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Network Power<100 people
Investor & VC
Startup Founder
United Arab Emirates
Work Background
Stealth enterprise software startupAdvisor
Feb. 2023San Francisco Bay Area
Full-stack startup advisor
Full-stack startup advisor
Jan. 2021San Francisco Bay AreaI help founders of my "portfolio" startups with their challenges in whatever way is needed, from brainstorming to hands-on projects: defining the problem/solution, market analysis, product and go-to-market plans, recruiting, fundraising, product and marketing analytics, custdev, international expansion, PR/messaging – whatever comes up.
Jan. 2022
May. 2023
Jan. 2021
Jan. 2022 - Jan. 2023
Head Of International
ClassDojoHead Of International
Jan. 2021 - Jan. 2022Planned out and started ClassDojo international expansion: set up the localization team and processes, hired a country lead in the first overseas market, kicked off four pilot growth campaigns
Co-Founder and COO
Buddy.aiCo-Founder and COO
Jan. 2020 - Jan. 2021San Francisco Bay AreaBuddy.ai is a voice-based AI English tutor for kids. Buddy lets children practice their spoken English by conversing with a virtual AI-powered cartoon character in a mobile app. During my tenure, Buddy.ai validated the idea and the early version of the product in new markets. When Edwin and I joined Buddy.ai, international revenue was 14% of the total. One year later, it was over 50%. Total revenue in 2020 grew 2.8x relative to 2019.
Strategic Advisor
Buddy.aiStrategic Advisor
Jan. 2017 - Jan. 2019https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/mybuddy-ai
Co-Founder and CEO
Edwin.aiCo-Founder and CEO
Jan. 2016 - Jan. 2020San Francisco Bay AreaEdwin (https://edwin.ai) was an AI-powered service for learning foreign languages. It was delivered on conversational (chatbots and voice assistants) platforms. Edwin combined the latest technology and effective pedagogical content with on-demand human instructors to offer its students affordable, personalized 1:1 learning. Our goal was to provide our students with better outcomes than they would see using existing methods, all at a fraction of the price. We started in July 2016; got funded by General Catalyst, Y Combinator (W2018), Google, and several other investors; launched the service in March 2017; built some pretty cool tech and products; and grew to over 840K registered users. In early 2020 Edwin merged with MyBuddy.ai. The resulting company kept the name “Buddy.ai” and doubled down on its mobile app Buddy, the voice-based English tutor for kids, organically combining solutions developed by Buddy.ai and Edwin. https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/edwin-ai https://www.facebook.com/EnglishWithEdwin/
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