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C-level Executive
United States
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Work Background
Chief Executive Officer
InDevLabChief Executive Officer
Oct. 2023In connection with the new goals of the company, I am moving into a new role for myself as CEO of the company. The commitments I have made for the next three years are: - restructuring of the company’s internal processes - restructuring of cooperation processes with external partners - opening of new offices and representative offices in Europe, Asia and Australia - building the InDevLab company brand on the international market - upgraded line of services and innovation development approach for our customers.
Co-Founder and CBDO
InDevLabCo-Founder and CBDO
Feb. 2019 - Oct. 2023InDevLab is an IT and R&D center that specializes in developing new IT solutions and cybersecurity for medium and large businesses. I'm responsible for marketing and company growth in foreign markets, a new line of services and partnership relationships. - Provides consulting services to organisation who are launch or perform digital activites. Building relationships and bandl products and services; - Building innovation marketing and growth hacking products and services for organisations based on digital services; - Promotes a culture of customer and result orientation for all products and initiatives.
CEO and Co-founder
InDevLabCEO and Co-founder
Aug. 2017 - Feb. 2019UkraineInDevLab is an IT and R&D center that specializes in developing new IT solutions and cybersecurity for medium and large businesses. In my part of work, I'm responsible for marketing and company growth in foreign markets, a new line of services and partnership relationships.
Digital Internationalization Advisor
Ministry of Digital Transformation of UkraineDigital Internationalization Advisor
Mar. 2023I help to organize and to export experience and products of Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine to foreign market. I'm taking a part in organizational development and management advise, PR, product preparation to international market. The key product for promote is Platform of Registers. Platform of registers is a software complex for digital states services creation and support. Now it’s easy to create and deploy new government service in 2 month.
Chief Executive Officer
Servi5Chief Executive Officer
Aug. 2022Вена, АвстрияI have been management in IT companies and products for over 10 years. My passion is building IT products that provides innovative solutions and services for modern business and for people. Now I'm managing group of companies in CyberSecurity and Software development. The goal is to scale new methodoligy and all-in-one solution for threat prevention and detection combined with exceptional responsiveness. Servi5 is a new enterprise security solution in the EndPoint Prevention and Protection (EPP) class. EPP's innovative approach allows businesses to reduce infection and cybersecurity risks by up to 95%. Servi5 helps large and medium businesses. - taking into account cyber risks associated with remote and mixed work; - predict and stop external cyber threats before they enter the enterprise network; - employees from unintentional data collection and corporate espionage; - filter and restrict incoming and outgoing traffic. Servi5 is ideal for: - educational establishments; - healthcare organizations; - public places, common recreation areas and places of residence; - transportation companies; - HoReCa; - Enterpice organizations.
Founder and Lead Manager
SE ConferenceFounder and Lead Manager
Mar. 2013 - Nov. 2017KyivMain organizer at SE Conference - the biggest Sofware Development Conference in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The main goal this project was to change education event endustry in Ukraine. And this goal was reached. Totally more then 500 speakers (and experts from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, IBM, Samsung) make their speechs on our events. More then 10 000 people joined and receive new knowledges. Events was organized each year: SE2013, SE2014, SE2015, SE2016, SE2017.
Chief Marketing Officer
HackraftChief Marketing Officer
Jul. 2015 - Apr. 2016УкраинаThanks to my experience in managing projects, events, IT communities, and software development, I was invited to develop an organization at ArtZavod Platform, which focused on the development of an IT park and eco-system for the startup community in Ukraine. My duties included: - development of a platform development program for startups and the IT community - implementation of educational programs - organizing activities with stakeholders - work with the IT business community of Ukraine - building comprehensive marketing and promotion
Project Manager
Software Engineering ClubProject Manager
Nov. 2012 - Sep. 2015KyivI'm very thankful for current club. This platform meet me with real IT business and IT players. I'd met seniout developers, IT directors, trainers and other amazing people. My responsibilities was: - creation and organization of events for the IT community. - creation of educational concepts and programs. - communication with business and stakeholders. - comprehensive community management
Skills AcademyCTO
May. 2014 - Jun. 2015KievThanks to a proactive position and participation in strategic sessions and the formation of a development strategy, I became the technical director of the project. My responsibilities included: - project development process management - creating a vision for digital transformation of clients - participation in negotiations with stakeholders (universities, government agencies, corporate companies, investors) - restructuring and management of digital marketing processes
Deputy Assistant
Social Policy and Labor CommitteeDeputy Assistant
Mar. 2013 - Jun. 2015Ukraine, KievMy direct and indirect responsibilities included activities: - Communication with private structures, - lobbying for the law on higher education, - communication with stakeholders, - participation in drafting concepts of new laws.
Project Manager
Skills AcademyProject Manager
Jan. 2014 - May. 2014Kyiv, Kyiv City, UkraineMy passion and desire to change the education system led me to this position. I was invited as a manager with experience in managing complex projects, who had a knowledge base in software development. My responsibilities included: - software development (minor functionality) - contractor management (software development, design) - participation in the formation of the technical vision of the project - formation and control of the development plan
Chief Marketing Officer
InhackingChief Marketing Officer
Apr. 2016 - Nov. 2016УкраинаInhacking has provided software development services and education services for IT-community. My part of the work were: – marketing management, – performance and risk management, – business strategy, – work with partners. I had received amazing experience in R&D team management, partership development, executive management and leadership.
Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of UkraineAdvisor
Apr. 2015 - Sep. 2015Kyiv, Kyiv City, UkraineMe and my colleagues was invited to Ministry ofEconomy and Trade of Ukraine for digital transofrmation of public sector. Based on our experience in education digital transformation in Skills Academy we start to implement new EduTech project for ukranians. The main goalwas to provide remote education and to transform education for adult people. During the projectwe have faces in Network and IT infrastructure needs in Ukraine (for villages and small towns). I hav also took a part in IT infrastructure and Network activities where we provide internet for each ukrainian house (wireless and mobile internet).


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