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Work Background
Performance Nutritionist
1. FSV Mainz 05 e.V.Performance Nutritionist
Jul. 2022Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland- Developing and implementing personalized nutrition plans for athletes to optimize their performance, recovery, and overall health. - Collaborating with coaches, athletic trainers, and other sports medicine professionals to integrate nutrition into overall performance and injury prevention strategies. - Conducting regular assessments of athletes’ body composition, hydration status, and dietary habits, and making recommendations for improvement. - Providing education and resources to athletes on healthy food choices, proper fueling before, during, and after competition, and dietary supplement use. - Staying current on the latest research in sports nutrition and incorporating evidence-based strategies into practice. - Working with the club’s chefs and catering team to ensure that nutritious and performance-enhancing meals and snacks are provided to athletes. - Supporting athletes with weight management goals, as well as disordered eating habits. - Designing and implementing nutrition programs for rehabilitation and injury recovery. - Monitoring the athletes' progress and regularly communicating with them and their coaches about their nutrition status and any necessary modifications to their plans. - Representing the club and presenting on sports nutrition at events, conferences, and other community outreach activities.
CEO & Co-Founder
Prevess - "Prevention effortless"CEO & Co-Founder
Nov. 2019Berlin und Umgebung, DeutschlandPrevess hilft Sportlern bei der Auswahl von personalisierten, leistungssteigernden Nahrungsmitteln und Getränken - jederzeit und überall. Mit unseren Partnern aus der 1. Liga Fußball, Handball, Basketball und vielen mehr haben wir einen innovativen neuen Weg eröffnet, um Erholungszeiten um bis zu 30 % zu reduzieren, dadurch Leistungseinbußen von bis zu 15 % zu verhindern und generell den Erfolg von Ernährungsberatung messbar zu machen! Prevess helps athletes choose personalized, performance-enhancing foods and beverages - anytime, anywhere. With our partners from 1st division soccer, handball, basketball and many more, we have opened an innovative new way to reduce recovery times by up to 30%, thereby preventing performance losses of up to 15% and generally making the success of nutritional advice measurable!
Partner Development & Business Relationship
KOAwomenPartner Development & Business Relationship
Sep. 2018 - Dec. 2018BerlinDie erste Konferenz für weibliche Talente in Berlin. Das Ziel ist die Verbindung aller Teilnehmer der KOAconference, Talente, Sprecher und Partner, um das beste Ergebnis für alle Beteiligten zu kreieren. Die KOAwomen Platform steht allen Unternehmen zur Verfügung und sorgt für einen einzigartige Wirkungskraft. - Konzeptionierung und Steuerung zur Akquise von Partnern. - Konzeptionierung und Steuerung zur Akquise von Teilnehmerinnen. The first conference for female talents in Berlin. The goal is to connect all participants of the KOAconference, talents, speakers and partners to create the best result for all participants. The KOAwomen Platform is available to all companies and ensures a unique impact. - Conceptual design and control for the acquisition of partners. - Conception and control for the acquisition of participants.
Bone BroxConsulting
Jan. 2016 - Dec. 2016
Business Relationship Manager
WTC Group & ManagementBusiness Relationship Manager
Jun. 2015 - May. 2016BerlinAs Business & Relationship Manager, I was responsible for the acquisition and expansion of the corporate network and focused on the sports marketing of major events such as Formula 3 and the DTM. In doing so, we worked with partners such as ICE SA and ADAC. As Business & Relationship Manager, I was committed on the one hand to the acquisition and expansion of the corporate network and on the other hand to the sports marketing of major events such as Formula3 and DTM. In doing so, we worked with partners such as ICE SA and ADAC.
Selbständiger Unternehmer
The Shape Of Your LifeSelbständiger Unternehmer
May. 2013 - Feb. 2023Berlin- Als Fitness & Health Coach betreue ich Sie auf Ihrem Lebensweg. Das Ziel ist dabei, die psychologische und physiologische Belastbarkeit und Ausgeglichenheit in den Alltag zu transferieren und eine perfekte "Achtsamkeit mit minimalen Aufwand" zu schaffen und das individuell und unabhängig von allen Gegebenheiten Ihrerseits. - Konzeptionierung, Erhaltung und Monitoring von Sport- & Fitnessstrukturen für B2C- & B2B-Kunden. - Konzeptionierung, Erhaltung und Monitoring von Ernährungsprogrammen mit IT-gestützten Ansatz. - As a Fitness & Health Coach I will support you on your path of life. The goal is to transfer the psychological and physiological resilience and balance into everyday life and to create a perfect "mindfulness with minimal effort", individually and independently of all circumstances on your part. - Conception, maintenance and monitoring of sports & fitness structures for B2C & B2B clients. - Conception, maintenance and monitoring of nutrition programs with IT-supported approach.
COO - Family Office
HR Group - Hotels By HR GmbHCOO - Family Office
Jan. 2018 - Nov. 2019Berlin und Umgebung, Deutschland- Konzeptionierung, Durchführung und durchgehende Überprüfung für Investmentoptionen für die Bereiche Immobilien, Kunstgegenstände, Old- & Young-Timer und Start-Ups im Family Office der Geschäftsführung. - Ausbau von Offline- und Onlinestrukturen für das Kreieren einer neuen Benchmark performance. - Konzeptionierung, Durchführung und durchgehende Überprüfung von gesellschaftlichen und finanztechnischen Strukturen in dauerhafter Beratung mit internen und externen Steuerberatern und Rechtsanwaltskanzleien. - Conceptual design, implementation and continuous review for investment options for real estate, art objects, old- & young-timers and start-ups in the family office of the management. - Development of offline and online structures for the creation of a new benchmark performance. - Conception, implementation and continuous review of social and financial structures in permanent consultation with internal and external tax advisors and law firms.
Personal Assistant to Managing Director + Health Manager
HR Group - Hotels By HR GmbHPersonal Assistant to Managing Director + Health Manager
May. 2017 - Nov. 2019Berlin und Umgebung, Deutschland- Zuständig für Erhalt und den Aufbau von nachhaltigen und ganzheitlichen Strukturen zur besseren Gesunderhaltung in der HR Group tätig in den Bereichen Ernährung, Sport und Wellbeing. - Responsible for the maintenance and development of sustainable and holistic structures for better health in the HR Group active in the areas of nutrition, sports and well-being.
Sales & Business Relationship Manager
MyFitnessClub GmbHSales & Business Relationship Manager
May. 2016 - Sep. 2017BerlinMy Fitness Club - The City is Your GYM - The new fitness platform offers a monthly membership program without beinig tied up to a longterm contract. Members get access to a variety of handpicked premium Gym's and Boutique studios in town. Members enjoy more flexibility to book their desired workout and match it with their personal schedule & lifestyle. My Fitness Club promotes new fitness trends and making them easy to book & join. Studios can easily broaden the exposure of their offerings with an additional online channel. In addition, they get to extend their media coverage without additional costs. Studios get the opportunity to better manage and control the utilization and frequency of their floor and courses. The highly segmented market of outdoor fitness is also included in the My Fitness Club offerings. The My Fitness Club guarantee: ✔ Premium Quality - Only selected premium gym's & studios and classes with qualified trainers ✔ Easy online booking process with monthly membership ✔ Flexible fitness to fit your Lifestyle ✔ No subscription or joining fees ✔ No hidden costs ✔ Cancellation on a monthly base ✔ Privacy of data is guaranteed More information can be found under https://www.myfitnessclub.de/ Spezialgebiete Premium GYMs, Special Interest Studios, Outdoor Fitness, Functional Fitness
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