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How to Find Like-Minded People on Intch

People have gone online and are less likely to meet at conferences. Workers move around the world with laptops and smartphones where they network.

Making business connections on social media can seem like cold messaging — it can be difficult to find common context.
Additionally, many of us feel stressed when starting conversations with strangers.


🚀 Intch helps you effortlessly expand your network by creating context and selecting the right people for you

More than 40k people found like-minded people on Intch and built a warm communication 🚀

Use these simple tips to reach your goal 👇

Intch is like an online networking party

Unlike strangers on social media, people here are open to communication, and there are pre-planned activities to break the ice.


Play the Battle of Networks game

Intch AI will select a team of five people that match your goals. Answer professional questions and compete to earn points. After the game, you are no longer strangers — a great moment to strike up a conversation!

The best experts in one app.

Don't wait to be added to connections, start chatting right away.

Try it

What’s next? Start the Q&A game.

We know how difficult it can be to start a conversation, but not with the Intch Q&A Game.

Just add a person to your contacts and select questions from our templates. We have prepared many different questions with which you can start a conversation. You don’t have to invent them, just choose one of the three and it will go to chat. You and the other person will take turns answering three questions and find points to achieve goals.

Do not feel like playing yet?

There’s an even simpler way to network — let people reach out to you first.

1. Create a personal request

Requests are a key tool for meeting and collaborating with people on Intch. A request is a unique template that helps you easily describe what you’re looking for and who you are.

Tell about yourself, your interests and areas of work, and describe the tasks you are currently challenging.


2. Intch AI shows your request to the relevant people

They either get in touch with you themselves or recommend you to someone from their network through the simple framework of making warm introductions.


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