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Work Background
Founding Principal
Itzamna DigitalFounding Principal
May. 2020United States · RemoteFounded Itzamna Digital, a people-centric digital experience agency specializing in government and non-profit organizations. As CTO and Principal, I drive clients' success through innovative technology solutions, leveraging extensive expertise in leading strategies and delivering exceptional outcomes. Responsibilities: ➤ Client-Centric Technology Leadership: Partner with clients as CTO to understand their needs. Provide guidance and ensure technology aligns with objectives for growth. ➤ Technology Strategy & Digital Transformation: Develop and execute comprehensive strategies for successful digital transformations. Leverage emerging tech, automation, and AI for enhanced efficiency and exceptional experiences. ➤ Solution Architecture & Technical Excellence: Lead design and implementation of scalable, secure, and tailored technology solutions. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure successful delivery and technical excellence. ➤ Vendor Management & Partnership Development: Manage vendors and cultivate strong partnerships for seamless integration. Enable clients to achieve objectives through effective collaboration. ➤ Data Analysis and Insights: Drive informed decision-making through data analysis. Identify cost reduction opportunities, optimize performance, and deliver measurable business value. ➤ Strategic Planning & Execution: Provide strategic guidance, participate in policy development, and oversee day-to-day management. Keep agency at the forefront of technology trends for a competitive edge. Additionally, I have established strategic and operational plans, managed activities, developed an onboarding guide, implemented standards, processes, and policies. Managed payroll, commissions, and workers' compensation.
Chief Technical Advisor & Strategy Consultant
Smarter FoundationChief Technical Advisor & Strategy Consultant
Dec. 2019 - Sep. 2021United States · RemoteSmarter Foundation was a start-up non-profit organization dedicated to enlightening and inspiring individuals affected by chronic inflammatory illnesses. Our mission was to provide support, resources, and education through innovative outreach programs and accessible technology platforms. As the Chief Technical Advisor & Strategy Consultant at Smarter Foundation, I brought deep expertise in technology accessibility and strategic planning to steer the organization's technical direction. I collaborated with cross-functional teams to establish long-term product and organizational roadmaps, ensuring alignment with our mission and goals. By advising on technical requirements, information security risks, and regulatory compliance, I drove the implementation of best practices and processes across the organization. Additionally, I leveraged my extensive industry network to build strategic partnerships and expand our reach. ➤ Led strategic technology planning, establishing long-term product and organizational roadmaps aligned with the mission and goals of Smarter Foundation. ➤ Ensured accessibility and inclusion by driving the implementation of technology accessibility requirements to reach and inspire a diverse audience. ➤ Managed information security and compliance, advising on technical requirements, information security risks, and regulatory compliance to protect sensitive data and ensure regulatory adherence. ➤ Developed strategic partnerships, building industry-wide collaborations to enhance our outreach and expand our impact. ➤ Provided leadership and nurtured talent, recruiting top professionals and establishing a culture of innovation and collaboration within the technical team.
Director of Technology, NCLD │ Senior Technology Strategist, Understood for All
National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) / Understood for AllDirector of Technology, NCLD │ Senior Technology Strategist, Understood for All
Oct. 2014 - Apr. 2020New York City Metropolitan Area · HybridThese non-profits provide leadership, public awareness, and resources to support research and innovative practices in learning issues. I oversaw orgs strategic direction and tech advancements, drove innovation and developed solutions to empower parents and enhance their children's experiences. Key Responsibilities: ➤ Developed and executed technology roadmap aligned with mission and long-term goals. ➤ Led team to architect and implement robust and scalable platforms. ➤ Partnered with stakeholders to ensure digital products met needs of parents and children with learning and attention issues. ➤ Managed vendor relationships, negotiated contracts, and optimized partnerships to drive efficiency and cost savings. ➤ Implemented best practices for cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance. ➤ Fostered continuous improvement, innovation, and collaboration within tech team. ➤ Drove adoption of agile methodologies and DevOps to accelerate product development and delivery. ➤ Championed accessibility and inclusivity in digital solutions, ensuring industry standards compliance. ➤ Provided leadership to cross-functional teams, promoting results-driven work environment. Key Achievements: ➤ Reduced IT vendor footprint by over 30% and 3rd party integration costs by 10%. ➤ Migrated technology infrastructure to cloud, reduced hosting costs by 15% and improved performance by 53%. ➤ Strengthened web security, mitigated bot attacks by 90% and achieved compliance with industry standards. ➤ Led team that increased production development releases 300%, improved content delivery and user experiences. ➤ Received industry recognition, including Best Family/Parenting Site award from the Webby Awards. ➤ Established strategic partnerships and secured funding through Google Grants for ad placements. ➤ Mentored in-house talent, reducing external resources by 50% while improving output and quality. ➤ Created a culture of innovation and collaboration, attracting top technology talent.
Technology Director (Consultant)
NPCreate, Inc.Technology Director (Consultant)
Oct. 2013 - Sep. 2014New York City Metropolitan Area · RemoteNPCreate, Inc. was a boutique graphic design, web production, and illustration consultancy based in NYC. They specialized in providing innovative solutions in the education sector, addressing learning challenges, and enhancing customer outreach through cutting-edge technologies and creative marketing campaigns. As the Technology Director & Strategist, I delivered insight and direction to enable multilingual product deployment for international adoption. My role involved collaborating with stakeholders to define primary business requirements and aligning them with technology solutions. I developed a comprehensive product roadmap, leveraging advanced technologies and external resources, to identify their IT systems architecture and infrastructure. In collaboration with key stakeholders, I provided innovative teaching techniques, analyzed market trends, and effective marketing campaigns to increase brand visibility and engagement. By establishing feasible releases and budgeting iterative solutions, the focal point was to streamline operations and reduced DevOps overhead. Additionally, I provided expertise in setting up CI/CD pipelines, ensuring efficient and seamless releases. One of my significant achievements was conducting a thorough cost analysis, resulting in a documented plan for establishing an engineering department. This analysis encompassed resources, overhead, and projected ROI. Furthermore, I generated marketing, functional, and system requirements documentation, serving as a foundation for successful project execution. By establishing clear success criteria using KPIs, we would monitor and measure the progress of initiatives, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and driving the achievement of organizational goals. My role as Technology Director & Strategist at NPCreate, Inc. exemplified my commitment to leveraging technology to enhance education and drive business success.
Creative Technology Director
Publicis New YorkCreative Technology Director
Apr. 2011 - Jun. 2013New York City Metropolitan Area · On-sitePublicis New York, a leading advertising agency within the Publicis Worldwide Network, specializing in integrated marketing solutions for diverse clients. As the Creative Technology Director, I spearheaded digital transformation initiatives and drove technological innovation within the agency. As the Creative Technology Director, I was a forward-thinking and results-oriented leader with expertise in technology strategy, digital integration, and team management. With a deep understanding of the advertising industry, I brought a unique blend of creative vision and technical acumen to deliver impactful solutions. ➤ Defined and executed technology strategies to establish clients' digital presence and drive business growth. ➤ Led cross-functional teams, collaborating with Creative, Account Services, and UX/UI teams to deliver seamless and innovative digital experiences. ➤ Managed full development lifecycles, ensuring high-quality delivery of websites, mobile apps, and social media campaigns. ➤ Fostered strategic partnerships with vendors, negotiated agreements, and optimized cost-efficiency. ➤ Implemented agile methodologies and streamlined development processes to drive productivity and efficiency. ➤ Championed change management initiatives, enhancing organizational digital processes and promoting digital awareness. ➤ Mentored and developed top-tier talent, fostering a high-performing team culture.
Interactive Development Manager / Technical Lead
JUICE Pharma WorldwideInteractive Development Manager / Technical Lead
May. 2008 - Mar. 2011New York City Metropolitan Area · On-siteJUICE Pharma Worldwide was an independently-owned creative healthcare agency specializing in providing innovative digital solutions to pharmaceutical companies, enabling them to connect with their target audience and drive engagement. As the Interactive Development Manager / Tech Lead at JUICE Pharma Worldwide, I led the digital transformation of the company, leveraging technology to enhance our services and deliver cutting-edge solutions. With a focus on innovation and excellence, we revolutionized the healthcare industry through digital initiatives. ➤ Provided technology vision and drove the strategic direction of the company by identifying emerging technologies and leveraging them to create competitive advantages. ➤ Led the organization's digital transformation efforts, enhancing operational efficiency, customer experience, and overall business growth. ➤ Built and managed high-performing teams, fostering a culture of collaboration, and empowering individuals to achieve their full potential. ➤ Established and nurtured strategic partnerships with technology vendors, industry experts, and clients to drive innovation and business success. ➤ Implemented robust cybersecurity measures and ensured data privacy, mitigating risks and maintaining trust with clients and stakeholders.
Multimedia Developer
JUICE Pharma WorldwideMultimedia Developer
Jun. 2007 - May. 2008New York City Metropolitan Area · On-site
Multimedia Developer / Consultant
Grey GroupMultimedia Developer / Consultant
Jun. 2006 - Mar. 2011
Multimedia Developer / Consultant
Ogilvy & MatherMultimedia Developer / Consultant
Jun. 2006 - Mar. 2011
Video Editor / Multimedia Developer
Headliners ProductionsVideo Editor / Multimedia Developer
Mar. 2006 - May. 2007
Magnet Media, Inc.Intern
Jan. 2003
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