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Work Background
Senior Software Engineer
AT&TSenior Software Engineer
Nov. 2022Charlotte, North Carolina, United States● Build micros services for the delivery of software products across the enterprise. ● Establish and develop event framework for internal business events. ● Establish and develop a framework for delivering RESTful APIs to external customers. ● Create RESTful APIs for external facing customers. ● Create data model for external RESTful API configuration including API key management. ● Develop APIs using Spring Boot architecture and Mule. ● Create and design APIs using RAML. ● Create, design, and develop Mule flows to for external and internal APIs. ● Create and develop custom code to run in Mule. Includes custom transformers, validators using and extending Mule API. ● Create and develop custom code to run in Mule/Spring environment. Includes custom Mule/Spring event handlers. ● Used Cassandra to store large scale click stream data. ● Used RESTful Web Services exclusively for returning connection objects in JSON from the host machine. ● Used Spring Microservices based on requirement (containers, load balancing, distributed cache) ● Used Docker and built automated integrations and deployments using configuration management tools. ● Azure Kubernetes, Azure Event Hubs Messaging, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Synapsis. ● Working on Continuous Integration Process using Jenkins ● Developing and implementing test validations of the applications using Junit. ● Maintaining version control using Git, bitbucket and GitLab ● Enhancing the front-end of the application using JavaScript, XML, EJB, JDBC, Struts, HTML, CSS, Ajax and jQuery ● Developing Single Page Applications (“SPA”) ● Developing GUI using MVC, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, jQuery, JSON, Ajax and Bootstrap for Compact styling ● Using jQuery and JavaScript for implementing client-side validations like date and time, type and Series at Controller level
Analytical Software Developer
AT&TAnalytical Software Developer
Sep. 2021 - Nov. 2022Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Senior Software Engineer
Wells FargoSenior Software Engineer
Dec. 2019 - Sep. 2021Charlotte, North Carolina, United States● Gathering the requirements, Analyzing, designing the Application with various technical possibilities of achieving business requirements, Testing and Documentation. ● Technical Analysis Documentation and Technical Design Documentation. ● Designing and developing the application using Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Apache Kafka, Spring JPA and Object Relational Model. ● Analyzing user requirements and defining functional specifications using Agile methodology ● Designing and architecting large scale and complex enterprise grade solutions using Java, J2EE technologies, Spring MVC and Entity framework ● Developing J2EE design patterns. ● Creating and consuming Web Services, such as XML/XSD and SOAP ● Developing and implementing test validations of the applications using Junit ● Researching improvements and monitoring, application stability and speed of determining root cause issues using tools such as AppDynamics ● Maintaining version control using Git, bitbucket and GitLab ● Documenting modifications and enhancements made to the applications, systems and databases as required by the project.
Senior Software Engineer
AllySenior Software Engineer
Feb. 2019 - Dec. 2019Charlotte, North Carolina Area▪ Involved in meetings to gather information and requirements from the clients and preparing the Requirement Document. ▪ Extensive experience in developing Microservices using Spring Boot, Netflix OSS (Zuul, Eureka, Ribbon, Hystrix) and followed domain driven design. ▪ Used Spring framework for dependency injection, transaction management. ▪ Used Spring MVC framework controllers for creating microservices. ▪ Expertise in working with various J2EE technologies including Hibernate, Struts MVC Framework, Servlets, JNDI, JMS, JDBC, AJAX and WEB SERVICES. ▪ Strong experience in Spring Framework such as Spring MVC, IOC, AOP and Spring JDBC ▪ Used Spring Boot and Spring DAO to create production grade spring-based applications. ▪ Experience in deploying the large-scale applications to JBoss Servers. ▪ Developed DAOs interfaces for hibernate to interact with the database. ▪ Wrote JAXB Web services for server side and involved in complete front end to backend persistence layer for Use cases assigned. ▪ Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Token. ▪ Involved in batch processing using Spring Batch framework to extract data from database and load into corresponding Loan App tables. ▪ Responsible for preparing design documents and delivery of batch applications, unblock technical impediments for the team, cross team interactions, code review, client interaction on daily basis, manage offshore deliverables.
Full Stack Java Engineer
New York State Department of LaborFull Stack Java Engineer
Mar. 2018 - Mar. 2019The New York State Department of Labor (DOL or NYSDOL) is the department of the New York state government that enforces labor law and administers unemployment benefits. The mission of the New York State Department of Labor is to protect workers, assist the unemployed and connect job seekers to jobs, according to its website. They work to ensure a fair wage for all workers, protect the safety and health of workers and the public, help the unemployed via temporary payments (unemployment insurance), link job seekers with employers, and guide workers to training. Its regulations are compiled in title 12 of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations.
Full Stack Engineer
Arkansas Department of Human ServicesFull Stack Engineer
Sep. 2016 - Mar. 2018Little Rock, Arkansas AreaImplement the Eligibility and Enrollment Framework (healthcare programs) of the State of Arkansas. This is done by writing customizations on top of the core framework. Responsibilities include requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing and support of the application. Predominant languages used are java on the application side and xml on rules side.
Java Developer
KantarJava Developer
Mar. 2013 - Dec. 2014Hyderabad Area, India
Java Developer
Nacre Software SolutionsJava Developer
Sep. 2012 - Feb. 2013Hyderabad Area, IndiaNacre Software Solutions has custom frameworks and web services. We have some internal web applications to maintain the infrastructure. Designing and maintaining the above framework and applications is our project. Support in the above technologies for employees is also part of it.


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