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Sales Consulting on EBRD Star Venture program
EBRDSales Consulting on EBRD Star Venture program
Jan. 2023
Business Developer
Furtherance networkBusiness Developer
Aug. 2022Belgrade, Serbia2022 - Business developer at Furtherance, Belgrade Serbia After selling my last business, I wanted to pass on my knowledge and experience to the younger generation of entrepreneurs. I've had my fair share of failures, and one of the key reasons was not being able to find and connect with the right people to help me grow my company. Furtherance does just that in 3 simple steps! 1. We help you to understand your position and find the most pressing challenges (book here: https://furtherance.rs/) 2. We then look through our network and find the right people or companies that are the right fit 3. We connect you up Furtherance is a private matchmaking platform built on trust and past successful projects. On the one side we have startups, on the other, we have outsourced companies in the fields of sales marketing, Software Dev, and HR as well as experts in Pitching, Fundraising, Branding etc.
Melyssanda TradeCEO
Dec. 2013 - Aug. 2022Prague, Czechia2013 -2022. Cofounder and CEO of Melyssanda Trade, Prague, Czech Republic Moved from Belgrade, Serbia to Prague, Czechia, and started from scratch in the catering and hospitality industry. We had steady growth, and opened up our store at the peak of the COVID, where we were able to not just stay afloat, but be profitable. This was mostly due to our big fan base, that we have gathered through Facebook groups that we managed. In 2022 we sold the company.
Managing Director
DedalusManaging Director
Jan. 1990 - Oct. 2013Belgrade, SerbiaCEO and Founder of Dedalus company from 1990 -2013 1990-1995 Dedalus acted as a Publishing & advertising company headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia. We publish 3 books, 2 periodical magazines, and one LP record, and had an advertising section in our periodical magazines (music & pop culture) From 1995- 2013 we switched from publishing to the Retail Sector, due to turbulence in the region. At the peak of 2013, we had 5 boutiques that sold fashion clothes and accessories, 10 employees and 7-figure revenue.
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PR and Brand Manager @ Pionir Ltd. Serbia
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