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DevOps Engineer II
HERE TechnologiesDevOps Engineer II
Oct. 2022India- Deployment and Release Management: Successfully orchestrated deployments across multiple environments using GitLab, ensuring seamless releases and minimizing downtime. - Critical Application Support and SLA Adherence: Provided expert Tier-3 support for critical applications, consistently meeting SLA and SLO commitments to customers, resulting in high customer satisfaction. - Incident Resolution and RCA Expertise: Demonstrated exceptional troubleshooting skills by swiftly resolving Critical P1 incidents on both AWS and Kubernetes platforms, accompanied by thorough Root Cause Analysis (RCA) documentation. - Security Enhancement and Log Management: Actively contributed to the development of secure applications, implementing Mutual TLS (MTLS) between load balancers and servers, and configuring Splunk to ensure accurate ingestion of vital logs into designated indexes. - Infrastructure Scalability and Knowledge Sharing: Implemented proactive measures to mitigate impacts by setting up alarms and executing step scaling within Auto Scaling Groups (ASGs), optimizing resource utilization. Shared in-depth Kubernetes expertise and troubleshooting insights with colleagues, fostering a collaborative team environment and accelerating team growth in the DevOps domain
Senior Software Engineer - DevOps
CyberTech Systems and Software, IncSenior Software Engineer - DevOps
Apr. 2022 - Sep. 2022- Infrastructure Enhancement and Automation: Drove continuous improvements by implementing innovative solutions to optimize existing infrastructure, processes, and tools. Developed deployment strategies using AKS and EKS for efficient container orchestration. - Mentorship and Collaboration: Provided guidance to DevOps engineer interns, fostering proper engineering practices. Actively participated in team meetings, contributing ideas and updates, while also collaborating on code fixes and enhancements. - Troubleshooting and Documentation: Expertly handled high-alert volumes in Kubernetes environment, delivering RCA and SOP documentation. Tested and documented troubleshooting methods, enriching the support team's knowledge base for effective issue resolution
Software Engineer - DevOps
CyberTech Systems and Software, IncSoftware Engineer - DevOps
Mar. 2020 - Mar. 2022Thane West, Thane- Full-stack CI/CD Expertise: Orchestrated end-to-end CI/CD pipelines, employing Ansible for infrastructure automation and Jenkins for release automation. Ensured code quality via SonarQube integration and implemented security measures like TLS encryption and Web Application Firewalls.​ - Containerization and Kubernetes Mastery: Proficiently automated container deployments using Docker-Compose and managed orchestrated applications with Azure Kubernetes Service and Elastic Kubernetes Service.​ - Cloud Architecture and Resilience: Designed high availability architectures with cross-region load balancing and failover mechanisms. Implemented secure connectivity using VPN Gateways and monitored systems using Azure Monitor and CloudWatch.​ - Version Control and Security Implementation: Integrated diverse code platforms through GitLab and Jenkins, while managing versioned artifacts using Nexus repository. Ensured data security through Azure Key Vault, AWS KMS, and intrusion prevention systems.​ - Infrastructure Troubleshooting and Governance: Expert in diagnosing issues in Kubernetes environments and resolving them efficiently. Established governance through Azure policies, AWS Config, and firewall management, ensuring compliance with standards.​


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