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Procurement Manager Americas
FARFETCHProcurement Manager Americas
Jun. 2023Responsible for Americas Spend (United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil).
Procurement Manager - Direct Spend
Tok&StokProcurement Manager - Direct Spend
Jun. 2022 - Jun. 2023São Paulo, BrasilResponsible for Direct Spend - Chairs & Garden ● Commodity Strategy design to reduce COGS; ● Cost reduction of 19% in Toujour and Thonix chairs changing Raw material to Recycled Polypropylene); ● Saving of 1,6mBRL in FOB cost from imported items; ● NPI negotiation; ● Inflation Mitigation; ● Budget construction for 2023; ● Roughly 1.000 SKUs & 100 suppliers (~50% international); ● Bundling opportunities implementation, regarding: NPI + Campaigns + perennial item replacement following planning;
Procurement Specialist
ReckittProcurement Specialist
May. 2021 - Jun. 2022São Paulo, BrasilResponsible for Energy & Utilities, CapEx, Facilities, MRO, HR, Consultancy, Waste Management ● Responsible for Indirect Spend area with direct 2 reports; ● Design and implementation of procurement strategy for NPS Area; ● Created and implemented KPIs as: Monthly Spend Analysis, Price Increase Mitigation, NWC gains, Project Pipeline following strategy and Future Impacts (through contract management); ● Development of team through weekly trainings as: Negotiation, Freight and Purchasing Methodologies (CBD, TCO) and exposure in Local Gross Margin meetings with Senior Supply Chain Director and Global project meetings; ● Full participation in creation of Budget for maintenance area; ● Implementation of Biweekly meeting with USA, Mexico and Argentina, to seek for leverage opportunities and assure compliance according global policies and procedures in CapEx; ● Mitigated 21% of price increase requested in Forklifts contract; ● Delivered 19% of cost reduction and +30days DPO in Security Services in 2 factories (ABN & RT) and 1 Office (JK); ● Delivered 23% of cost reduction in Internal Transport (Negotiation and supplier changing); ● CapEx saving of 32% vs. 1st quotation and budget in Rubinho Project (Casepacker and Cartoner machine). ● Created and implemented KPI regarding Third Party Labour - CBD (Taxes, Fee, Overtime, Benefits) for our main contract of CLT and temporary labor (~400 employees) + fee reduction in ~ 25% with multi-year contract; ● Change general contract Index (from IGPM to IPCA) to avoid negative impact to the business; ● Created MRO Integrator project regarding + 3000k spare parts & PPE, with 23% of price reduction; ● Alignment of Area goals with Local and global Directors; ● LATAM Sustainability Committee responsible for entire Brazil Procurement Area; ● In the first 6 months I was recognized with a Reckitt Award “Seek out new Opportunities” in Supply Chain area.
Category Leader
The HEINEKEN CompanyCategory Leader
May. 2019 - May. 2021Itu, São Paulo, BrasilOEM´s Category Leader – Responsible for Spare parts & services, regarding 14 factories. ● Global interface with Heineken Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Mexico for benchmarking, good practices sharing and negotiations with Global Suppliers; ● Landed cost analysis from main global suppliers (Germany & Switzerland); ● Contract management & Contract Visualization creation; ● Management of ~13.000 SKUs, +100 Suppliers, ~20 Stakeholders, ~28.000 PO´s Lines yearly; ● Spend analysis (Global Agreement prices vs National Price list & Performed); ● Leader of 3D printer project in Brazil in purchasing department (implementation & global alignment); ● Responsible for Category Automation Strategy reaching 89% yearly; ● Responsible for Category 3 year plan Strategy; ● Divergence reduction through main supplier alignment & negotiation; ● Creation & development of Sharepoint to BMS team (Capex, MRO & Energy), as a good practice for stakeholder communication and alignment; ● Team development, creating a very collaborative team of 3 buyers; ● Management of main KPIs of buyers; ● Project management for Planning Overhauls; ● Responsible for category culture changing enhancing critical analysis, challenging questions and better alignment with buyers and key stakeholders;
Business Owner
DG - Semi JóiasBusiness Owner
Jan. 2016 - May. 2019Limeira, São Paulo, BrasilManaged cash flow, people behavior, purchasing negotiations, production opportunities, quality management, brand creation, ERP creation, customers issues and desires. ● Sales team development, reaching in the first year ~80 sales representative and management with entire team; ● ~50% of cost reduction buying direct the manufacturers. ● Electroplating supplier development (MD) brought cost reduction of ~7% per kg and better quality; ● Automatic system improvement by implementing bar coder and thermal printer. Its brought agility to our process;
Procurement & Finance
Remauto Auto Peças Procurement & Finance
Feb. 2005 - Nov. 2011Limeira
Norsk HydroBuyer
Sep. 2018 - May. 2019Itu, São Paulo, BrasilResponsible for CapEx & MRO & NPI for ITU site. ● BOM analysis in FIAT & Scania NPI. Lead RFQ of direct materials (Rubber Injection, Machining, Stamping, fastening); ● Recoverable taxes analysis for direct components from FIAT & Scania project. ● Lead quotation for Innovation team and made TCOs + recoverable taxes analysis and supplier development; ● Global interface and negotiation for NR12 adequation; ● Saving (capEx) above the company target ~10% with bundling, supplier development and negotiation; ● DPO improvement from 35 to 70 days;
Corporate Buyer
Cooper StandardCorporate Buyer
Jan. 2018 - Sep. 2018Atibaia, São Paulo, BrasilI was responsible for CapEx & MRO (CORPORATE – 3 Factories & 1 HQ) for Sealing and Fuel & Brakes BU. ● MRO contract management restructuring, with legal interface and financial approval; ● RFI and RFQ, negotiation and system contract implementing for MRO spare parts ( Electrical material, sealing, bearings, pneumatic materials). Over 1000 SKUs with cost reduction around 22% and DPO improvement in 60 days; ● Freight scale optimization according purchasing volume; ● CBD and TCO analysis for tooling and machines; ● Recoverable taxes analysis; ● 80% divergence reduction regarding compliance rules; ● Responsible for RFI & RFQ for projects: VW Tcross, Toyota 360, GM BSUV, GM GEM VBB, GM D2LX, GM YAPP, GM ONIX, Hyundai BR2, Honda, Ford B562 (Improvement), Toyota 230 (gages), Renault HHA, PSA CMP, PSA 21; ● 23% Capex Budget saving and ~17% negotiation achieved by bundling opportunities and supplier development; ● Machine and Equipment DPO improvement. Avoiding payment in advanced; ● SAP attachments implementation; ● Warranty period increase in 12 months. (from 12 to 24 according global requirement) ● Responsible for management and development of interns. ● Presentation of all Brazilian CAPEX projects to Global Director in sourcing committee.
Corporate Buyer
ZF GroupCorporate Buyer
May. 2013 - Feb. 2016Limeira, São Paulo, BrasilI was responsible for CapEx and Facilities purchasing for all 3 factories and proving ground (600.000 sqm), regarding OSS, Steering Wheel and Brakes BU. ● Developed a new supplier of furnitures that improved quality to avoid of floor´s problems and ergonomic´s issue. Negotiated a corporate contract that brought savings of ~10%; ● Total savings of ~ 8% in the renegotiation of electrical services, air conditioning and hydraulics services using Cost Breakdown analysis; ● Analysing spend and forecast volume I negotiated a yearly rebate of 10% in building services and painting contract (previous signed and valid). ● Negotiation of tent rental contracts. Negotiated a sqm standard cost regarding all sites and new projects. This brought leverage and effective cost reduction of 25%. I also made a comparison between acquistion total cost vs rental total cost (depreciation, maintenance and warranty). ● Responsible for mitigating readjustment in the WAREHOUSE rent agreement, estimated in 6%; ● RFI and RFQ of 55% of forecast annual spend (OpEx); ● Development of suppliers of metallic shelving for storage pallets, gages and calipers improving quality and sustainability, reducing risk to TRW operation; ● Conducted the process of purchasing a cleaning room of >2.000 sqm (FIAT & GM project + VW phase 2), with savings of 11%, comparing turn key suppliers and separated acquisiton using TCO methodology; ● Negotiation in the Security Services contract with 2.4% effective cost reduction plus mitigated inflation. ● Negotiation in the Cleaning Services contract with ~5% effective cost reduction plus technical contract improvement (more machines like leaf blower) and free services in TRW´s proving ground. ● Responsible for the management and development of interns. ● Weekly global contact in sourcing committee to approve brazilian projects; ● Contact with global and local managers and directors;
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