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Work Background
Marketing and Product Consultant
Marketing and Product Consultant
Sep. 2021
Head of Marketing
Turbo EGEHead of Marketing
Mar. 2021 - Aug. 2021Moscow, Moscow City, RussiaTurbo EGE is an online school helping Russian high school students to prepare for graduation tests. I was leading marketing and mostly product management too. - Analyzed the market, identified possible company development directions. - Analyzed the stats, found a few anomalies, launched the possible errors search, built several progress and forecast models, identified growth spots. - Organized and managed customer development. - Developed the main product positioning, strategy and a short-term plan along with the budget required. - Analyzed the market for several new minor products, identified best possible product formats and features, developed the positioning, sales funnels and content structure, launched the products and promo and got 30% conversion rate on the landing pages. - Built the Marketing and Sales team development plan, started the hiring process. - Developed the first effective brand integration on TikTok. - Initiated and developed the first viral referral campaign. Loved the company but unfortunately the CEO’s vision of the company development was too different to mine, so I left.
Account Manager
ExactlyDigitalAccount Manager
Jun. 2013 - Jun. 2014Москва, Россия- Won contracts of Yota Devices and KidRead. - Increased client’s product sales by changing social media strategy, which multiplied KPIs of client’s communities in social networks 5 times. - Devised optimal social media and digital strategies to reach target audiences. - Managed proposals preparation and won contracts in collaboration with CEOs. - Managed social media programs as an account and a project manager on a turnkey basis. - Wrote and edited all the programs content. - Implemented KPIs and controlled KPIs and profitability. - Solved problems with negative communication on websites and blogs. - Brought one new client and several external collaborators.
Marketing Director
PronounceMarketing Director
Apr. 2023Austin, Texas, United StatesPronounce is an AI web app helping improve or enhance speaking in English. It can check speech and give real-time feedback. As well as train you using articles, voice chats, and practical exercises. We use the latest voice recognition and AI technologies and get inspiring customer results. I'm proud to be one of those who work on the growth of the product. Feel free to contact me regarding anything related to marketing, sales, PR, or partnerships. I'll help or introduce you to one of my colleagues.
Marketing Consultant
technopeakMarketing Consultant
Apr. 2019 - Nov. 2020Andorra la Vella, AndorraWas an outsource consultant and created some content too. Worked on bringing a new brand and its products to Spain. - Analyzed the market for the main company products and services, identified best industries to enter. - Analyzed the nation mentality, identified possible channels and formats for the products promo and developed the intercom presentation for the local team. - Adapted the brand identity for the presentation format and created a template. - Developed open role profiles, wrote job descriptions. - Developed product positioning for several products, implemented that in B2B presentations for sales and content and speeches for events. - Analyzed stats and content of the promo trials, developed recommendations what to correct. The project got paused due to the pandemic and some internal company reasons.
Brand Manager
Emaar Entertainment LLCBrand Manager
Mar. 2017 - Feb. 2019DubaiManaged marketing of an ice rink and Dubai Mall kids zones and big digital projects across other brands (cinemas, aquarium & zoo, KidZania and VR theme park). - Lead most of the big digital company projects like SEM and paid social optimization, CRM system and CXM platform integration, marketing analytics unification. - Brought several new products to the market, developed a new website user journey for them and got 19% percent of the best product tickets bought online (earlier usually only 1% of sales had been digital). - Increased sales of a seasonal product by 50% by more effective promo based on the same budget. - Increased online revenue of a product considered not suitable for selling online from $0 to about $1000/day. - Organized the venue campaign for the largest meet & great in the world (a US vlogger Logan Paul gathered about 11 000 fans at Dubai Ice Rink). My stream got second biggest number of views after the celeb’s one. - Greatly improved the brand SMM: with the pace of getting new followers equal to the other brands’ ones, Ice Rink became the only attraction with growing ER. It was a KPI for all the brands and the most important one for my.
Marketing Executive
Neuro Spinal Hospital (UAE)Marketing Executive
Aug. 2016 - Mar. 2017Dubai, United Arab EmiratesAchievements: - Improved responsiveness to messages on social to 100%. - Increased engagement rate in social media 5 times. - Conducted marketing analysis of 2016 year and developed marketing strategy for 2017. - Managed social media: set up automatic replies to messages and advanced retargeting advertising, installed facebook pixels to the website. - Configured basic analytics for websites and social media. - Managed several events in Dubai and outside (Abuja – Nigeria, Boston – USA). - Developed concept of navigation to the hospital by RTA signs, created location on all the popular digital maps. - Handled leads coming by email, social media and partly by phone, made appointments, helped patients when they came. - Organized process of lead accounting, started process of implementing CRM system. - Sent emails to potential partners, started process of configuring email marketing platform. - Managed artworks creation, managed and executed Google Adwords advertising. - Improved usability of 2 websites and built 1 new website from scratch. - Built relationships with several medical tourism companies and sports organizations.
Marketing Manager
First BITMarketing Manager
Jun. 2015 - Aug. 2016Dubai, UAE- Developed one product website concept, structure, and marketing strategy partly. - Developed another product marketing strategy (including competitive analysis, market growth analysis, SWOT). - Managed one client video testimonial production: https://youtu.be/sxhF2KQ5yS8. - Managed the brand identity development for video content. - Conducted customer satisfaction survey and provided analysis. - Improved the company official website (usability, and design), created and edited text content (news, client testimonials, product and service descriptions, etc.). - PR: created, edited and distributed press releases, developed media plans, published company profile on relevant resources, conducted media monitoring. - Email marketing: edited contact database, wrote promo text, and managed design (a responsive web one), front-end development, and distribution. - Managed SEO for the company website and YouTube channel. - Wrote part of the ERP software manual, edited the other part.
Head of B2B
BoomstarterHead of B2B
Jun. 2014 - Jun. 2015Moscow, Russian Federation- Developed digital marketing special projects, including creative concepts. - Estimated projects, analyzed risks, and determined cost and pricing of quotes. - Managed proposals preparation, conducted presentations. - Won contracts, negotiated details, managed all the documents preparation. - Managed projects as an account and a project director on a turnkey basis. Projects included website/landing page building, video production directed by me, social media marketing, search engine advertising, referral and email marketing, PR, etc. - Edited, revised, and sometimes even wrote special projects content to guarantee the highest quality of writing. - Implemented KPIs and controlled KPIs and profitability. - In collaboration with Head of Sales organized and managed (incl. scripts development) sales calling by team members to establish several special projects’ goals. - Analyzed key metrics to measure special projects promotion, identified inefficiencies, and generated new promotion opportunities for special projects. - In conjunction with Head of Sales developed growth and budget plans by identifying key clients, key targets, and priority service lines. - Wrote, developed, and designed Boomstarter media kit to increase sales. - Initiated to change email-marketing strategy and developed a new one. - Estimated costs, forecasted ROI, and made a business plan for email marketing direction. - Was in charge of sending marketing letters to 300,000 users weekly: chose subjects, wrote copies, managed visualization (responsive web design), and provided delivery. Clients: Unilever, Nokia, Mobile TeleSystems, Moscow Department of Culture, Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, Internet Initiatives Development Fund, Skolkovo Innovation Center, UniCredit Bank
Social Media Marketing Manager
Game InsightSocial Media Marketing Manager
Oct. 2012 - May. 2013Москва, Россия- Developed and managed brand and product communities, English-speaking mostly. - Spearheaded creation of content for the company official channels, in English mostly. - Wrote and edited some press releases and social media content, in English mostly. - Managed email-marketing campaigns within social media special projects. - Developed and implemented SMM strategy for Russian language sector from scratch. - Developed and implemented first social media effectiveness system in the company. - Developed and implemented several new traffic building solutions for social network communities.
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