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How to Make Your Network Work

I save a huge amount of time with Intch. After this article, you will too

Say I’ve got a problem to solve. I typically first google it to try and find something myself. If I don’t find anything there, then I turn to my friends and contacts. 

Screenshots from messengers

I used to have to get on each of those messengers and look through contacts to find the people that could help me that task at hand. 

And, honestly, it was really tedious for two main reasons

  1. It’s boring! Very, very boring! You need to write again and again, repeating yourself and explaining the issue over again
  2. Choosing who to write to can be a bit of a gamble. Say you need a realtor in Dubai. You don’t know any but someone in your contact list might and you just waste a whole bunch of time trying to remember who among your contacts talked about Dubai…

Intch takes care of all of that for me. It’s so much simpler. I simply start by clicking Use the power of my network, picking the type of request and selecting who I’m looking for. 

Screenshots from Intch
And, in an instant, Intch already tells me who among my contacts can help me out. Not only that, it also shows me who among the contacts of my contacts can also help me out. No need for me to think and look through my contacts. That’s already a real time-saver. 

Intch networking circles

When it comes to writing to friends and contacts manually, I often give in to laziness. I’ll typically send something along the lines of: 


We are currently opening a round of investments. We’re looking for investors for our round A. Do you think you could help with that? 

And I copy-paste that same message over and over again to each and every contact I think might be able to help.

This is obviously way too general. Most contacts start asking more and more leading questions to try and figure if it’s worth their time or not. 

With Intch, the simple request cards take care of that completely:

Intch request

All types of requests on Intch have different sections to fill out. They all come with examples and in the right order. 

Intch request framework

This makes the task at hand clear to anyone and answers questions in advance. The better the task is described, the more people will help and the faster they will. 

Once the task set, I simply select who to write to among my contacts. If there’s a lot, I’ll typically start with my 1st Circle and write to those I’m in touch with. 

The request becomes attached to my chat message and it makes the whole communication way smoother.  

But it makes sense that for us to have contacts willing and ready to help us out, we need to keep in touch regularly and maintain that contact. Well, one of these easiest ways to do that is simply by doing favors for them. 

When I see requests from my contacts, I immediately think how I can help, and do, or think of who among my contacts could help, and put them in touch. Intch actually helps by showing me my relevant contacts. 

All that’s left for me to do is pick who and introduce them to the author of the request. It really doesn’t take much to make sure the process is well underway. 

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The tricky part here is to expand your network well. People with a wide network usually go to conferences, share requests of others on their social networks, etc. 

It’s way simpler for me: I just click on Expand my network on Intch. 

The app shows me requests that are relevant to my experience, location, expertise and those of my contacts. I first see requests of my contacts and their contacts. 


When I help someone new, they become part of my 1st Circle. I now have access to them and their whole network as well. It’s a win-win if I ever saw one. 

There’s also a nice detailed menu on contacts that helps you remember people, what you have in common and so on.  

I just open the list, pick a person and introduce them. 

That’s basically how I double my 1st Circle over the past year. I’ve gained access to amazing resources that help me solve issues. 

It should be that simple for you too. Join us!

Jack Williams


  • It’s so true, sending a bunch of messages is really time-consuming. One of the biggest challenges is managing your network and, like you said, remembering who could be helpful for what. It’s great that Intch has come up with a solution!

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