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Work Background
Senior Account Manager
HalliburtonSenior Account Manager
Jan. 2016 - Dec. 2020I led the growth and expansion of the business, establishing trusted relationships with clients and closing beneficial contracts. I provided an exceptional customer experience, efficiently resolved issues and incidents, and generated analytical reports to support decision-making. Additionally, I supervised budget adherence and deadlines, collaborated with other departments, and led key projects. Key Responsibilities: • Development of Growth Strategies. • Establishing Trusted Client Relationships (Trusted Advisor). • Negotiation and Contract Closure. • Customer Experience Management. • Problem Resolution and Incident Handling.
Digital Transformation Advisors
HalliburtonDigital Transformation Advisors
Feb. 2013 - Dec. 2015Merged leadership experience and strong client relationships with an innovative and technological vision. Led transformation processes, researched technological trends, and generated reports for key decisions. Managed teams and projects, fostered innovation, and collaborated to adopt emerging technologies. Key areas of expertise include Process Automation, Cultural Change Promotion, Data Analysis, User Experience Enhancement, and Project Management. Key Responsibilities: • Process Automation. • Cultural Change Promotion. • Data Analysis. • User Experience Enhancement. • Project Management.
Senior Consultant
HalliburtonSenior Consultant
Oct. 2008 - Jan. 2013Led the change and implementation of best practices, acting as the transformation agent guiding clients towards an optimized digital environment. My core capability lies in turning data into a strategic resource, driving high-level decision-making. Key Responsibilities: • Define KPIs and establish efficient processes for data collection and analysis. • Create analytical models, integrate systems, and ensure data quality. • Utilize predictive models to detect patterns and trends. • Communicate effectively with Service and Project Managers. • Lead product delivery processes. • Collaborate to ensure project success
IT - Business Solutions
HalliburtonIT - Business Solutions
Jan. 2001 - Sep. 2008As the leader of the IT group - Business Solutions for Latin America at Halliburton Energy Services, I am responsible for the development and deployment of strategic technological solutions for the region. My responsibilities encompass all functional areas (SS) and product service lines (PSL) of the company. Key Responsibilities: • Analyze and understand business models. • Identify and analyze stakeholders' needs and requirements. • Select and implement appropriate technological systems and platforms. • Integrate systems for efficient data flow between functional areas. • Develop solutions tailored to specific needs. • Manage data security and privacy to ensure compliance with regulations. • Monitor processes for continuous improvement. • Provide technical support and training to internal and external users. • Develop project forecasts and KPIs. • Provide priority assistance to strategic areas. • Manage projects and budgets. • Implement document management processes according to industry standards.
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