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Consulting Services Specialist
GuidepointConsulting Services Specialist
Aug. 2023New York City Metropolitan Area · RemoteConsultancy services
Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - EmbrapaResearcher
Jan. 2011BrazilI was engaged in different projects, and the dynamic jobs allowed me to work in all agricultural sectors, from the production, processing, supply chain, and marketing of agroindustrial products, effectively contributing to tropical agriculture. In addition, I managed 220 Brazilian employees from different regions to technology assessment actions, analysis of commercial assets, and marketing plans. As an agribusiness expert, I held on groups with the productive sector related to the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Supply and class entities (ABRAPA, CNA, and APROSOJA, among others). Positions: - Crop supervisor (2012-2013) - Market manager (2013-2018) - marketing manager Brazil (2018-2019) - Business Development Manager (2020-present) - R&D management (2022) - Chairmanship of the Intellectual Property Committee of Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (2019-present) Projects related: 1. Technological strategies for the sustainable development of cowpea in Brazil (2009 - 2012) 2. Interaction of Weeds with Mites and Insects in the Soybean and Cowpea Succession System (2011 - 2014) 3. Research, development, and innovation (RD&I) in jatropha for biodiesel production (2011 - 2014) 4. Agronomic performance of Embrapa's phytosanitary quality sweet potato cultivars under different soil and climatic conditions (2011 - 2013) 5. Market Development for Soy cultivars (2013 - 2018) 6. Embrapa as a provider of soy genetics to the market (2015 - 2018) 7. Market insertion of golden mosaic resistant bean (GMO) in the production chain (2018 - 2021) 8. Management of the Component of the Genetic Resources Portfolio (2020 - 2022) 9. Carbon Neutral Meat: sustainable and certifiable meat production strategy for a global market (Project Contributor).
Marketing Manager Brazil
Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - EmbrapaMarketing Manager Brazil
Feb. 2018 - Oct. 2019Brasília, Federal District, BrazilAmong my responsibilities as General Marketing Manager, I was in charge of structuring the asset pipeline and strategic position for new partnerships and agreements with stakeholders. One of the most significant projects was the Carbon Neutral Meet Project (CCN), an R&D initiative in which I negotiated a partnership with Marfrig S.A, the largest beef producer and meat exporter in the segment.
Market Manager
Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - EmbrapaMarket Manager
Feb. 2013 - Jan. 2018Brasília, Federal District, BrazilAs a market manager, I was responsible for the seed supply chain at Embrapa´s breeding program. I establish all strategies with players. I participate in the Cultivance Soybean team - a GMO cultivar launched by Embrapa and BASF S.A. I was in charge of the cotton RR development market and activities with Brazilian consultants, including the partnership with Monsanto genes. In addition, I developed soft skills associated with technical competence, allowing extreme performance based on the business vision. Such skills include the agricultural sector's vision regarding the adaptation of technologies to face climatic challenges and the new commercial relations proposed for consumption that is critical for the population's food supply.
Crop supervisor
Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - EmbrapaCrop supervisor
Sep. 2012 - Jan. 2013BrasiliaSkills: Technical Reviews
Consultancy Services
Xperts CouncilConsultancy Services
Jul. 2023Porto, Porto, Portugal · RemoteNo-tillage production system
Sep. 2022Brasília, Federal District, Brazil · Remote
Business Development Manager
Embrapa Genetic Resources and BiotechnologyBusiness Development Manager
Oct. 2019 - Aug. 2023Brasília, Federal District, BrazilIn Embrapa as a researcher and manager, I led 15 RD&I projects and assumed several roles since the beginning of the company, which include: - In the last three years as Business Development Manager, I have achieved dozens of B2B partnerships representing over US$ 20 million. - I approved more than 15 application patent processes, including the requirements analyses for intellectual property at national and international offices. - I lead a new startup concept to establish the co-creation Program "Colmeia Up," challenging entrepreneurs and researchers to develop innovative agriculture solutions.
Marketing Coordinator
BASF SAMarketing Coordinator
Sep. 2008 - Jan. 2011São Paulo, BrazilDeveloping new molecules for fungi pests and weed control. Highlight a feature in the project "Strobilurins for the control of fungal diseases in wheat and analysis of toxins in wheat mills in Brazil." In addition, I led the project "Effect of fungicides on fusariosis in the field on infected grains and deoxynivalenol," which allowed the company to expand its business in the Brazilian wheat market (+15%). Over the years, I have acquired experience in complex processes that demand the management of multidisciplinary teams for many solutions.
Accounting Specialist
Companhia Três SAccounting Specialist
Apr. 1996 - Apr. 1999Bento Gonçalves e Região, Brasil


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