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Work Background
Operation and Maintenance Engineer of Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants
Bulbe EnergiaOperation and Maintenance Engineer of Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants
Mar. 2021 - Aug. 2021
Technical Training Consultant
BEI - Brasil Energia InteligenteTechnical Training Consultant
Jul. 2020 - Oct. 2020Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BrasilTraining of Maintenance Technician in Photovoltaic Plants and SHPs.
Operation and Maintenance Manager
BEI - Brasil Energia InteligenteOperation and Maintenance Manager
Jan. 2019 - Feb. 2020Belo Horizonte Area, Brazil
Technical Director
Visus EngenhariaTechnical Director
Jul. 2016 - Jul. 2018São Paulo, São PauloPosition: Technical Director. Position: Technical / Commercial Director (2015/2016 by WSH O&M e Consultoria. Consulting company in the area of ​​Engineering / Energy).  Executive manager for the company's general administration, shared with the CFO, carrying out the preparation of internal technical processes and management of O&M contracts, in addition to supporting the Commercial Director in the preparation of technical proposals and prospecting for new business, expanding customer portfolio.  Definition, structuring and management of all technical activities of the company, including the revision and updating of technical documentation and operation and maintenance training for plant technicians.  Operational management, planning and implementation of predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance in generation units, aiming at the realization of service and availability levels, provided for in the contracts.  Responsible for the technical structuring of the company and the migration project for the operations center in São Paulo.  Legal representative of the Company, before third parties, any public, federal, state and municipal positions, authorities, municipalities, mixed-capital companies and State Entities.  Coordination of the commercial area for the perspective of new business operations, maintenance and asset management.  Hired by Grupo Energia to prepare the CAPEX for the first year of operation of the plants under management by CTG (Chinese company, the largest in the world in the hydraulic generation sector that acquired the Ilha Solteira and Jupia plants).
WSH O&M e ConsultoriaCEO
Dec. 2015Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil🔹Consultancy in operation and maintenance of hydroelectric, wind and solar power plants. 🔸Technical Training in Plant O&M. 🔹Consulting of Coordination Studies and Selectivity of Protections of Power Plants and Transmission Lines. 🔸Ons Network Procedures Consulting 🔹Consultancy in the preparation of Operational Contracts of Plants and Concessionaires 🔸Preparation of O&M Procedures and Plant Maintenance Plans
Ons Network Procedures Senior Consultant
WSH O&M e ConsultoriaOns Network Procedures Senior Consultant
Jan. 2013Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BrasilPre-operational studies Access Opinion Measurement and Billing System ANAFAS I ANATEM Protection of Transmission Lines and Power Plants
Consultant in Implementation of Maintenance Management Software
WSH O&M e ConsultoriaConsultant in Implementation of Maintenance Management Software
Jan. 2007Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BrasilDefinition of the hierarchical relationship of plant equipment. Implementation of maintenance management software. ENGEMAN I EQM Preparation of maintenance procedures.
Consultant in Implementation of Generation Operation Center
WSH O&M e ConsultoriaConsultant in Implementation of Generation Operation Center
Jan. 2007Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BrasilTechnical specification of workstation. Preparation of procedures and operation routines. Training of technicians for the operation center. Certification of operators according to ONS network procedures.
Especialista em Proteção de Sistemas Elétricos de Potência
WSH O&M e ConsultoriaEspecialista em Proteção de Sistemas Elétricos de Potência
Jan. 2007Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BrasilConsultancy in Integration of new plants to the Brazilian electricity sector
Asset Management Advisor
EnergisaAsset Management Advisor
Jul. 2013 - Nov. 2014Belo Horizonte Area, Brazil‎Responsible for asset management, ensuring operational performance, the planning and implementation of predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance in generation units, aimed at the achievement of service levels and availability, provided for in the contracts of operation and maintenance. ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎Main activities:‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ Manage the personnel of the operation of the plants of the company; ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ Participate in the drafting and approving the annual planning of maintenance, as well as monitor the review of operation and maintenance manuals of the plants aimed at operational optimizations when necessary; ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ Ensure correct allocation of resources for the implementation of the operation and maintenance of power plants, substations and associated lines through detailing the budgets for these activities; ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ Ensure that the operating performance and maintenance of the units of the generation are met, especially in meeting service levels (energy generated, quality, costs), as well as the availability and the security standards laid down operation and maintenance contracts on assets, negotiating the signings and its revisions as needed; ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ Monitor, through asset management reports and representations in the field, activities of operation and maintenance, as well as propose measures for increased operational efficiency, for elimination of deviations and defects of assets, as well as reducing the costs with companies contracted to the m. & ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ responsible for the preparation of reports requested by ANEEL or other authorities relating to operation and maintenance of power plants, substations and transmission lines associated with, especially response to letters and checks; ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ Manage customer service supervisory bodies (environment, fire, etc.) so that the compliance with the determinations, and requests to be made in time and at the lowest possible cost;‎ ‎
Director Of Operations
Bioenergy Geradora de EnergiaDirector Of Operations
Apr. 2013 - Jun. 2013São Paulo Area, BrazilPioneer in the development of renewable energy projects in Brazil. Mastering the entire energy production cycle, the company operates within an integrated business model of development, marketing for operation and maintenance. Position: Director of Operations.  Ensure the correct allocation of resources to the operation and maintenance plants, associated substations, detailing the budgets for these activities.  Knowledge of Generation Assets and preparation of the annual CAPEX.  Qualification of the Ventos Maranhenses Project for the energy auction.
Operation and Maintenance Manager
ENEX O&M DE SISTEMAS ELÉTRICOSOperation and Maintenance Manager
Jul. 2007 - Mar. 2013Florianópolis Area, BrazilBarueri - SP and Florianópolis / SC. Pioneer company in the operation and maintenance of electric companies founded in 2006. It became the largest company in this segment in South America. Last Position: Operation and Maintenance Manager (2012/2013). Previous Positions: Contract Coordinator / Operation Coordinator / Operation Engineer.  Responsible for structuring the entire ENEX Operation and Maintenance area, including hiring teams, process designs and people management, as well as preparing and managing the annual O&M budget.  Technical and financial management of all operation and maintenance contracts, ensuring operational performance, planning and implementing predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance in generation units.  Executive management, acting in the implementation of regional offices, energy planning of plants, relationship with investors and with regulatory bodies (ons, ANEEL, CCEE).  Management of the operations center and its regional offices, participating in projects and their execution, in addition to managing the operating processes.  Preparation and sending of the Operational and Maintenance Management Report to customers, consolidating and passing on ENEX's technical performance results to its customers.  Preparation of operation manuals for the plants and all operational documents of the Operation Center.  Collaboration in the implementation of the ISO 9001 Quality system.  Led the restructuring and migration of the company's activities from São Paulo to Florianópolis.  Responsible for consolidating the Culture of Quality in the provision of ENEX Operation services
Electrical Systems Protection Engineer
Rede Energia S.A.Electrical Systems Protection Engineer
Sep. 2001 - Jun. 2007Palmas Area, BrazilThe company was part of GRUPO REDE, the largest private energy distribution company in the country at the time. Position: Electrical Power Systems Protection Engineer (Operation / Planning and Transmission Department).  Responsible for the Coordination and Selectivity Studies of the Protections of the 69 69kV and 138kV substations in the State of Tocantins, for 1038 km of transmission line and 12 SHPs (Small Hydroelectric Plants).  Responsible for the Post-Operation process of the System Operation Center - CGOS.  Technical Responsible for the Design and Execution of the Automation of the PCH Ponte Alta do Tocantins.  Conducting complete Protection Engineering work.  Training of Engineers and Technicians of the System Operation Center / CGOS and field technicians.  Follow-up of functional tests in the field.  Developed a database of protection settings for protection relays for all company assets. .
Professor of the Undergraduate Course in Electrical Engineering.
Universidade do Estado de Minas GeraisProfessor of the Undergraduate Course in Electrical Engineering.
Jun. 1991 - Sep. 2001Ituiutaba Area, Brazil Holder of the POWER ELECTRONICS Chair.  Adjunct of the disciplines: ELECTROMAGNETISM I CONTROL AND SERVOMECANISMS and Basic Electronics and Digital Electronics of the Undergraduate Course in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.  Coordinator of the undergraduate course in electrical engineering and reappointed for the subsequent term.  Professional exchange UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS / USA, sponsored by The International Rotary Foundation.  Author and Advisor of the Scientific Initiation Project “Automation of a mini hydroelectric plant”.
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