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Galaxy Knit ExportsMerchandiser
Feb. 2023Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, IndiaTaking care of product and business development for garment exporter.
Merchandising Assistant
Galaxy Knit ExportsMerchandising Assistant
Sep. 2019 - Feb. 2023Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, IndiaI joined into my family business to gain exposure to business environment, switching over from academia this role was & is important in enabling my transition. I take care of all buyer communication and merchandising activities. I coordinate with production manager and workers to align with requirements of buyer. On a daily basis I oversee production quality, and ensure adherence to production timeline. Expecting to gain a holistic experience on the nature of interactions and relationships in a highly dynamic environment.
Vanity FashionsProprietor
Apr. 2022Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, IndiaSuppliers of garments, apparels and accessories. We also provide fabric/garment printing, greige to finished fabric and special finishing services.
Techno-Commercial Manager
Guardian Health ManagementTechno-Commercial Manager
Jan. 2019 - Feb. 2019Tiruppur Area, IndiaKey responsibilities: + Complete operational logistics, management and control of head office + Opportunity tracking for faster lead conversion + End customer support in terms of efficient and cost-effective usage of product
Relationship Manager - Techno-Commercial
Guardian Health ManagementRelationship Manager - Techno-Commercial
Jul. 2018 - Dec. 2018Gurgaon, Haryana, IndiaOnce MEDITEX was over I wrapped up my role at SITRA and over the course of a month got offered a job for a marketing-based position from one of the valued members of SITRA. I took this role as I was very much interested in the concept Guardian Health Management (GHM) was selling in the form a biotechnology based finishing chemical. GHM is the authorised stockist in India region for Fresche Biosciences, Australia. They import products formulated using natural materials gathered from coconut trees which give a strong, durable (upto 75 washes) anti-microbial coating on all kinds of fabrics. Major application for this chemical is in treating all types of medical textiles in order to protect patients and healthcare workers from Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). Key responsibilities: + Establish and maintain business relationships between distributors and GHM + Provide critical technical support where required to establish customer base + Train sales staff of distributors according to local market conditions to: > drive sales in local market where appointed > provide round-the-clock technical support to distributors/customers
Marketing Trainee
The South India Textile Research AssociationMarketing Trainee
Apr. 2018 - Jun. 2018Coimbatore Area, IndiaI got interested in SITRA as they were conducting pioneering research work on nanotechnology based applications in the field of medical textiles. I was aligned with this line of work as I had already made an attempt at creating business opportunity based on workwear enhanced with nanotechnology based finishing chemicals. However, since major research projects in this area were already nearing completion I decided to learn the business aspects of the same and hence joined as a marketing trainee. My main role was to promote an expo we conducted to draw buyers of medical wear, wherein I was part of a team that made bookings for stalls at the expo to prominent suppliers of medical wearin the southern region. Companies from allied industries also made their bookings and participated successfully. General feedback of suppliers were that they found numerous potential leads, some of which converted to regular buyers. SITRA also found many new customers for their own testing facilities. Assigned role Coordinate with core committee for organizing expo-cum-conference on Medical Textiles Results delivered + Collected and organised database of prospective participants + Developed content for marketing communications and setup e-mail campaigning + Shortlisted potential participants through telephonic/face-to-face meetings + Negotiated pricing on stall bookings with interested parties + Handed over customers to core team for closing sales + Managed billing and key customer accounts + Provided round-the-clock assistance to core team in running organiser's stall + Attended to 20% of total inquiries and handed over a third for closing sales + Fulfilled the following roles in conducting a conference alongside the expo: > Convening audience and speakers for the event > Compering during the event > Assist with on-stage needs of chief guests
Jan. 2017 - Mar. 2018Gurgaon, Haryana, IndiaDuring this period I was working on developing nanotechnology based garments for workwear that would have oil and water repellent properties. I mainly coordinated with my home university for R&D and incubation support and found suppliers for finishing chemicals that give the required properties to garment fabric and reduce wear and tear. However, due to fallout with local buyers who for obvious reasons discouraged durable garments the idea had to be shelved at that point of time. In search of a viable market abroad and in order to gain exposure to export market I changed my career path. Soon after, I joined SITRA as I found there a learning opportunity as they were conducting research work in similar areas.


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