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Finding a Job Thanks to Intch in Spite of the Hiring Freezes and Layoffs

The proper tool to hack networking is your best ally when looking for a job in dire times

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Whether we like it or not, the economy sometimes stumbles. But it does not fall. Bubbles burst. But they do not disappear. We know announcements of layoffs and hiring freezes are coming in left and right at the moment. It’s even striking the IT world, that one sphere where it seemed no one ever needed to look for jobs. It was just easy to switch from company to company, or rely on headhunters to drive your career forward. Nowadays, everyone’s in the same boat. Experienced professionals and budding specialists are all struggling to find a job. But some are better at navigating that boat than others. 

They hack job hunting. And here’s how! 

Actually, job hunting itself is tedious, demanding, and can even be depressing at times. Yet, some seem to be able to still find a new job in no time.  

Hacking job hunting means networking

Let’s face it. Job hunting as most imagine it means posting job ads on site after site, filling in form after form, sending out DM after DM, email after email, and often to little result. Experts say it can take 100 to 200 job applications to get 1 job offer. That’s just horrendous!

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And that’s not even considering the professional development courses to hone new skills, the trial and errors at freelancing or entrepreneurship, the expenses and time associated with all that. 

If job hunting is that tedious, demanding and depressing, can it be hacked?  

Considering that 70-80% of job openings never even get published and that an estimated 80% of jobs are landed through networking, then yes, it absolutely can. Those people that manage to navigate in and out of periods like these do not job hunt, they network. That is the secret. To hack job hunting, we need to network. 

And in this age of soft skills and developing technologies, there must also be a way to hack networking.

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Hacking networking means exchanging favors and introductions

Many assume that networking is just as tedious as job hunting. This idea stems from how most networking tools work nowadays. It’s all about accumulating contacts and growing that list to hundreds, thousands of people. But is that really how expert networkers do it? Do they spend their days sending out cold messages? Isn’t that just akin to cold sales? 

Rather than accumulating contacts, expert networkers actually exchange favors and introductions. It rests on the premise that by helping others prosper, we help ourselves prosper. And that works right into the goal of seeking the best job opportunities. Experts and talents land the best jobs by seeking advice, getting intel from their peers, showcasing their achievements and spreading the word in their network. It’s a much less painful process. 

Nowadays, these mutually beneficial relationships have transferred to communities and online communities. There is a seemingly countless variety of online communities for all industries and job spheres. The most active members are not especially the ones who ripe the rewards the best. The most helpful members are the ones everyone wants to connect with. Why? Simply because they can make those introductions that matter, give the tips or insights that make a difference, spot the right expertise or skill in a person. They know it’s not the quantity of relationships but a solid base of quality relationships that make networking a truly powerful tool. The world of online networking is now ripe with apps and augmented reality or virtual reality solutions. Yet, few can truly boast that they hack networking, that they are based on favors and introductions that lead to the best results.

Intch is networking based on favors and intros

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On Intch, we started basing everything on the theory of Social Capital. Based on extensive research with expert networkers and personal experience, we knew from the start that helping others prosper was the key to hacking networking. 

When professionals exchange favors, they make their professional profiles more attractive. In our particular case, job hunting through Intch is made easy through the power of communities and AI matching because all users can:

  • Help others land a job
  • Recruit for their projects
  • Find a mentor
  • Get advice on how to develop their skills
  • Change professional spheres
  • Put teams together

The secret lies in a well-knit community and a powerful AI matching algorithm. Based on tags, Intch picks and directs the right people and the right requests to new relevant contacts. Once your account set up, recruiters and job seekers alike get matched per their areas of interest, per their specific needs and goals. Take the example of Chosy for instance. They put together their dream team in no time on Intch. The team and the founder are now deep in work as they made the right contacts at the right time through networking. 

The experts and recruiters on Intch gain respect, professional standing and the right contacts thanks to this networking hack of ours. We’ve all heard that it’s not what you know but who you know. We pride ourselves in having made the right tool for that notion to be less exclusive to certain classes. We’ve democratized networking if you will. 

And with networking democratized, we can all now hack job hunting simply by hacking networking.


  • I don’t think it’s about “hacking network” – I think it’s more about doing a good job for your client and making sure people know about it. Then you won’t be unemployed

  • Networking is really the way to go – I was recently fired and started looking for jobs on job boards – nada! If it wasn’t for my former colleagues, I’d never even get an interview

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