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Network Power6000+ people
Startup Founder
Investor & VC
United Arab Emirates
Work Background
Chief Information Officer
Bondify.comChief Information Officer
Jul. 2022Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands
Co-Founder & CTO
experdataCo-Founder & CTO
Jan. 2022 - Dec. 2022Amsterdam, North Holland, NetherlandsProvided SaaS solutions to support Pfizer pharmaceutical experts and executives to obtain the seeked information faster and reliably. By leveraging massive amounts of data, our solutions allowed users to create leads for the right people for every project.
Director of AI & Engineering
Lalaland.aiDirector of AI & Engineering
Jan. 2021 - Dec. 2021Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands• Delivered an industry-disrupting platform capable of generating human-like digital models for the fashion and apparel industry. • Responsible for hiring, leading, coaching, managing and growing a multidisciplinary team of 10+ people in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Cloud Software Engineering and QC. • Accountable for the design, management, delivery, quality, availability, and performance of the company’s technology backbone, encompassing digital fashion, data pipelines, cloud infrastructure, R&D, rapid PoCs & MVPs, and Software Development.
Tech Team Lead
Kaios.aiTech Team Lead
Jul. 2019 - Dec. 2020Netherlands• Hired, coached and managed a multidisciplinary team of 10+ in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Web Development and Cloud Software Engineers. • Responsible for translating customers' requests into technical requirements and prioritising them accordingly to the business. • Managed and led 10+ intelligent imagery solutions (e.g. video, mobile mapping, satellite imagery, LiDAR and drone imagery).
NLP Data Scientist
ElsevierNLP Data Scientist
Nov. 2017 - Jun. 2019Amsterdam Area, NetherlandsLed and developed a large scale NLP Recommender System. Worked on: + Software requirements + System architecture + Infrastructure maintenance + Development + Testing + Evaluation + Deployment + Serverless Applications Used: + Natural Language Processing (NLP) ++ Information Extraction (IE) ++ Information Retrieval (IR) ++ Text & Data Mining Developed in: + Python + DynamoDB + Lambdas + API Gateway + SQS + AWS stack...
Tech Advisor
CalendHer Technologies CorpTech Advisor
Jul. 2017British Columbia, CanadaTech Advisor at CalendHer Technologies Corp
Data Engineer
GeoPhyData Engineer
Jul. 2017 - Oct. 2017Delft Area, NetherlandsSetting up low-maintenance, high-quality and efficient data pipelines. Collecting and preparing datasets for ingestion and gold standards for accessing systems performance. Worked on: + development + testing + optimization Developed in: + Python
NLP/ ML Data Scientist
StartMondayNLP/ ML Data Scientist
Oct. 2016 - Jun. 2017Amsterdam Area, NetherlandsLeading a large scale NLP system that recommends products to relevant users. Worked on: + customer journey + software requirements + product design + development + testing + deployment + optimization Used: + Natural Language Processing (NLP) ++ Information Extraction (IE) ++ Information Retrieval (IR) ++ Text & Data Mining + Machine Learning (ML) Developed in: + Python + Java
Early Stage Researcher
Universidad de MálagaEarly Stage Researcher
Sep. 2013 - Sep. 2016Málaga Area, SpainResearching and development of various modules to collect and prepare multilingual data for both translators and machine translation systems. Worked on: + research + software requirements + software design + development + testing + deployment + optimization + scientific publications Deployed Software (publicly available): + iCompileCorpora: a web application to create multilingual web corpora. + PreProcessor: processes and annotates raw textual data. + STSModule: computes the semantic similarity between sentences and documents. + DSMModule: measures and ranks both sentences and documents based on their internal degree of similarity. Used: + Natural Language Processing (NLP) ++ Information Extraction (IE) ++ Information Retrieval (IR) + Statistics + Machine Learning (ML) + Machine Translation (MT) Developed in: + Java + R + Python Secondments/ Internships: + Translated s.r.l.: Oct 2015 – Dec 2015 (Rome, Italy) ++ Visiting Translated s.r.l. on a secondment via the European funded project EXPERT. + University of Wolverhampton - Sep 2014 – Dec 2014 (Wolverhampton, UK) ++ Visiting the University of Wolverhampton on a secondment via the European funded project EXPERT.
Centre for Informatics and Systems of the University of CoimbraResearcher
Sep. 2009 - Oct. 2013Coimbra Area, Portugal


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