: don’t start with generic “Looking for a job”.  Add value or emotion.

3. Add a video to get 6x more replies

Based on our internal analytics, we see that requests with video engage much better. Because they add emotions. More than that, Intch algorithm prioritizes requests with video.

Intch video

There are 2 options of how to add video:

  • You can add video from YouTube by tapping “+” in the top right corner.
  • There’s a video slide right into the flow of creating your request. You can skip it if you’re shy — that’s okay. But just a reminder — requests with videos get 6x more replies.

4. Use templates

We know writing can be hard, especially when you’re writing about yourself.
That’s why we did the job for you. Well, almost.

For each type of request, we have developed a structure with headers so that you do not have to invent them. We also provided each request card with hints on how to create content. Through research, we’ve found the perfect text length for a single card so you don’t overload your message.

Just pay attention to the pre-filled gray fields and feel free to copy.


  • too long is bad, too short is worse
  • describe your accomplishments, not responsibilities
  • share your cases and achievements
  • describe the people and companies you want to work with

If you need an additional slide — tap “+” on the top right corner. A new slide will be added after the current one.

5. Ask for introductions

Send your request directly to contacts in your Intch networking circles. Ask people to look at your request or send it to your contacts. As a rule, this leads to warm introductions and a quick solution to your task.

Intch network

Your request is ready for AI matching!

6. Share your request outside of Intch

Yes, Intch shows your request to the people outside of your social bubble. But you will reach your goal faster if you include your network as well.

Intch sharing

On our end we make it look awesome when you share it in messengers or social media.

Intch social network sharing

7. Keep your profile up to date

Your request is not the only thing people pay attention to. Often before replying they will go to your profile to see what kind of person you are and make sure they can trust you.

Add your photo and let AI write a short description of who you are based on the info available on the web. You can easily upload your working background by syncing Intch with LinkedIn.

Make sure to be active on Intch to earn Social Capital points — people who have high Social Capital score and a big network get more trust from the community and more replies to request as well.

Intch profile

8. Get a subscription to boost engagement

Too busy to be active in the app? Here’s a lazy tip on increasing your engagement: subscribe to Intch Premium. The subscription helps you get up to 8 times more replies to your requests.

Start a free trial now!

Intch Elon


In conclusion

Your request and profile is ready, and the rest is up to us!

Let’s explain in detail what will happen next:

Intch request process

There you go. If you have any questions, please send them in the comment section below.

Create a request on Intch 🚀

Yakov Filippenko


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