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Startup Founder
Business Owner
United States
United Kingdom
Work Background
Education Professional
Myracle.ioEducation Professional
Dec. 2022Berlin, Germany
Course Instructor
The Knowledge AcademyCourse Instructor
Nov. 2022Bracknell, England, United Kingdom
Earlham InstituteResearcher
Apr. 2022 - Oct. 2022Norwich, England, United KingdomProject on bioinformatic analysis of WGS omics data to transfer the metagenomic analysis pipeline from Nextflow to galaxy and to develop a machine learning model to advance the analysis. — This involves the use of statistical analysis of large datasets in GB's. — Use of python to clean, analyse and visualize the data — Implementation of both unsupervised and supervised machine learning algorithms to extract insights from the data. — Python libraries used: — — For data cleaning: Pandas, NumPy, — — For data visualization: Matplotlib, Seaborn, — — For Machine learning: Scikit-learn — R libraries used: — — For data analysis: MaasLin2 — Analysis of Nextflow pipeline and to implement on Galaxy Web platform — Basic use of HPC to submit tasks. — Linux environment was used for all tasks.
Online Content Editor
Klarity.HealthOnline Content Editor
Feb. 2022 - Apr. 2022United Kingdom— Edited scientific contents on health and wellbeing — Analysed the content for grammatical and scientific errors. — Suggested possible routes for better precision and conciseness.
Content Developer (English) for GCSE Physics and US High school physics
StudySmarterContent Developer (English) for GCSE Physics and US High school physics
Feb. 2022 - Jul. 2022United Kingdom— Developed curated content for students to facilitate easy understanding of critical concepts — Performed SEO analysis on the platform for better reach — Created and customized flashcards for self-assessment and conceptual understanding.
Strategic Partner
Stoodnt, Inc.Strategic Partner
Apr. 2021 - Dec. 2022Kolkata, West Bengal, India— Developed, planned the curriculum and taught a course on the application of data science concepts in biotechnology using Python. — Counselled high school and college level students in analytical skills and soft skills' enhancement. — Taught 70 plus students and received a variety of constructive feedbacks from students. — Developed study materials for students to practice. — Conceptualized and published a content on carrier transition from biology to data science.
The Croma FoundryCo-Founder
Jun. 2020 - Aug. 2021India— A standalone biological platform for integrated rapid vaccine manufacturing and engineering.
Research Assistant
Indian Institute of Science (IISc)Research Assistant
Jan. 2020 - Aug. 2020Bangalore— Developed and evaluated a mathematical model of cancerous cell behaviour using Boolean approach and statistical methods and interpretation of the data obtained. — The project involved the use of data analysis using Python libraries. — — Python Libraries used: Pandas, NumPy, Bmodel — Furthermore, this project involved the use of statistical understanding for interpreting the biological data — Involved the use of scientific computing.
Oxford Royale AcademyTeacher
Jul. 2019 - Jul. 2019University of cambridge— Taught pre-university students a course titled “Engineering Preparations”. Responsibilities included content delivery and coursework evaluation with feedbacks. — Guided students with mock interview session for to enhance communication skills — Familiarized the students in undergraduate college admission process
Summer Intern
Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER), KolkataSummer Intern
Jun. 2017 - Jul. 2017Mohanpur, West Bengal— Hands-on experience of working with microRNA prediction tools and understanding the basics of systems biology. — Hands-on experience on the use of Unix/Linux environment. — Experience in the use of Cytoscape.
Summer Internship
West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery SciencesSummer Internship
May. 2017 - May. 2017Kolkata Area, India— Real time sample analysis from diseased animals in the department of Animal Biotechnology.
Indian Immunologicals LimitedInternship
Dec. 2016 - Dec. 2016— Quality analysis and microbiological impurities level analysis of different types of water used for vaccine production in the industry. — Basic understanding and overview of pharmaceutical industry process.


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