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Work Background
Head of Backend Department
AceHead of Backend Department
Apr. 2020 - Mar. 2023МексикаStack: AWS (Lambda, S3, EBS, ECR, EC2), NodeJS(Babel, Typescript), Python, Mongo Atlas, PostgreSQL, Neo4J, Redis, NATS, Doppler, Gitlab CI/CD, WebSocket, Stripe, OpenAI SDK, NGINX, Caddy Principles used: SOA, SOLID, Clean Architecture, Microservices. My contribution: + Scalable application + Full monitoring, tracing application profiling including database, caching, background tasks, task queues (OpenTelemtry, Datadog) + Comfortable, adaptable custom own architecture for small team development + Clear-cut communication between all the departments + Correctly chosen strategy for testing application + CI/CD via Gitlab + Project development documentation, description of all modules, application and refactoring instructions, codestyling, naming + Developed Mongo data migration tool with its own CLI. + Centralized collection of application logs + Classification of all types of errors in the application + Configuring notifications about database and application incidents in Discord, Slack, Telegram + Vincent Driessen's gitflow with rebase squash merges in the master, stage, and dev + Master, stage, dev infrastructure + Clear interaction with the testing department + Multilevel mentoring of 4 developers in back-end department + Growth plans for developers + Improved skills of employees in code design + Parsing over 100,000 skill names and combining them into relationship links. + Generating descriptions of skills using OpenAI SDK and parsing and deploying them in nodes. Back dep. learned (My contribution): + Working with the Mongo database in production (aggregations) + Partial implementation of SOLID principles + Partial usage of SOA + Using OOP patterns + Auditing and code optimization + Debugging code skills + Skills in query optimization, oplog reading and analysis + Code quality analysis + CI/CD, Docker customization + Test coverage + Documentation of code, modules + Working with AWS services + Reading API docs and building ETL tools
Head of Back-end department
Picasel AgencyHead of Back-end department
Feb. 2019 - Apr. 2020+ Optimized complex ORM queries in favor of Raw SQL using PyPika library + Wrote SQL Views + Re-indexing of all entities + Unit/integration testing of core modules + Updated all dependencies in all projects and python version + Auditing of all project modules, collection of data on project status + Refactored projects + Modules breakdown by responsibility roles, breakdown into universal services + Partially codebase started using SOLID principles + Connected tracing and monitoring tools + Added task queues + Rearranged project documentation
Senior Back-end Developer
Picasel AgencySenior Back-end Developer
Sep. 2018 - Jan. 2019Москва, Россия+ Long queries optimized after analysis + Query caching and optimization + Implemented project documentation + Using Postman for testing requests + Working with projects for Samsung, Royal Canin, Philips, Mars + Connecting monitoring tools to projects + Code refactoring + Splitting code into roles of responsibility, services, modules
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