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Startup Founder
C-level Executive
Sales & BizDev
Work Background
Chief Technology Officer
WanderSafe - Travel SaferChief Technology Officer
Dec. 2018Lisbon Area, PortugalWanderSafe is a personal security device and consists of a bluetooth device and a smartphone companion application that allows sending alerts to selected contacts whenever users feel unsafe. It’s possible to track the user’s location and establish a VoIP connection between peers. The system was built with PHP (Laravel) + PostgreSQL running on Azure
Web Developer
HiperbitWeb Developer
Jan. 2000Sintra, PortugalDevelopment of news and financial websites using ASP and Visual Basic. Development of News/Stocks tickers Applets in Java
Muxima BioCo-Founder
Sep. 2013Lisbon Area, PortugalMuxima is a platform that has as central themes of its curatorship: Identity, Black Representation and Women's Representation - Co-founded Muxima, a purpose-driven organization, alongside my wife, a dedicated Civil Rights advocate and Human Rights activist, to amplify her efforts in championing anti-racism, diversity, women's rights, equality, and other pressing social issues. - Develop and implement strategic initiatives to support and promote various causes in line with our mission to create a more inclusive and equitable society. - Currently spearheading the organization and execution of the Humanity Summit, a high-impact event aimed at fostering dialogue, raising awareness, and mobilizing collective action for social justice and human rights.
Co-Founder / CTO
Call Assistant Co-Founder / CTO
Jan. 2020Lisbon Area, PortugalCall Assistant is an application that enhances the phone call experience. With a new layer of VoIP services we can add features like call screener, custom hold music and customised messages the user can send to the caller. The platform runs on several AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environments running Java (Apache Tomcat) and MongoDB as the persistent layer
Humanity SummitCo-Founder
Sep. 2018Lisbon, PortugalStrategic Board member
Entrepreneur in Residence
Beta-i - Association for the promotion of Innovation and EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneur in Residence
Mar. 2013 - Mar. 2015Lisbon Area, PortugalMentoring & helping startups finding their way to success in acceleration programs like Lisbon Challenge
Jan. 2004 - Jan. 2014Amsterdam Area, Netherlands · On-siteeBuddy was an instant messaging aggregator (MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, AOL, ICQ, Facebook) for the web, smartphones and J2ME phones. A platform with 350+ million users. The platform consisted of hundreds of servers running micro services in Java (Apache Tomcat), Spring, MySQL, Hadoop, RabbitMQ - Spearheaded the development and growth of eBuddy, a pioneering Instant Messaging aggregator that served over 350 million users across mobile and desktop platforms before the advent of Android and iOS. - Engineered a seamless user experience, allowing users to access multiple messaging platforms (AOL Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, etc.) through a single browser-based interface, bypassing network restrictions and installation limitations. - Directed the transition of eBuddy's initial monolithic server architecture to a multi-tiered, microservices-based infrastructure, optimizing performance and scalability by implementing dedicated clusters for each messaging network, client platform, and session management. - Devised a semi-automated ad management system that facilitated ad bidding and provided critical data-driven insights to Sales and Marketing teams, driving revenue generation for the company. - Led the strategic migration to cloud computing platforms, such as AWS, in response to the evolving technology landscape, while maintaining cost-efficiency and leveraging existing infrastructure investments. - Played a crucial role in transforming eBuddy from a small-scale project to a multinational enterprise within nine years, continuously adapting to industry advancements and ensuring the company's sustained success in the competitive messaging app market.
Software Engineer
TiscaliSoftware Engineer
Oct. 2002 - Sep. 2004Developing in-house CRM applications based in Java and J2EE technologies
Software Engineer
XOIPSoftware Engineer
Feb. 2001 - Oct. 2002Amsterdam Area, NetherlandsDialogic board programming. Java systems developer
Application Developer
InterlandApplication Developer
Oct. 2000 - Feb. 2001Amsterdam Area, NetherlandsTeam Leader @ ASP development of websites for webhosting clients.
Software Developer
TerabyteSoftware Developer
Jan. 1998 - Dec. 2000C/C++ Development programming Dialogic boards to implements custom PBX to small/medium companies


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AI-Powered Call Screening App: Call Assistant
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Voyp - AI Assistant that makes calls on your behalf
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