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Software Engineer - Flutter
BIND SystemsSoftware Engineer - Flutter
Dec. 2022Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India- Collaborating in the DCID Project as a Software Development Engineer within the Mobile Department at AI & Robotics Ventures, BIND Systems - Enhancing code efficiency to markedly improve application performance
Software Engineer - Flutter & AWS
BijakSoftware Engineer - Flutter & AWS
Apr. 2022 - Dec. 2022Gurugram, Haryana, IndiaAs an integral part of Team Bijak's Mobile Department, I played a key role in the enhancement of three apps: Bijak, Broker, and Agent. During my tenure, I: • Developed and implemented reusable components to optimize app performance. • Utilized GetX and BLoC methodologies to manage application state effectively. • Adopted the MVVM pattern to structure apps, leading to a significant reduction in UI/UX-related JIRA issues. • Designed and executed a variety of UI/UX concepts, adjusting the backend to cater to the unique needs of different user roles—buyers, suppliers, and farmers—improving user satisfaction by 20%.
Software Engineer Intern - Flutter
BijakSoftware Engineer Intern - Flutter
Sep. 2021 - Apr. 2022Gurugram, Haryana, IndiaDuring my tenure as a Software Development Engineer Intern at Bijak, I was a key contributor to the Mobile Department's Team Bijak. My work centered around enhancing the Bijak App, Broker App, and Agent App. My core responsibilities and accomplishments included: • Leading the initiative to develop and integrate new features, resulting in improved app dynamism and alignment with user-specific cases. • Leveraging AWS serverless technology to write and manage business logic on AWS Lambda, resulting in streamlined operations and increased efficiency. • Implementing customizable components into the apps, which significantly improved the user experience and app performance. This role further cultivated my technical skills and industry understanding, strengthening my proficiency in app development and project management.
Research And Development Engineer
Samsung R&D Institute IndiaResearch And Development Engineer
Jun. 2021 - Jan. 2022Bengaluru, Karnataka, India• Spearheaded the implementation of tflite models using the Tensorflow C++ API, facilitating compatibility with a range of mobile devices. • Engaged in insightful discussions with team members and internal mentors, exploring the application of our project in real-world scenarios. • Leveraged TensorFlow to write the initial code in Python, aligning it with the project objectives. • Translated the Python code into C++, optimizing the application for mobile-based devices.•
Application Developer - Javascript
QueppelinApplication Developer - Javascript
Feb. 2021 - Aug. 2021Gurugram, Haryana, India• Spearheaded the design and implementation of user interfaces (UI/UX), ensuring optimal responsiveness and prompt bug fixes for client websites. • Collaborated with internal teams, serving as a lead contributor on projects and delivering responsive UI/UX websites utilizing React.js. • Managed client communications, providing expert guidance and solutions from a developer's perspective, primarily in the Frontend and Lens domains. • Developed both static and dynamic websites employing Reactjs, Material UI, and Bootstrap, utilizing Redux for effective state management across websites.
AI Developer - Machine Learning, Cloud & Chatbot
HUMACiAI Developer - Machine Learning, Cloud & Chatbot
Oct. 2020 - Dec. 2020Bengaluru, Karnataka, India• Led the implementation of a chatbot using DialogFlow V3, enhancing user interaction. • Managed farmer's data effectively using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Virtual Machines. • Developed a soil-based classification model in Python and successfully deployed it on an Amazon S3 storage bucket. • Engineered a chatbot utilizing DialogflowV3, complemented with a backend set up via GCP compute engine's virtual machine and IAM authorization roles. • Integrated a trained database and Weather APIv3.0 with the chatbot to facilitate accurate weather updates. • Connected the chatbot to the Compute Engine using the ngrok service, ensuring seamless data flow and connectivity.


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