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Success Story: How Intch Helped Chosy Get Their Dream Team Together


My name is Eldar Esiev and I am the founder of Chosy – a Telegram-bot for matching hiring specialists and potential employees in IT. Earlier this year we had everything ready for launch. Our first cases were ready, but we didn’t have the time to hire a solid team for ourselves. And that’s where Intch really helped us in the nick of time. 

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Building a team from the ground up

As a start-up, we couldn’t offer fixed salaries, only a stock option plan. Yet, we needed people who were ready to believe in our idea and develop it as their own. And that was the time when I first came across Intch. 

I logged on, scrolled through the feed and helped with a few requests of other users. When I got a hold of how it works, I jumped at the opportunity and posted my request – “looking for a full-stack developer”. I took the time to describe Chosy in detail and posted my ad. And then magic happened. 

Putting a team together 

Xenia was the first one to reply. She’s now joined us as a product manager. “Well, she’s not a developer” was my first reaction. Nevertheless, we got on a zoom call and I realized that we can definitely get the most of Xenia’s skills. And that’s how we got our first hire on Intch. 

A couple of replies later we met Alex – our long-awaited full-stack developer. He had relevant experience and excellent soft skills, we quickly realized that with Alex our development would be in good hands. 

And then, work stacked on. Daily standups, countless brainstorms, development of a system for making sure the candidates are right for the job openings and cold outreach to potential clients. 3 months passed by and now we have a solid product. 

Why Intch became helpful

Chosy became popular because we value our clients’ time: we know that hiring can be exhausting for both the employers and candidates, so we did everything we could to make it painless. Similarly, Intch saves its users the time on finding the right person (advice, you name it) and solving your problem.  

Intch shows that networking is so much broader than just hiring. I wasn’t looking for a PM, but I still decided to get on a call with Xenia. I really liked her proactive approach. She’s now a valuable and appreciated member of our team. 

Intch also came in handy because it saved us precious time on looking for a developer. With Alex, it only took us a few days to go from a request on Intch to an interview. And we hired him! With a regular HR service, it could have taken us several weeks and we just couldn’t afford that. So again, on Intch you can find the right people – all you have to do is formulate your request as best as you can. 

Let’s help each other 

If we’ve learned anything from Intch, it’s that helping each other is key to effective communication. So, we’d like to offer a special promo code for 10 free job openings posts for 6 weeks to every Intch user. Just type in “ChosyIntch” – and, of course, we’d be happy to hear your feedback on Chosy!



  • That’s so fast! Hiring is one of the most time-consuming tasks so it’s great that you guys found a team so quickly. Good luck!

  • I admire your flexibility. This is a good reminder to stay open to candidates even if they don’t fit exactly what you thought you were looking for.

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