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Business Owner
Startup Founder
United Arab Emirates
Work Background
Jan. 2023As a coach, I empower individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals. I work closely with my clients to identify their strengths, values, and priorities, and help them develop strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve success. Whether it's through executive coaching, empowerment coaching, or transition coaching, I provide a safe and supportive space for clients to explore their fears, doubts, and aspirations. My goal is to help clients tap into their inner strength, build resilience, and achieve their full potential. - Successfully designed and implemented brand strategies to drive business growth. - Authored industry-related blog posts resulting in a 126% increase in readership. - Directed and executed strategic plans to achieve sales targets with a 40% growth rate. - Led the development and monitoring of marketing campaigns to enhance client satisfaction. - Improved client satisfaction and increased revenue by 25%. 收起
Mentor Coordinator
AidiSchool(北京爱迪学校)Mentor Coordinator
Nov. 2022Chaoyang District, Beijing, ChinaAs a mentor coordinator, I oversee a team of experienced mentors, identifying new teacher needs, and customizing workshop content. I work with mentors and new teachers to ensure regular meetings and class observations, creating an environment of effective mentorship and support. Managed and supervised a team of 9 professionals, including 3 middle managers and 6 employees. - Developed a strategic talent mapping approach to foster employee development and drive business success by transitioning them into new roles. - Supervised experienced mentors and conducted monthly workshops tailored to the needs of new teachers. - Worked closely with mentors and new teachers to ensure regular meetings and class observations, resulting in effective mentorship and support. 收起
Associate Director of Studies
EF, English First, Tianjin & Jinan, ChinaAssociate Director of Studies
Apr. 2019 - Oct. 2022Tianjin City, ChinaAlign schools with a benchmark to ensure company growth with academic quality, retention, sales, and customer satisfaction. Led a team of 23 teachers and 11 administrative staff members as Director of Studies at Education First in Tianjin. - Developed and implemented strategic plans for teacher development, resulting in a 110% increase in student enrolment and quarterly satisfaction of average 87% and a 68% increase in student retention rates. - Implemented a national development plan resulting in 6 promotions on the first round and average 5 promotions yearly in each city. - Worked closely with mentors to follow a mentor program and teachers to ensure regular meetings and class observations were taking place, facilitating open communication and feedback. - Collaborated with other department heads and senior management to drive business growth and achieve organizational goals. 收起
Senior Supervisor
EF, English First, Tianjin & Jinan, ChinaSenior Supervisor
Jun. 2016 - May. 2019Tianjin City, ChinaSenior Teacher, works alongside the Director of Studies to develop and coach academic leaders and ensure center growth. - Project management - Weekly and quarterly meetings. - Classroom teaching
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