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Work Background
Operations Manager/CX Manager
Deck Builder MarketersOperations Manager/CX Manager
Apr. 2023 - Mar. 2024Orchestrated operational enhancements resulting in a 60% decrease in overdue tasks. Implemented customer-centric strategies Fostered a culture of continuous improvement, leveraging team leadership and process optimization expertise. Achieved a remarkable increase in Gross Margin, elevating it from 46% to 60% within a span of 3 months. Led the development and implementation of employee training programs Played a key role in recruitment efforts, sourcing top talent and conducting interviews to meet staffing needs. Managed the hiring and onboarding process, facilitating smooth transitions for new hires and ensuring alignment with company culture and objectives. Spearheaded the development and implementation of comprehensive departmental reports, providing actionable insights to drive strategic decision-making and optimize performance. Managed and mentored teams of 3 or more individuals, conducting regular performance reviews, offering support, and facilitating professional development opportunities to maximize team effectiveness and cohesion. Established the HR department from the ground up, crafting standard operating procedures (SOPs), policies, and an employee handbook to ensure consistent practices and compliance with legal regulations.
Office Manager
Deck Builder MarketersOffice Manager
Nov. 2022 - Mar. 2023Introduced innovative vendor management strategies Streamlined communication channels between departments, improving project coordination Efficiently managed invoice processes, including approval, payment, and tracking, ensuring timely payments and accurate financial records. Spearheaded Profit and Loss (PnL) analysis, providing valuable insights to inform strategic decision-making and improve financial performance. Implemented rigorous categorization of transactions, enhancing financial clarity and facilitating budget allocation. Meticulously filled out financial reports, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and providing transparent financial documentation. Successfully implemented payroll and invoice guidelines, streamlining processes and ensuring adherence to company policies. Effectively ran payroll operations, ensuring accurate and timely compensation for employees. Played a key role in recruitment efforts, sourcing top talent and conducting interviews to meet staffing needs. Managed the hiring and onboarding process, facilitating smooth transitions for new hires and ensuring alignment with company culture and objectives.
Executive Assistant/Account Executive
Roseboro HoldingsExecutive Assistant/Account Executive
Jul. 2022 - Mar. 2023
Executive Assistant
RD LandExecutive Assistant
Jul. 2022 - Dec. 2022
Executive Assistant
GestureExecutive Assistant
May. 2022 - Jul. 2023Execute various administrative tasks, including travel arrangements and scheduling Submitting expense reports, and other correspondence for CEO and senior leadership. Maximize productivity rates by proactively providing feedback on operational concerns and product issues. Follow attainable project timelines and keep teams on task to complete milestones according to schedule. Provide coaching, mentoring, and cross-functional conflict-resolution support to staff on company standards. Worked to improve morale through increasing employee input in the managerial decision-making process. plan and manage recruitment and selection of staff plan and conduct new employee orientation identify and manage training and development needs for employees develop and implement human resources policies and procedures administer HR policies and procedures
Ready Virtual AssistingCEO/Owner
Jan. 2022Spearheaded the expansion of Ready Virtual Assisting, achieving a remarkable 50% increase in client base and revenue within the first year of operation. Implemented innovative operational strategies for clients, resulting in an improvement in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Prioritized client satisfaction and retention. Built and nurtured a high-performing team, providing mentorship and professional development opportunities, resulting in a motivated and cohesive workforce. Actively engaged in community outreach initiatives, establishing partnerships and contributing to local business development efforts.
Aug. 2012 - May. 2022Structured Play, Development, Feeding Meals and Snacks, Meal Prep, Activities, etc. Laundry, Light Housework, Overseeing Household renovations, Scheduling, Research, Grocery Planning/Shopping, Errands, etc.


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