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AI Consultant | Data Scientist | ML Engineer
AI ConsultingAI Consultant | Data Scientist | ML Engineer
Jan. 2023Palo Alto, California, United StatesSpecializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, I bring a wealth of experience from working with start-ups and emerging technologies, particularly in algorithm development, data analysis, data science, fine-tuning LLM, RAG, Generative AI and other AI/ML research. - Consulting for Digital Health Start-ups - Building prototypes and proof-of-concept - Biotech and pharmaceutical companies - Lab automation, robotics, etc.
Data Scientist
Rhythm NewMediaData Scientist
Jan. 2013 - Dec. 2015Mountain View, CA.Research and development of ad targeting products. Ad Tech Big Data analysis, data munging, data mining, and machine learning on AWS platform. Research mobile audience segmentation, geo-targeting, etc. Collaborated with sales team and product managers on defining, prototyping and creating data products. Collaborated with Marketing and Business Development teams on evaluating and acquiring third party data sources such as Polk, Datalogix, BlueKai, SemCasting, Digital Elements, and others. Rhythm NewMedia was a premium mobile video ad network with rich mobile user behavior data. Key contributions: - Analyzed and profiled mobile user video watching engagement and behavior to develop ad targeting products. - Assisted ad operations team on ad campaign measurement and optimization. - Assisted management team in inventory forecasting. - Conducted campaign lift studies with NCS.
Scientific Programmer
Molecular Applications Group, Inc.Scientific Programmer
Jan. 1998 - Dec. 1999Palo Alto, CA.Designed and developed algorithms and bioinformatics software research tools for genomic and proteomic research using statistical learning, HMM, Bayesian Network, etc. Key contributions: - Designed and developed a gene clustering algorithm for high-throughput GeneChip™ data processing for the Stingray™ Expression Analysis System product. - Developed GeneCat™ Viewer and Panther™ Remote Homology Detection technology for Celera Genomics project. - Developed algorithms for quantitative sequence analysis, protein domain clustering, etc., and built proprietary protein family libraries, database schema design, and distributed workflow engines. - Created and maintained internal databases mirroring the public database (i.e., genbank, swissprot, etc.).
Algorithm Developer | Consultant
Hi-Key Technologies, Inc.Algorithm Developer | Consultant
Jan. 1997 - Dec. 1999San Jose, CA.- Biometrics algorithms development. - Developed state-of-the-art fingerprint identification and verification algorithms. - R&D of motion detection algorithms for security and surveillance camera monitoring. - Developed algorithms for digital image processing, signal processing and pattern recognition.
Senior Data Scientist
Ford Motor CompanySenior Data Scientist
Jan. 2019 - Dec. 2023Ford Greenfield Labs, Palo Alto, CaliforniaHigh achiever of the Enterprise Architecture/Emerging Technologies team accomplished a wide range of AI applications, PoC’s and projects collaborating with many teams across global Ford organization such as Ford Mobility, Ford Credit, Ford Performance, Global Data Insights & Analytics, Model e, etc., solving challenging problems with data science and AI/ML. Received several innovation recognition and awards for “Built Ford Tough”. Key contributions: - AI Enablement: part of the initial conception and PoC leadership team in the creation of Ford’s proprietary Mach1ML platform (https://github.com/ford-mach1ml) for democratizing AI/ML for data preparation, model development, training, evaluation, deployment, monitoring and explainability with CI/CD pipeline and MLOps tools. - Last Mile Delivery Optimization (https://smartdesignworldwide.com/projects/ford-last-mile/): solved complex VRP optimization and scalability problem. - SPIN (scooters) AI edge computer vision PoC project for micromobility safety and ASIC product evaluation. - Quantum Compute PoC’s solving intractable combinatorial optimization problems and evaluated Azure Quantum, D-Wave Quantum Hybrid Solver, Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Digital Annealer, and other cloud-based quantum computing platforms. - Neuromorphic Compute PoC’s solving edge compute and robotic use cases. Evaluated a number of neuromorphic hardware like Loihi and Akida, and open-source neuromorphic and SNN frameworks like Nengo, Lava, MetaTF, etc. Member of the Intel Neuromorphic Research Community (INRC). - Predictive QoS 5G PoC with AI/ML models for connected vehicles communication and other applications. - Ford BlueCruise customer (NLP) sentiment analysis. - Ford Vehicle Data Command Center Analytics and Dashboard creating daily insights for Model e executives to make decisions.
Senior Data Scientist
LILEE SystemsSenior Data Scientist
Jan. 2016 - Dec. 2019San Jose, CAResearch and development of industrial IoT analytics capabilities for smart transportation and smart connectivity products and proof-of-concept projects. Worked collaboratively with product owners, data architect, sw engineers, data engineers, field engineers and support engineers to ensure customer satisfaction and resolved challenging problems. Mentored junior developers. LILEE Systems is an industrial IoT company with sensors, devices and edge computing nodes for railroad and transportation industry. All data sources are real-time streaming data of events, system logs, and time-series sensor data. Key contributions: - Developed algorithms and analytics for LILEE Systems’ SafeRide Dashboard. - Developed profiling of vehicle driver behaviors, cloud-based remote telemetry monitoring, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics with AI/ML. - Developed big data analytics for LTE network quality of fleet vehicle routes and coverage map, route planning, geo-fencing, ridership, driver behavior risk and fuel efficiency scoring. - Lead and developed multi-purpose data storage and near real-time big data analytics for fleet management and asset management using cloud platform (e.g. AWS), data pipeline (e.g. real-time data streaming, Kafka, Spark) and distributed data warehouse (e.g. Apache Druid).
Lead Data Scientist
RhythmOneLead Data Scientist
Jan. 2015 - Dec. 2016San Francisco, California, United StatesData Science Team lead. Research and development of personalized ad targeting and retargeting products. Developed workflow for audience data collection, data analysis, data mining, machine learning, 3rd party data integration, data enrichment, and audience segment creation. RhythmOne owns the complete advertising ecosystem and programmatic from DSP, exchange, SSP, ad servers, to O&O premium mobile videos and contents, etc., with 35+ billion traffic events per day of desktop, mobile, and connected TV data. Key contributions: - Developed demographic audience segments and targeting which created several million dollar revenue for the company. - Lead a proof-of-concept project for cross-screen ad targeting which was a multiple-team collaboration. - Onboarding data with LiveRamp DDS to develop new predictive models and micro-segments. - Lead the effort in building data-driven product pipelines through unifying all data sources across different business units and regions, and creating data management and analytics platform (DMP).
Senior Staff Software Engineer
LabcyteSenior Staff Software Engineer
Jan. 2005 - Dec. 2013Sunnyvale, CA.Advanced research and development of innovative intelligent software algorithms, robotic automations and calibration tools for acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) technology advancement. Research on acoustic signal and its physics, performed digital signal processing, feature extraction, pattern recognition, statistical learning, algorithm optimization, regression, system integration and automation. Created extensive signal profiles and training feature libraries. Extensive experience in hardware control, digital signal acquisition, motion controller and SCPI programming, ADC and DAC control, multi-axis stepper and servo motion controller, parallel processing, server and database encryption, etc. New product prototyping, experimental design and system validation. Managed software server products from conception, feasibility study, design, development, and the full product life cycle with extensive project presentation and documentation experience. Key contributions: - Creator of Dynamic Fluid Analysis™ (DFA) which comprised a series of mission critical and high performance intelligent algorithms for real-time acoustic energy measurement, analysis, classification, prediction, on-the-flight fluid calibration and validation for the Echo® Liquid Handling Systems. The new intelligence capabilities have opened up new markets and revenues for the company. - Developed sophisticated 2D spotting algorithms with auto-calibration which enabled the Portrait® 630 Reagent Multi-Spotter to automate the deposition of various precise high-resolution and high-throughput 2D MALDI matrix patterns onto specimens for imaging and mass spectrometry analysis. - Project lead for software server development of Echo® Systems for high-throughput drug screening, cell-based assays, genomic and proteomic research. - Developed data analysis and visualization tools integrated into real-time instrument robotic control and data collection for algorithm development and validation.
Senior Software Engineer
Trellis BioscienceSenior Software Engineer
Jan. 2003 - Dec. 2005South San Francisco, CA.Research and development of algorithms for Cellspot™ image processing and bioinformatics solution. Performed multi-dimensional data analysis, data mining, clustering analysis, feature extraction, pattern recognition, and statistical learning. Provided software solutions and classification of multiplex antibody conjugated bead-based Cellspot™ data, data reports, and data visualization. Developed data acquisition and instrument automation controls. Key contributions: - Designed and developed software application for Fluorescence Microscopy Automation to study cellular secretion of cytokine profile and protein peptide screening using 96-well plates. - Contributed as the lead software architect for the high-content cell-based screening data collection and multi-dimensional data analysis workflow backend and frontend software system for the multiplex Cellspot™ technology. - Filled in as a system engineer by performing system integration of high-content cell screening automation platform.
Project Lead | Senior Scientific Programmer
Caliper Life SciencesProject Lead | Senior Scientific Programmer
Jan. 1999 - Dec. 2003Mountain View, CA.Research and design algorithms for a new microfluidics platform of Lab-on-a-chip technology for high-throughput assay development, drug screening and discovery. Most significant contribution in developing algorithms for pattern recognition of complicated time series fluorescent signals. Since it was an uncharted territory at the time, it required someone like my unique blend of technical depth and software development skills to support and lead the full software product life cycle from conception, design, development, algorithm regression testing, product releases and upgrades, to technical support of in-house and pharmaceutical industry customers. Key contributions: - Creator of the HTS Well Analyzer™ for high-throughput data analysis and visualization product suite for the LabChip™ platform. - Designed and developed sophisticated sipper patterns for through-put optimization. - Contributed to software architecture design, data analysis, automation algorithms for the Lab-on-a-chip technology. - Provided custom and on-demand data analytics and software solutions to a multi-disciplinary group of scientists.
Post-doctoral Fellow | Assistant Professor
UCSFPost-doctoral Fellow | Assistant Professor
Jan. 1993 - Dec. 1997Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry | Department of RadiologyPost-doctoral Fellow | Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology - Developed clinical 3D In-Vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging techniques on GE 1.5T system for cancer diagnosis and prognosis, specialized in human prostate cancer and brain tumor diagnosis. - Conducted clinical MRSI trials of over 1000 prostate cancer patients. - Data analysis, and developed automation of clinical MRSI data processing. - Developed protocols and algorithms to correlate MRSI metabolic changes to cancer grading, pre- and post-radiation therapy, cryosurgery, hormonal therapy and other therapies. - Clinical MRSI investigation of varicoceles patients to correlate testicular health and infertility. Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Developed 2D In-Vivo H1 and P31 Magnetic Resonance Chemical Shift Imaging techniques on 4.7T system. - Developed imaging and spectroscopic data processing software. - Designed and constructed a variety of highly sensitive single-tuned and double-tuned RF coils. - MR Pulse Programming for NCC Quest Imaging Spectrometer System. - Studied rat ischemic model, and performed carotid artery occlusion micro-surgery on rats. - In situ and in vivo H-1, P-31, and C-13 NMR spectroscopy study of isolated rat hepatocytes using a Tricentric™ Bioreactor.
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