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C-level Executive
Work Background
Tech Lead
TrioTech Lead
Apr. 2021Boston, Massachusetts, Estados UnidosHelping Trio to develop new projects with some technologies and a good environment, always seeking the best processes, counting with a refined verbal or written communication between collaborators, and following some principles like Agile, SOLID, YAGNI, DRY, KISS, SoC, Clean Code, TDD. Now we are focused on Typescript and Javascript. Also, I'm responsible for managing, mentoring, teaching, and helping other engineers with guidance, pair programming, reviews, technical interviews, and more. Regarding projects, I had the great opportunity to work on the development of an internal framework from the scratch. One of the biggest challenges of my life! It required too many Design Patterns from us, without mentioning the clear communication and documentation. The framework is being used in some projects already. I could lead more than 5 Software Engineers on this project. Another great experience was working with a tool to serve internal processes at Trio. It was wonderful to see manual processes being automated bringing more productivity and velocity to our actions, resulting in more income. I could lead more than 7 Software Engineers on this project. Currently, I'm working on a smaller team (3 Software Engineers, 1 PM) for a big client. The client's SaaS is a B2C system, serving more than 160.000 users. My time is split by 20% managing and 80% hands-on. We are using Node.JS, Typescript, React, and AWS.
Software Engineer
TrioSoftware Engineer
Aug. 2019 - Sep. 2020Boston, Massachusetts, Estados UnidosCreating new and amazing systems with a team high focused on details and quality with the following technologies: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React and Python. We also used: Docker, Heroku, Clean Code, CICD. The team was very focused on high quality and details, for that, we used documents on Google Docs to keep the team on the same page. We had an Agile environment and the coworkers were located in different countries like United States, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru. Finally, I could help writing some technical blog posts and help in a system from SustainCERT, the company responsible to certificate sustainable projects around the world.
Sep. 2020 - Aug. 2021Developing Financial Microservices and Web Systems with quality and multiple stacks and languages like Javascript (React and NodeJS), Dart (Flutter), Python (Flask), and Kotlin (Native Android apps). I helped the software engineers to grow and to deploy new features with quality and safety, following some principles like SOLID, YAGNI, DRY, KISS, Clean Code, TDD. Also, I helped the entire organization to follow some processes to achieve the best performance form from the team.
Web Developer
3PC ServiçosWeb Developer
Oct. 2012 - Oct. 2013São Paulo e Região, BrasilWe created a CRM for schools using MVC, PHP, CSS, XHTML, jQuery, Javascript, MS SQL, SQL, JSON, AJAX. Also, I could learn more about Windows/Linux environment and server configuration since we used both. Their culture was to share knowledge and help each other as a team. All development was focused on the client's requirements, seeking to release the best software ever.
GoldenBiz - Agência de Negócios Luz DouradaIntern
May. 2012 - Oct. 2012São Paulo e Região, BrasilCreation of websites with technologies like XHTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and Joomla. Also, I could help to improve some MySQL queries since this company had too many customers using their systems.
Web Developer
WJTI Serviços e Comércio Ltda. MEWeb Developer
Feb. 2012 - May. 2012Osasco - São PauloCreation of websites with technologies like XHTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and Joomla.
Web Developer
Web Developer
Jan. 2011 - Jan. 2012Creating websites using xHTML, Ajax, jQuery and PHP.
IR BitcoinCo-Founder
Apr. 2019 - Jul. 2020São Paulo e Região, BrasilWe created a bot to be an assistant to get all movements that you have on all crypto exchanges and help you to declare them to the Brazilian government in your annual income tax.
Lead Software Engineer
Valour/InvestLead Software Engineer
Aug. 2018 - Jul. 2019São Paulo, São PauloDevelopment attending the requirements created from meetings with sponsors. We used SCRUM and the following technologies: NodeJS, ReactJS, and React Native. Also, we had to develop some complex solutions to create a crypto exchange that we couldn't release on production since the company had been closed. We had 6 developers on the team and our culture was to share experiences, knowledge and grow as a team.
Senior Software Engineer
Valour/InvestSenior Software Engineer
Aug. 2018 - Jul. 2019São Paulo e Região, BrasilDevelop some complex solutions like a crypto exchange, solutions with cryptocurrencies, Dashboard with good reports, and more. We used the following technologies and architectures: AWS CodeCommit and EC2, NodeJS, PHP, ReactJS, Blockchain, Microservices, Restful APIs, Linux/Windows environment, Relational Databases, and more. Also, our code was always seeking the PCI-DDS security standard since we were dealing with digital money and Clean Code/DRY for readability.
Software Engineer
Rede Ponto CertoSoftware Engineer
Oct. 2013 - Aug. 2018São Paulo e Região, BrasilRede Ponto Certo was responsible for recharges on "Bilhete Único", a card that serves as a ticket on public transport of São Paulo city. It serves buses and subways. It's huge since São Paulo is the biggest city in South America and more than 10 million people use public transport daily. These are some technologies and tasks that I've done: - Creation of bots to send alerts through Telegram; - Internal system to attend all social media at the same place like Facebook, Email, Twitter, ReclameAqui; - Huge data process with PLSQL and Excel; - CRM systems connected with phones (by a Delphi system). The user could call the client without dialing; - Development of too many internal pages to help the company to grow like dashboards, forms, and more. - We used SCRUM - Many solutions released for public transport and health system (there was a small company inside of Rede Ponto Certo called "Saúde Fácil", it was provider of health care plans) - Improve queries - Technologies like PHP, SQL, PLSQL, Android, Oracle, APIs, Webservices, JSON, Design Patterns, CSS 3, HTML 5, Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, Zend, Adwords, JIRA, Angular 2+, SVN, GIT I could learn a lot from this company.


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