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Contract Attorney
Contract Attorney
Jul. 2014India, United Kingdom, United States of AmericaAs a dedicated contract lawyer, I bring over 13 years of experience in corporate, commercial law and regulatory compliance to the table. By leveraging the following skills and qualities, I am able to bring added value to my clients as a contract lawyer, ensuring that their contractual arrangements are solid, legally compliant and supportive of their business objectives. Key Skills: * Expertise in Contract Law: With 13+ years of experience, there is a deep understanding of contract law, encompassing drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts to safeguard clients' interests. * Attention to Detail: Meticulous analysis and interpretation of contract terms ensure comprehensive and legally sound agreements. * Strong Negotiation Skills: Effective negotiation techniques are employed to advocate for clients' best interests and achieve favourable outcomes. * Analytical and Problem-Solving Abilities: Proficiency in analysing complex legal issues leads to the development of creative and practical solutions. * Business Acumen: A keen understanding of the business context ensures that contractual arrangements align with strategic objectives and industry standards. * Client-Centric Approach: Prioritising client needs, a commitment to accessible, responsive, and transparent service fosters trust and long-term partnerships. Achievements: * Over 13 years of experience in corporate, commercial law and regulatory compliance * Delivered over 500 bespoke legal contracts for businesses, government organisations and NGOs * Completed over 200 investment transactions for companies in the US, UK and India * Leading on legal audits and contractual negotiations for blue-chip/multinational companies If you are in need of a contract lawyer with a proven track record of delivering results, connect with me. Together, we can navigate the intricacies of contract law and ensure the protection of your business interests.
Founder and Chief Contracts Manager | MD Legal (Contract Management Agency)
MD LegalFounder and Chief Contracts Manager | MD Legal (Contract Management Agency)
Jul. 2014India, United Kingdom, United States of America* Leading a team of contract specialists to deliver comprehensive contract management services to clients across industries. * Advising clients on contract negotiations, risk mitigation, and legal compliance. * Developing customised contract templates and strategies to streamline processes and maximise efficiency. * Building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, ensuring their ongoing legal needs are met. * Eliminating the need for software solutions for contract management. Legal mind/Human touch over softwares. At MD Legal, we go beyond traditional contract management. We believe in simplifying the complexities of contracts by leveraging our expertise and experience. Our proprietary contract repository and database tool enable us to efficiently store and organise contracts, breaking down their key elements for easy access and analysis. If you're looking for a trusted partner to handle your contract management needs, streamline processes, and maximise your legal efficiency, schedule your free call with us today. Let's transform the way you manage contracts and ensure your business is protected!
Founder and CEO
Oily PoilyFounder and CEO
May. 2022India* Successfully conceptualised and launched Oily Poily, a thriving clean beauty and personal care brand offering premium oil blends sourced from different parts of the world (Vegan natural and cruelty free) * Creating unique formulations using natural ingredients (carrier and essential oils) to provide effective solutions for skin, hair, and body care * Developing and implementing innovative marketing strategies to drive brand awareness and increase sales * Managing all aspects of product development, including sourcing, manufacturing, and quality control A shout-out to skincare experts, influencers, and beauty enthusiasts, to connect with me / join my network. Join me in embracing the power of botanical oils and natural skincare/haircare. Let's share our knowledge, collaborate on exciting projects, and inspire others to embrace clean beauty. Together, we can make a positive impact and revolutionise the way we promote self-care. Let's elevate the world of natural beauty together!
Founder, Counsel | MD Legal (Law Firm, Services Revamped)
MD Legal (Old)Founder, Counsel | MD Legal (Law Firm, Services Revamped)
Jul. 2014 - Feb. 2023New Delhi Area, IndiaA boutique legal advisory firm offering specialised legal services in the areas of corporate law, commercial law and legal compliance management. One shot corporate and legislative compliance management solution for business fraternities. Practice Introduction - Specialised practice catering to almost every sector operating globally. Extensive experience across several industries/sectors, including: Energy and Natural Resources, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Construction, Hotels, Sports and Leisure, Real Estate, Consumer Goods and Retail, Security, Aviation, Shipping and Maritime, Transport, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Information Technology. Contract Management - Drafting, vetting and negotiation of business and commercial contracts including but not limited to service agreements, lease agreements, employment agreements, sale/purchase agreements, distributorship agreements, sale deeds, franchise agreements, business conducting agreements, technology transfer agreements, IP transfer agreements etc. Company related compliance/process, Incorporation, General corporate/company law advisory. Fund Investment - Structuring and advising on the investment deal/transaction (Private Equity, Joint Venture, Film investments etc.), carrying out legal due diligence or audit to know the present status of the investee company, deal documentation – term sheets, preparation of share subscription agreements, share purchase agreements and shareholders agreements, escrow agreements, SPVs etc. Legal Compliance Management (India) – Legal Research and Analysis, Legal Due Diligence/Audits, Legal Risk Assessment and Management and Legal Risk Implementation with respect to employment/labour laws, environmental laws, taxation laws, industry specific laws such as laws applicable in the areas of telecom, medicine, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, oil and natural gas, hospitality, travel, education etc.
Director and Co-Founder (India Operations)
Yogoo! Natural Frozen YogurtDirector and Co-Founder (India Operations)
Jan. 2019 - Sep. 2020India, United Kingdom* Successfully established and led the India operations of Yogoo! Natural Frozen Yogurt, a UK-based frozen yogurt brand, marking the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. * Pioneered the expansion of the brand into the Indian market, leveraging my expertise in business development, international trade, and legal structuring. * Built valuable connections within the industry, fostering partnerships and collaborations to enhance brand visibility and market presence. * Gained deep insights into the intricacies of business operations, navigating challenges and capitalising on opportunities in the competitive Indian market. * Steered the entire legal and business structure, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and establishing a strong foundation for growth. * Adapted swiftly during the COVID-19 pandemic and country-wide lockdown, making strategic decisions to protect the brand's interests. Despite these efforts, the unfortunate impact of the pandemic led to the closure of India operations. This experience provided me with invaluable knowledge in entrepreneurship, business development, international trade, and legal management. I am now equipped with a unique perspective and a resilient approach to overcoming challenges in the ever-changing business landscape.
Apr. 2013 - Jun. 2014New Delhi Area, IndiaPrimarily involved in general corporate legal advisory, advisory on company restructuring such as mergers, private equity investment, joint venture transactions etc. Preparation of term sheets and definitive agreements like shareholders' agreement, share subscription agreement, share purchase agreement etc. with respect to investment deals. Contract Management- Drafting, reviewing and negotiation of commercial agreements including service agreements, lease agreements, employment agreements, sale/purchase agreements, distributorship agreements, sale deeds, franchise agreements, business conducting agreements, technology transfer agreements, IP transfer agreements etc. Conducting legal due diligence and compliance management with respect to labour laws, environmental laws, area specific regulatory laws, approvals, registrations, licenses etc. Drafting of legal opinions, memorandums on queries related to company law, FEMA, insurance laws, etc. Conducting legal research.
Associate Consultant
Chess Management ServicesAssociate Consultant
Jun. 2012 - Dec. 2012Gurgaon, HaryanaLegal compliance management, legal and risk assessment/audit, legal advisory, preparation of compliance database related to employment, environment and industry specific statutes.


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