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Startup Founder
Work Background
Ecosystem Engineer
Taraxa.ioEcosystem Engineer
Mar. 2022At Taraxa we aim to fully launch our L1, fully interop with EVM based smart contracts. As an Ecosystem engineer I am tasked with: - Making sure DApp development is a pleasant experience for any project coming to Taraxa. - Architect and develop crucial ecosystem parts like the chain Explorer, Faucet, the Taraxa Community Site, different protocol layers, SDKs or anything else that is handy to have for DApps on Taraxa. - Architect and implement smart contracts for governance purposes or DApp implementations. - Think about growth strategies as ecosystem. - Implement the Hype App and the social listening platform that fuels it.
Blockchain Entrepreneur
APE ConsultingBlockchain Entrepreneur
Feb. 2022RemoteAt APE Consulting we help web3 entrepreneurs, ideators, and creators realize their ideas by providing consultancy services in tokenomics, technical consulting, smart contract development and web2 <-> web3 integrations as well as development services for chosen projects.
Blockchain & Full Stack Developer
KeykoBlockchain & Full Stack Developer
Jul. 2021 - Apr. 2022Main responsibilities: - Full-Stack Development Lead of an audio-NFT marketplace(MERN + Solidity/Polygon). More frequently used technologies: Elasticsearch, Python/Flask, TS, SASS, GCP, AWS, Hardhat. - Mentoring of mid developers. - Integrating marketplace solutions to Nevermined.io. - Developing and expanding the Nevermined ecosystem. - Technical consulting for platforms/protocols that want to expand or are interested in Nevermined. - Software architecture and tokenomics design.
Blockchain Consultant
Varga Elod PFABlockchain Consultant
Jun. 2021 - May. 2022RemoteGiving back to the crypto community is the aim of my consultancy programme. In the case you need technical advice or just have an idea for a blockchain based startup feel free to contact me or set up a meeting. Best, Elod
Fundraising Manager
Mikó Imre Law and Economics College of Advanced StudiesFundraising Manager
Oct. 2017 - Jun. 2018Cluj-Napoca, Romania
"Mikó Imre" Law and Economics College for Advanced StudiesMember
Nov. 2016 - May. 2020Cluj-Napoca
Cloud Solutions Engineer
BoschCloud Solutions Engineer
May. 2020 - Jul. 2021Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, RomaniaIn AVP, we like to keep things #LikeABosch. The project, if succeeds, will be the first 5th level autonomous drive feature. We take your car when u arrive at an AVP-enhanced garage and take care of anything that is related to parking and you'll have it back to the pickup zone whenever you want it. As a member of team AVP-Backend, we have the following responsibilities: - With a high level of freedom, we need to be the catalysts of data-flow between garages, partners, and management systems. - Making sure our partners are accessing our systems in a fast but safe and reliable manner. - Monitoring the whole dataflow and constantly being in sync with partners regards to the "numbers" of the system. - Develop reliable solutions for every new customer request.
Java Software Developer
FortechJava Software Developer
May. 2019 - May. 2020Cluj CountyAs part of the Fortech team, we worked in an international team together with Deutsches Telekom AG to provide solutions regards car services to Daimler AG. This implied a software solution that was built using Java(Spring Framework) and Vaadin(for the front-end). As I entered the project during the switch from a monolith to a microservice architecture I gained valuable experience in both traditional Java development and the newer, more buzzword filling Java Cloud solutions and the switch between them.
Intern Java Software Developer
FortechIntern Java Software Developer
Mar. 2019 - May. 2019Cluj County, RomaniaWe, as a group of 5 were developing a internally used web application for monitoring the HR department. Technologies used: Java 8, React.Js, Webpack, Node.Js, CSS, MySQL.
Java Pre-Employment Trainee
FortechJava Pre-Employment Trainee
Oct. 2018 - Nov. 2018Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaWe've been perfecting our Java Core knowledge while learning about some of the Java frameworks and plugins like Maven, Spring, JSF, JSP, Hibernate and so on... The basic CRUD part of my final project is available at https://github.com/Elod23/myEcommApp. Feel free to take a peek into it.
Internship Trainee
Wolters Kluwer RomâniaInternship Trainee
Jun. 2018 - Sep. 2018Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaAt the end of the second year, I've been selected as the team-leader out of five interns for a two-month-long project. The project included the development of a cross-platform application(most likely in Java), but at the beginning of it, the company finally decided that it will be realized in C#.NET. The application we developed fulfilled these tasks: data preprocessing with the help of C# interop, processed data clustering, OCR refinement, OCR implementation, basic UI development(WPF). As part of the internship, I successfully developed my skills in: - Mostly C# and OOP. - Machine learning and ANN. - Efficient teamwork and soft skills regarding team projects. - Perception of working in a multinational environment. - The methodology of periodical reports to supervisors. - Team-leading expertise.
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