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How Do I Use The Intch App

First, let us tell you why to use Intch

The more people you have in your network, the easier it is to get referrals, clients, and just good advice. So, how do you expand your network? 

Social media does a great job of recommending relevant strangers, but just adding them as “new connections” does not help to build an actual relationship. Intch helps you truly connect with the right people by exchanging mutual favors

And now it’s time for HOW:

1. First of all, make sure you fill out your profile

Specify your areas of expertise and let Intch AI help you write your bio.

2. Get a daily selection of business requests from professionals all over the globe.

The selection is based on your bio and tags, which is why step 1 is important. Reply by helping out yourself or recommending someone from your network.

intch mobile app
3. Write your networking request if you’re searching for help.

Our algorithms will show your request to the relevant people.

You can do 2 or 3, or both! Help others and seek help. Intch is all about mutual help and collaboration.

Intch mobile app screens

4. Join Intch micro communities to get in direct touch with people from your professional niche and/or your location.


5. Create a personal request
If you haven’t come up with your specific request yet, but just want to look around, meet new people, and expand your network.

Hope this helps!
Still have questions? Feel free to ask:

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