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Work Background
Coaching Operations & Health Educator, Neurology
ViTel HealthCoaching Operations & Health Educator, Neurology
Dec. 2023Lockhart, Texas, United States · RemoteAs a Health Educator, I work closely with individuals in post-concussion neurology care, providing comprehensive lifestyle support for faster recovery. My responsibilities include: - RPM Execution: Implemented connected monitoring devices for real-time tracking and data analysis of patients' chronic conditions and acute illnesses. - Tailored Support Delivery: Program development and delivery of personalized lifestyle interventions encompassing nutrition, cognitive exercises, physical activity, and stress management for enhanced recovery outcomes. - Championing Patient Welfare: Serve as a dedicated advocate, guiding clients through their healthcare journey and fostering empowerment for healthier living. - Synergistic Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly with healthcare professionals to make informed treatment decisions grounded in real-time data. - Program Leadership: Spearhead the development of comprehensive programs by facilitating collaboration across multiple teams, steering components, processes, and fostering innovation.
Director of Wellness, Product
DarioHealth Director of Wellness, Product
Aug. 2022 - Dec. 2023Israel · RemoteConceived and deployed diverse digital health programming architecture throughout a comprehensive suite of products. Strategically influenced health behavior change within the user set, supporting members with diabetes, metabolic disease, musculoskeletal disorders, and behavioral health to make impactful change. - Facilitated a more streamlined collaboration across product, clinical, engagement, and enrollment teams to ensure the successful implementation of initiatives. - An innovative approach resulted in a substantial 15% increase in app engagement, supporting revenue growth and elevating overall user satisfaction. - Developed and implemented an evidence-based digital weight loss program, integrating scientific research and data-driven strategies to achieve measurable and sustainable results in the membership population. - Utilized AI automation to create evidence-based, highly personalized content and behavior prompts, resulting in a 37% reduction in attrition.
Director of Patient Education & Clinical Coaching
Community WellnessDirector of Patient Education & Clinical Coaching
Jan. 2021 - Aug. 2022Lockhart, Texas, United States · RemoteSuccessfully conceptualized and spearheaded a comprehensive program, overseeing a dedicated team of nurse-educators. The program was instrumental in delivering vital healthcare services to an elderly, rural demographic afflicted by prevalent chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, and obesity. - Pioneered a digital clinical health education and remote patient monitoring program from inception. - Developed clinical education and coaching protocols and curricula, yielding an 85% patient engagement rate and a medication adherence rate near 80%. - Introduced and managed a 24/7 patient safety monitoring program that aligned with provider needs. - Achieved a 100% patient satisfaction rate for live education and coaching sessions. - Assisted development and design of the proprietary clinical EHR, functionality of the patient application and dashboard.
Health Education Division Manager
Noom Inc.Health Education Division Manager
Jun. 2018 - Jan. 2021Lockhart, Texas, United States · RemoteContributed to the transformation of the direct-to-consumer health space through involvement with Noom, a groundbreaking weight loss program rooted in the psychology of health and weight loss. Played a key role in managing one of the largest teams of health coaches and educators in the industry. The rapid scaling of operations and the demand for innovative leadership significantly contributed to my professional growth as a leader. - Led a virtual health team of over 2,700 members, promoting team cohesion, effective communication, and adherence to protocols. - Created and implemented training programs and protocols, leading to an increase in employee adherence that resulted in an increase in retention of users. - Initiated and managed change management efforts, facilitating the rapid expansion of the health/coaching team from 150 to over 2,700 team members in under 12 months. - Orchestrated weekly, all-team virtual meetings, including developing communication strategies, preparing presentation material, coordinating guest appearances and organizing special events.
Brain Health Educator and Author
The Primal BrainBrain Health Educator and Author
Jul. 2014 - Jun. 2018Carpinteria, California, United States · RemoteBecame a Brain Health Educator, leveraging expertise as an author of a book on brain health and host of a podcast. Dedicated to empowering individuals in their journey to overcome brain injuries, combat prevalent brain diseases, and enhance awareness of the profound influence of lifestyle and nutrition on cognitive well-being. - Authored The Primal Brain Solution, a lifestyle guide for people recovering from concussion/TBI. - Created and hosted The Primal Brain Podcast, with over 8,000 listeners. - Designed and executed personalized lifestyle interventions, impacting the lives of hundreds of clients. - Delivered engaging seminars and programs to elevate public understanding of healthy brain function.
Family Education Site Manager
Aug. 2011 - Jul. 2014Durango, Colorado, United States · On-siteDedicated to serving diverse rural communities by providing direct intervention for at-risk children and families, my role played a vital part in enhancing the overall well-being of families and fostering positive outcomes for vulnerable children. - Led a multi-county Parents as Teachers home visitation program, overseeing operations in multiple counties. - Directed the Bright Beginnings program across seven counties, ensuring its effective implementation. - Successfully secured over $100,000 in grant funding for the programs. - Utilized acquired grants to expand program reach and enhance the quality of services provided to the community. - Implemented strategic initiatives aimed at improving team performance and program outcomes. - Fostered a culture of excellence in service delivery by instituting best practices and continuous improvement processes.
Medical Education Symposium Manager
Resources for Medical Education and CollaborationMedical Education Symposium Manager
Jul. 2009 - Aug. 2011Durango, Colorado, United States · On-siteSuccessfully orchestrated and managed a dynamic medical education symposium, demonstrating adept organizational skills and a commitment to fostering knowledge exchange within the healthcare field. Achieved seamless execution and high participant satisfaction, highlighting effective leadership and event coordination abilities. - Maintained compliance with CME requirements. - Managed and facilitated a variety of medical education sessions, providing a seamless learning experience for participants. - Collaborated with speakers, presenters, and subject matter experts to curate educational content that met the needs of spine surgeons. - Conducted post-conference surveys and analyzed feedback to gauge attendee satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.


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