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Senior Full Stack Engineer
GoodWorkerSenior Full Stack Engineer
Aug. 2021 - Feb. 2023Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India- Created script to migrate data from postgres to elasticsearch using logstash. - Did detailed analysis of tools for monitoring/logging of the application. - Created auth and user service to be used in different applications. - Worked on profile pic upload service which includes resizing of images via jimp, serving images via cdn and invalidating cdn cache object on update. - Deployed all the aws resources via AWS SAM including lambdas/s3 buckets/ cdn/ dynamodb tables - created pkg to integrate opentelemetry for monitoring/logging - Followed BDD test approach using gauge - Created standard npm libraries for backend/frontend for in-house use which handles the apollo server , context building, monitoring/logging for backend and apollo client, login/logout, refresh token, device registration, error handling for frontend applications.
Senior Fullstack Developer
WeAdmit Technologies, Inc.Senior Fullstack Developer
Jun. 2020 - Aug. 2021RemoteCore Product : - Developing frontend as well as backend for the core product. - Assessing and estimating feature requests and issues. - Responsible for weekly release of features and fixes - Worked on stripe payment apis - Reactjs, Redux, nodejs, graphql, Hasura, AWS, Apollo, twilio QA support : - Setting up test environment for manual testing. - Setting up Jenkins.
Software Developer - Frontend
KulizaSoftware Developer - Frontend
Jan. 2018 - Apr. 2020Bengaluru, Karnataka, IndiaManagedMethods : - Hired to migrate core product to React. - Setting up Webpack for React/Redux environment. - Assessing and estimating feature requests. - Assessing design feasibility with designer. - Code reviews for my teammates on a regular basis. - Discussing API structure with backend devs. - Mentoring junior developer working overseas. - Reactjs, Redux, Webpack, JSP, java, Ant design GetMega : - First Frontend Developer for the startup. - Responsible to build and maintain internal dashboard. - Responsible to build pixel perfect brand website. - Integrated Twirp with Typescript/React - Reactjs, Typescript, Gatsby, Twirp, golang, Kotlin HDFC Life : - Mainly worked on product c2p3d - .Responsible to build, maintain and fix features - Mentoring intern developers - Angularjs 1.x, python, jquery, Bonita
Co-Founder and CTO
AksOutCo-Founder and CTO
Jan. 2016 - Jul. 2017- Full-fledged Social Networking website for students. - Tech founder - Lead team of 6 - Initial setup from scratch - Selecting of technologies - Frontend/backend/cloud - Laravel, Bootstrap, MySql


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