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Dec. 2021
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Rocketech Software DevelopmentCo-Founder / Partner в Rocketech
Nov. 2016SingaporeI’m Co-Founder of ROCKETECH, a software development company with an emphasis on app development and UI/UX design. I assisted 70+ startups and international companies with creating digitalization strategies, risk management, and business analytics. I make sure we understand the client’s needs and market specifics before the project is passed to the development team. I have an amazing international team to implement these strategies - Rocketech has development teams in Moscow, Singapore, Kyiv, Izevsk. These are developers, testers, and designers, experienced in in-house and outsourcing software development projects. In Rocketech, I am lucky to find a professional application to my passions and experiences. I worked as a web developer, product manager, PR manager, consultant, and business developer. I've got my bachelor’s degree at MESI - innovative management. After that, I applied to a special master's program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and won a grant for study at Singapore. Finally, I received a master degree of science at government science technology and innovation at HSE. My favorite aspect of software development is seeing how creative concepts find practical implementation and lead to tangible business results. That’s why I always start my cooperation with determining specific business goals, and finding a creative way to approach them - ideally, something that wasn’t yet done on the market. I analyze the clients’ problems from different points of view, reverse-engineer the issues, and analyze multiple approaches to pick the best one. What technology to choose, which tech stack to pick, what are possible risks and opportunities - my responsibility is to answer these questions. Ultimately, the goal is to find the simplest way to solve a complex problem. Luckily, here at Rocketech, we really love completing challenging tasks, be it an MVP for a startup or a large platform for an international corporation.
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LucidingBusiness Services Representative
Aug. 2015 - Feb. 2017Moscow, Moscow City, Russia
Nov. 2012 - Mar. 2017Moscow, Moscow City, RussiaSuccessful search for new suppliers Supervision of a full manufacturing circle Co-operation with the Russian fashion houses: -presentation of accessories and fabric collections -commercial offer preparation Production order placement Managing supply delivery chain Pr and IT duties - organization of various promotion events: fashion shows, master classes, exhibitions and etc; -company web-site maintenance -preparation of quotes for clients;


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