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Startup Founder
United Arab Emirates
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CEO / Founder
DesitaCEO / Founder
Sep. 2004ItalyDesita is specialized in the foodservice and retail food sectors, in a segment that is extremely focused on strategic consulting and integrated design to support enterprises interested in creating concepts and/or developing existing formats, through replicable, memorable, and economically sustainable solutions. Desita works in areas of high transversal professionalism, by managing the entire business project processes, which in fact includes the general and vertical services of architects, interior designers, suppliers, and general contractors. Desita creates immersive experiences based on strategies, data, international trends, BP & MKT plans, out of ideas, products, or technologies. The DNA of the company is made of passion, enthusiasm, listening, and understanding, while our resilient attitude has allowed us to evolve over the years always performing to the best of our ability.
EMEA Director
Ensemble Business GroupEMEA Director
Feb. 2023Ensemble delivers world-class BIM, Architectural Modeling and Interior Design as an Award-Winning Western-based firm built to be a growth engine for Entrepreneurs, Developers, Brands and other Architects. Our global office network brings about 200 architects, designers and engineers to rapidly design and scale any projects using the latest tools (BIM, Revit, Visualization) but at globally competitive fees that will deliver at least 15% more profits to the clientele. We have leadership on 3 continents who's the careers have worked across primary practice areas (workplace, residential, hospitality, retail, foodservice, mixed-use, industrial) and have worked for major brands on 5 continents delivering also Strategic Consulting with business acumen, helping to create compelling end-to-end food concepts and successful business models”.
Sep. 2021Miksy is a creative atelier that creates original experiences of consumption, communication, and learning through olfactory stimulation. Miksy derives from the Esperanto word 'to mix' and this is the profound essence of a reality that goes beyond olfactory marketing and the production of personalized perfumes. Miksy studies in depth the synaesthetic identity of products, materials, foods, and raw materials and makes them interact alchemically with fragrances, oils, essences, aromas, and extracts to give life to experience amplifiers and transform intangible sensations into concrete, lively and innovative languages and concepts.
Business Partner
POP'n'UpBusiness Partner
Dec. 2019Dubai, United Arab EmiratesPOP'n'Up is the only double-decker rentable kiosk that can be placed, temporarily or semi-permanently, in any historical downtown, urban or suburban areas, airports, train and metro stations, exhibitions, hotels, events, and new generation malls. https://www.popnup.it/
Regional Partner
FasterCapitalRegional Partner
Apr. 2019 - Jun. 2023ItalyFasterCapital is a virtual incubator based in Dubai that becomes your technical cofounder, invest 50% of the seed funding and develop the whole product! Take your startup to the next level with FasterCapital, apply now: https://fastercapital.com/entrepreneur/joinus.html?c=3448
Ambassador to Italy
Franchise ArabiaAmbassador to Italy
Sep. 2016 - Nov. 2017Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ambassador to Italy
Feb. 2015 - Nov. 2017Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Vice President and International Coordinator
IREF ITALIA - Federazione delle Reti Europee di Partenariato e FranchisingVice President and International Coordinator
Jun. 2012 - Sep. 2017Milan Area, Italy
Export Area Manager
Bocchini SPAExport Area Manager
Nov. 1999 - Jun. 2004Same description as Orion. They were part of the same group.
Export Area Manager
Clabo Group Spa - Orion SrlExport Area Manager
Nov. 1999 - Jun. 2004Export Area Manager for Middle East countries


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