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Startup Founder
Business Owner
United States
Work Background
Co-Founder & Solution Architect
GuidePalCo-Founder & Solution Architect
Jan. 2013Stockholm, Sweden- Rebuilt cross-platform apps for Android & iOS using Expo/React Native. - Developed backend with Node.js & MongoDB. - Implemented InAppPurchases on both platforms and integrated Stripe for web purchases. - Spearheaded technical transformation for improved user experience. - Led architectural decisions, ensuring seamless cross-platform functionality
Android Engineer (Consultant)
SpotifyAndroid Engineer (Consultant)
Feb. 2018 - Dec. 2022Stockholm, Sweden- Created New Free Tier (NFT) with fresh design and architecture. - Enabled NFT for premium users by consolidating multiple page versions. - Owned Artist, Album, Track pages, and Upgrade/Downgrade module for 3 years. - Reviewed, fixed bugs, and maintained high-quality code and test coverage. - Enhanced free user experience through development and AB test monitoring. - Contributed extensively to Reinventing Spotify in 2022, working across features.
Android Engineer (Consultant)
RebtelAndroid Engineer (Consultant)
Jun. 2017 - Jan. 2018Stockholm, Sweden- Centralized errors handling for improved reliability and reporting. - Led a full project refactoring following best practices, enhancing code quality, testability, and scalability. - Implemented branch.io deep linking for seamless navigation. - Introduced MVP architecture and Dagger2 for enhanced code structure. - Engineered scalable deep linking with branch.io, adjusts, and mParticle. - Transitioned from Volley to Retrofit2 for optimized network communication. - Advocated atomic design and custom views for UI consistency. - Created a Node.js-based mock server for efficient testing using Swagger.
Android Engineer (Consultant)
LifesumAndroid Engineer (Consultant)
Nov. 2016 - May. 2017Stockholm, Sweden- Led Lifesum Social for Android, driving notable user retention and engagement gains quickly. - Upgraded Android to Java 8 with retro lambda, resolved a persistent issue and streamline development. - Key role in enhancing Android app architecture for better scalability and maintainability. - Showcased dedication to code quality through comprehensive PR reviews, offering valuable insights. - Continuously enhanced user experience by adding features and fixing numerous bugs.
Co Founder
OneSepCo Founder
Oct. 2010 - Apr. 2013Khartoum, Sudan- Co-founded OneStep, leading value-added solutions for high-end mobile devices. - Developed YouSale for dynamic distribution environments. - Enabled real-time data flow for instant sales reporting. - Streamlined sales channel visibility and reporting efficiency. - Eliminated wait time for comprehensive reporting. - Simplified distribution operations for all stakeholders.
System developer
MahiTekSystem developer
Sep. 2007 - Oct. 2008Karlskrona, Sweden- Created the company website. - Offered Java training and consultation to clients. - Established and executed training solutions.
Business Solutions Specialist
ZainBusiness Solutions Specialist
Jan. 2010 - Apr. 2013khartoum, Sudan- Translated requirements into functional specs, integrating with Ericsson charging system. - Designed projects for multi-platform integration, mitigating roadblocks. - Managed end-to-end implementation, collaborating with business teams. - Conducted live solution health checks, ensuring efficiency. - Led vendor projects, monitored SLA, tested solutions. - Adapted solutions for changing business needs, provided tech leadership. - Consulted various Zain departments, offering technical insights.
Payment Systems & Quality of Service Specialist
ZainPayment Systems & Quality of Service Specialist
Jan. 2009 - Jan. 2010Khartoum, Sudan- Shifted manual revenue checks to web-based reports, enabling detailed anomaly analysis. - Proactively identified and resolved issues to prevent customer complaints. - Monitored payment systems and daily revenue. - Simplified complex information presentation.
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