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United States
Work Background
Executive Secretary
My Health Connect SocietyExecutive Secretary
Jan. 2022Gurugram, Haryana, India · HybridI am currently working on an assignment to frame together the challenges of navigating healthcare for the common Indian. I write about it in my newsletter @ xcov19.dev. In my journey to understand and find a solution, I am developing a healthtech platform, codenamed Project XCoV19. We are still in the validation phase, working with passionate volunteers every now and then globally, in a completely bootstrapped manner. The goal is simple. Connect every Indian to the nearest desired healthcare facility as fast as possible whenever needed. Back in 2020, when the horrors of pandemic revealed itself, the experience was shocking enough for me to pivot a hobby CRM project into something built for hospitals in a hackathon hosted by Helpful Engineering 501(c); With the support of 50+ volunteers and 2 years later, it was inevitable that we setup a legal framework to move this forward while ensuring my livelihood. So we founded a non profit, My Health Connect Society, in India that could support this vision. Since then, I have invested, financially and otherwise, a huge part of my life into getting this vision closer to a place of adoption and I am happy to see it coming to life now. This has become my volunteering mission and otherwise. We as an entity are always open to global volunteers and donations for our financial sustenance. As part of my role at the venture, I have: • Developed a propriety model for healthcare facility recommendations finding product-market fit for healthcare facility discovery, reducing patient consultation times significantly by 45 minutes. • Raised funding for nonprofit as part of Google Startup Credits and procure 48000 $ in total donations and credits from companies like DigitalOcean, Retool, Confluence to help sustain and build healthtech service.
Engineering Manager
KlarnaEngineering Manager
Jan. 2023Berlin, Berlin, Germany · Hybrid• Managed the Identification team, leading high-impact data correction of customer identification for 17 million records, resulting in substantial credit corrections worth US$ 100 Mn. • Reduced system violations down from 80 to 10 and introduced in-house architecture review process, improving team adaptability. Drafted system design review for architect forum to finalize product transitions based on business requirements.
Lead Software Engineer
momox AGLead Software Engineer
Dec. 2021 - May. 2022Engineering Manager for 2 core e-commerce teams. - Facilitated closure of MWS to SP-API client application migration for Amazon Marketplace applications that will help business expand to Italy, France & Spain amongst other EU countries as part of OKR well before the deadline to achieve target revenue comparable to US $ 6 Million on books and media amazon seller shop, medimops. - Achieved one out of three business OKRs in the first month of second-quarter '22 with eBay Marketplace API migration from LMS to Feed API. - Increased team engagement scores in aggregated Peakon surveys: recognition to 9.3, 1.5 above industry benchmark, team strength to 9.3, 1.5 above industry benchmark, freedom of opinions to 9.5, 1 above the industry benchmark. - Consolidated Hiring process to reduce attrition to 0% - Reduced time to active contribution from date of Onboarding for new candidates from 1 month to 2 weeks time. - Initiated quarterly competency training workshops for the team baseline skills enhancement. - Helped team devised cloud service architecture using domain driven design for greenfield independent marketplaces feed listings to independently scale.
Lead Product Engineer
MBO PartnersLead Product Engineer
Dec. 2020 - Aug. 2021India- Managed & led backend development with a team of 6 software engineers to deliver product targets for MBO marketplace: https://www.mbopartners.com/marketplace - Product delivery, migration support, release management & technical ownership using mongo db, python/django/fastapi, elastic/kibana, datadog stack. - Helped steer forward the product design from legacy monolith to microservices adoption. - Standardized best practices on how to engineer quality code.
Senior Software Engineer
Tivix, Inc.Senior Software Engineer
Feb. 2020 - Oct. 2020Gurgaon, Haryana- Backend development with django, graphene/graphql, testing for clients like UN HCT, Alpha Blue Ocean financial investment platform, Blackrock and its partner projects on behalf of Tivix. Used terraform to setup aws infrastructure. - Used pandas, numpy to perform intial data analysis on financing data for a blackrock project and wrote lambda functions to connect to fetch and store data source to s3.
Associate Consultant
GoogleAssociate Consultant
Jun. 2018 - Sep. 2019Gurgaon, India- Full Stack development on various projects using Polymer, Python, PLX, Spanner, Data Pipelines. - Troubleshoot bugs and analyze crashes to resolve product issues. - Used Polymer to build web experience. - Implemented HTTP calls using RPC. Used RPC tools to verify complex RPC calls. - Worked on code spanning 10 different languages.Used Bigquery to discover, manage, curate and share my insights. - Resolved infrastructural issues including & not limited to fixing blockers for deployment & project releases, fix access policies. - Writing peer reviewed code, testing, optimizing queries, maintaining legacy code, resolving software issues.
Lead Software Engineer
Androcha MobileLead Software Engineer
Dec. 2017 - Apr. 2018New Delhi Area, India
Embedded Software Design Engineer
Microbit Embedded SolutionsEmbedded Software Design Engineer
Feb. 2012 - Feb. 2013Hyderabad Area, IndiaEmbedded Application Development, User interface testing, Driver Development for Servo Motor, Stepper Motor, A/D Converter, D/A Converter, Video Display, LCD Display, Real-time Clock, Serial I/O, and Keypad
site Trainee
BSNL, Chhindwarasite Trainee
Dec. 2007 - Dec. 2007my tenure my study was (1st Dec.-30th Dec. 2007) based on C-DOT 256 RAX (Rural Automatic Exchange), a digitally stored program controlled switching system with 256 terminations capacity. I visited two bsnl telecom offices during this period within the town district. Following were part of my study: Study Of Networking. Data Transfer &amp; Switching Circuits Study Layer 2, Layer 3 type study.
Software Developer
TradebooXSoftware Developer
Jun. 2016 - Jan. 2018New Delhi Area, IndiaDeveloped a scalable concurrent realtime microservice for tradeboox user and business management system in the SME supply chain space. Built inhouse SSO for orher internal flagship products.
Jr. Enterprise Architect & Software Developer
EarthBenignJr. Enterprise Architect & Software Developer
Mar. 2013 - Jun. 2016Built the multi-tiered architecture for EarthBenign blockchain based payment system. Created Etk framework, a generic scalable and modular base layer for the multi-tiered payment ecosystem based on coloredcoins protocol in node.js that exposes APIs to third party vendors Developed 3 prototypes using Stripe payment gateway API to build a checkout service layer that interoperates with virtual currency payment. Developed Office Assistant Bot using python slack sdk for Slack Team Chat for storing TODOs, automate office tasks to improve productivity, set reminders on specific days. Reduced local stack setup time from over 2+ hours to less than 45 minutes using bitnami stacks and automated deployment using codeship and webhooks on bitbucket. Provided minimal devOps support Devise end to end code deployment strategy using custom script for private server that helped save setup, development time and create debug reports, discover bugs and create tests faster. Help map product requirements into user stories and convert requirement using an End to End User mapping strategy.
PG candidate
CDAC, ATCPG candidate
Aug. 2011 - Jan. 2012VLSI & Embedded System development. Industrial project on H.264 decoder. Study on DAQs. Ultrasonic sensor based scanning system. Study on papers on GALS based processors.


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