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United States
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Agile Lead & Product Manager
Stealth YC W23 StartupAgile Lead & Product Manager
Nov. 2022United States
Organizational & Product Consulting
ПредпринимательOrganizational & Product Consulting
Oct. 2021I help businesses to find and solve growth constraints and problem's root causes of product performance. I do that by building end-to-end business processes uniting the whole company in a common system. Vision -> Strategy -> Business Model -> Metrics & Goals -> Hypotheses -> Development/Operations -> Marketing. Just input your Vision to get a Net Profit
Agile Coach
SberbankAgile Coach
Feb. 2020 - Sep. 2021Moscow, Moscow City, RussiaSber is the biggest bank in Russia and ecosystem of digital products I was working at the internal agile-consultancy service for different products and departments During this experience, I attended 2 product transformations of departments developing products for internal usage. The first department was developing applications for internal communication needs (such as video conferences, chat, mail, calendar apps, and contact book). The second dept was developing solutions for data science (an environment to get data, train models, and integrate it into the pod's business processes). My responsibilities were about supporting product management implementation, consulting in organizational design, and process transformations on all layers from managing directors to teams. I explained and helped to implement customer discovery methods, helped to build PBR processes, and transform team structure and execution. All that allowed to meet exponential growth of active users, increase number and length of communication sessions, and satisfaction rate for the first dept. Also, I helped find a new product vision for the second.
Mighty BuildingsScrum-Master
Nov. 2019 - Jan. 2020Tomsk, RussiaMighty Buildings Inc. is a well-funded stealth-mode startup working on the disruption of the residential construction industry with unique 3D printing technology and advanced composite materials. We are backed by top VCs firms such as Khosla Ventures and YCombinator. Our technology allows to build houses 10x faster and 50% cheaper. During this experience, I was providing consultancy in Lean Startup and Customer Development to the team that was searching for an alternative commercial application of the printing technology. Explained the idea of client's value focus instead of decreasing product cost for competitive advantage creation. Helped to build the hypotheses checking process. Analyzed the problems of Copy-Paste Scrum approach. Showed to the top management. Its impact on the T2M, execution problems, and people's moral state. Fostered the idea of the organizational design based on the end-to-end value stream with a single product backlog. Also was worked with the administrative department. I was helping in Kanbanization of their most priority workflows. Guiding process measures and automation
Aug. 2018 - Sep. 2019Москва, РоссияManyChat is a 500 Startups-backed platform for companies to automate communication with their customers through messengers. We help with tasks such as marketing, sales and support. And our mission is to help businesses grow by building meaningful relationships with their customers. As a single Scrum-Master, I took part in the first attempt of LeSS-transformation and worked with 1-3 teams and management. During this experience, I was setting up overall and team PBR activities to help teams clarify the founder's vision and goals, decompose and prioritize the incoming backlog items. Two main focuses here were on showing the importance of sharing the product strategy to order the execution. As well as implementing HADI cycles as the essential part of incremental product development to make it more empirical. Equally important was to improve company's culture driven communication. I was providing feedback education individually and via workshops. Also, I was supporting and evolving reviews and overall retrospectives as a space for system inspection of company and teams productivity. In general, I was keeping all the steps of the Scrum process in accordance with LeSS
Raiffeisen Bank RussiaScrum-Master
Jun. 2017 - Jul. 2018My main focus was on: 1) Building a feature-team around the product via - looking for an opportunity to invite people from other departments but related to our value stream to collaborate - explaining Scrum and LeSS to a team and management - participation in building Feature Adoption Map (a practice from LeSS) 2) Coaching the team in self-organization workstyle via - facilitating team meetings - providing feedback education - creating transparency of the work progress by creating artifacts (boards, diagrams, etc.) - teaching the team to use the Agile suitable tools and practices like Story-, Impact-, value stream mapping 3) Increasing the Engagement level at the team via - facilitating the communication between a business dept and the team - helping the team to find the relation between goals, tasks, and results - making sure that the team gets feedback about their work results
Jacobson PartnersResearcher
Apr. 2017 - May. 2017Москва, Россия
Associate Recruitment Consultant
AirswiftAssociate Recruitment Consultant
Sep. 2015 - Mar. 2017Russia
Kelly Services CISTrainee
Aug. 2015 - Sep. 2015Москва, Россия


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