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Feb. 2022Flint, Michigan, United StatesAutoWorld was an indoor theme park in Flint, Michigan, USA, built to make the town attractive to tourists. It opened as Six Flags AutoWorld on July 4, 1984, and closed for the first time just six months later, shutting down for good in 1994 and being demolished three years later. In 2022, the brand is owned and operated by Javon Slaughter, brand visionary and creator of the new AutoWorld.
Managing Partner
Triumph EnterprisesManaging Partner
Jan. 2022Houston, Texas, United StatesJoshua J. Gumbiner advises Publicly Traded and Privately held corporations by providing Video Marketing Services, Product Distribution Solutions, Strategic Development Advising and more.
Business Development Advisor
ViossBusiness Development Advisor
Nov. 2021Coachella, California, United StatesVioss is a next generation hospitality company focused on building a portfolio of properties that provide unique experiences. Vioss achieves their concepts by utilizing: • Ground-up construction and rehab projects. • HomeownerPartnerships–Marketing, property management, Virtual Hospitality Management System (VHMS). • Metaverse – Large scale virtual experience- based assets, virtual land underwriting and analysis subscription service.
Business Development Advisor
Flint TropicsBusiness Development Advisor
Jul. 2021Flint, Michigan, United StatesIn 1976, Jackie Moon is a singer who used the profits from his one-hit wonder, "Love Me Sexy", to buy a basketball team in the American Basketball Association (ABA), the Flint Tropics, becoming the owner, head coach, starting power forward, and pre-game announcer. The ABA Commissioner announces a plan to merge the league with the National Basketball Association (NBA), but only four teams will move to the more established league. The Tropics, the worst team in the league, are in danger of dissolving. Jackie argues that the teams with the four best records should be merged and the Commissioner accepts. Jackie trades the team's washing machine to the Kentucky Colonels for Ed Monix, a backup point guard who won an NBA Championship with the Boston Celtics, but did not play during the playoffs. The Commissioner reveals that in addition to finishing in the top four, the Tropics will also need at least 2,000 fans at every remaining home game. Jackie begins to stage extremely desperate stunts in order to boost attendance, like wrestling a bear named Dewey, as well as the increased intensity of Clarence Withers, the Tropics' best player. Monix takes over as offensive and defensive coordinator and starting point guard, leaving Jackie as the head coach. Monix trains the team rigorously with a play he calls the "Puke", as the players are to run it until they literally throw up. From Monix's training, the Tropics go on a winning run, moving from last to fifth. Jackie gets a visit from the Commissioner. The NBA does not think that Flint has a large enough media market and will not allow the Tropics into the league even if they beat the first place San Antonio Spurs in the last game of the season. Jackie admits that he stole "Love Me Sexy" from a napkin his mother wrote on three weeks before she died. Realizing that all his assets are basically stolen, Jackie trades Withers to the Spurs so that he may realize his dream of playing in the NBA.
Business Development Advisor
Aoshang ManufacturingBusiness Development Advisor
Mar. 2020Tianjin, ChinaJoshua J. Gumbiner is a Strategic Development Partner/Advisor to Aoshang manufacturing. Providing strategic development advice, sales education and development of training materials implemented in the sales strategy of the company.
Managing Partner
Truly Grand Sports PromotionsManaging Partner
Feb. 2014Michigan, United StatesTruly Grand Sports Promotions provides all back office support roles and cutting edge distribution technology and processes, which allow the company to provide the best entertainment experiences possible anywhere in the world! With leading partners in technology like Unity, Nvidia and Iconic Engine, Truly Grand provides access to the most innovative and advanced entertainment distribution technology possible providing experiences that delight time after time.
Business Partner
ICONIC ENGINEBusiness Partner
Dec. 2021We sense a different world shaping right in front of our eyes. One that is not longer passive but to the contrary is dynamic, energetic, full of life and constantly evolving. We are creating the Entertainment Content for this world!
Business Partner
the digit group, inc.Business Partner
Dec. 2021Houston, Texas, United StatesThe Digit Group plans, designs, builds, and manufactures holistic smart cities, using technology solutions as the basis of its designs. From the tallest of buildings to the smallest of villages, TDG creates smart cities solutions that provide greater security, increased safety, lower energy use, more efficient water management, safe and comfortable transportation, and a better urban experience. Its smart cities solutions have been implemented in China, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, and throughout the U.S. TDG, a privately held U.S. company based in New York City, uses a matrix of services and innovations that can include executive project management, master urban planning services, building information modeling (BIM) development and management, technology development, and the real-world implementation of the Internet of things (IoT). TDG brings world-class partners in finance, technology, marketing and operations along with an experienced delivery and operations team to support projects around the world. TDG is considered a leading expert in smart city technologies and their profound effects on our world. Our company’s leadership team is invited to keynote speak at dozens of annual meetings, conferences and conventions each year. The team has also been interviewed by leading media organizations such as Bloomberg TV and CNBC, and by publications associated with leading universities such as Oxford University.
Business Development Advisor
RELIABLE OUTDOOR CARE, LLCBusiness Development Advisor
Nov. 2014 - Jul. 2021Des Moines, Iowa, United StatesReliable Outdoor Care provides consulting services and solutions to National Management corporations with broad scopes of consumers under their portfolio management including the USPS, Pet Smart, I.H.O.P., Lloyd Property Management, Mian Group of Companies and more.


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