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Work Background
Digital Designer
ZingtonDigital Designer
Sep. 2021Stockholm, Stockholm County, SwedenZington is one of the fastest growing and most successful companies within the Swedish consultancy industry. Dana joined Zington as a part of Accelerate program, which helps you to develop your skills and prepares for a consultancy career. During the first 6 months, Dana completed the Public Speaking program (Talarguru), conducted a workshop for over 60 people during an internal conference, and actively participated in and contributed to the organization of social events at Zington.
User Interface Designer
Martin & ServeraUser Interface Designer
Apr. 2023 - Jun. 2023Stockholm, Stockholm County, SwedenThe Martin & Servera group offers goods, services and knowledge for restaurants and commercial kitchens in Sweden. Responsible and long-term business is an important part of our business. Today there is no possibility for M&S customers to handle permissions for their employees for M&S online services, therefore all 18k customers have to contact the support for that. Dana joined a new team responsible for developing an innovative solution that will allow customers to handle permissions themselves and make it easier for support employees to address customers' inquiries.
Customer Experience Designer
SEBCustomer Experience Designer
Oct. 2021 - Apr. 2023Stockholm, Stockholm County, SwedenSEB is a leading banking group in northern Europe with over 50 designers who are responsible for the customer's experience and enable the bank to build lasting relationships with its customers. In October 2021 Dana took a leading role in the team responsible for building the company's design system in Figma. Dana not only ensured that the goal was achieved but also shared proactively her knowledge within Figma with colleagues to ensure that the team has sufficient knowledge to maintain and build the system. Simultaneously Dana was working in Nexus, which is SEB's new web-based tool for employees. She worked in Scrum with a team of developers, testers, UX designers and product owner for over a year. Dana defined and visualized customer experience with personas, performed research, created conceptual sketches in Figma, turned them into interactive prototypes, tested and improved them with future users, regularly explained new ideas, and presented work to the team. In January 2023 Dana joined the Lending tribe. With the implementation of the new infrastructure for payments P27, parts of the current system need to be replaced and Dana designed a new solution. From requirements analysis and sketches in Figma to the prototypes ready for usability tests.
Visual Designer
STHLM Xperience ConferenceVisual Designer
Mar. 2022 - Nov. 2022Stockholm County, SwedenDana took the leading role in the team responsible for visual materials for SXC 2022, they developed new branding for the year's conference, and created materials for social media, both static and animated. New visually pleasing branding lead to increased engagement on social media and also impacted the number of participants at a conference. Dana took care of other things like re-design of the streaming page for online conferences and Instagram account, contact with suppliers, preparing and delivering print materials for production on time. During the preparation period, Dana was constantly presenting innovative ideas about how to increase user's engagement and how to make the work more efficient.
Graphic Designer
STHLM Xperience ConferenceGraphic Designer
Sep. 2021 - Nov. 2021Stockholm, Stockholm County, SwedenDana developed several design concepts for print materials using existing branding and prepared the files appropriately for print in InDesign. She created designs for small print items such as stickers, name tags and information signs as well as large conference materials such as photo wall, flags, rollups and podiums. In addition to print materials, Dana prepared designs for social media such as animation videos and graphics.
UI Designer
RektraUI Designer
Jul. 2021 - Aug. 2021Stockholm, Stockholm County, SwedenRektra is a startup in the recruitment industry. This assignment required a full redesign of Rektras dashboard for employers and candidates looking for jobs. Also a new smoother flow for onboarding the dashboard and improving its functions. Together with product owners and in-house developer, Dana developed new features that would improve the user experience. Dana created hi-fidelity prototypes of dashboard screens in line with the company's style guide. Dana did also design a mobile version of the platform.
Visual Designer
Visual Designer
Jun. 2020 - Jul. 2021Stockholm, Stockholm County, SwedenWorking on different kind of design projects, from logo or poster design to Mobile app and Web design.
UI/UX Designer
Veescore ABUI/UX Designer
Nov. 2019 - Jun. 2020Stockholm, Stockholm County, SwedenIn this project, Dana did everything from wireframes, to prototypes, to finished designs for the implementation of two apps. One for users and one for companies. Together in the team of developers and a product owner, Dana participated in dialogues about features for current and future versions. The design is developed based on material design for Android, as well as iOS guidelines for iPhone. Dana was also responsible for creating the logo and the app icon for Veescore. She presented multiple sketches and after the client chose the favorites, she vectorized them. After some time in the project, the name of the app changed, then she adapted quickly and created a new logo and icons. After the product release, Dana was responsible for promotion. She created multiple graphics for social media and printed promotion materials.
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