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Business Owner
United States
Work Background
Oct. 2022МоскваYour advisory board to enter and dominate new markets. We are a market research and product marketing agency with a data-driven approach. We help IT companies to enter new markets, launch new products and play in highly competitive fields. — Market Research — Competitive Analysis — Positioning and Unique Selling Proposition — Product Launch - US, Europe, Middle East, India — Your Go-to-Market Advisory — Product Marketing for IT Companies — Corporate Workshops for Product Managers Let's Discuss Your Projeсt: https://gotomarket.me/en
Marketing Consultant
ТочкаMarketing Consultant
Jan. 2022 - Dec. 2022МоскваDeveloping a tactical action plan that outlines the steps necessary to succeed in a new market with the product "Settlements with the self-employed": ● Product-Market Fit ● Audience and buyers ● Competitive landscape ● Distribution: internal and external marketing plan ● Specify sales strategy and suppurting materials
Marketing Consultant
BackitMarketing Consultant
Jan. 2022 - Dec. 2022Казань, Республика Татарстан, Россия● Competitive benchmarking & analysis ● Customer Retention Analysis For Revenue Growth
Head of Internal Marketing at VK business
V Kontakte LLCHead of Internal Marketing at VK business
Jan. 2020 - Dec. 2021● Achieved 35% revenue growth in the Small Medium Business segment (SMB) during 2020 crisis year by implementing more efficient work processes, recruiting a new team and launching a variety of marketing activations. ● Reinforced the image of VK for business as a flexible and intuitive service by initiating the promo campaign "Promote Even When Uncomfortable" campaign and reaching ROI 186% ● Reactivated over 60,000 business accounts in 3 months by launching the campaign “Double Budget” to support small businesses segment clients. ● Activated more than 15,000 new business accounts by executing the first SMB segment TV promotion with support in digital and expanding the campaign into new flights “In fact, everything is simpler”, “VK websites”. ● Grew revenue by 12% by prioritizing new promotion channels, such as paid search, programmatic and other platforms.
Marketing Manager
V Kontakte LLCMarketing Manager
Feb. 2019 - Jan. 2020Москва, Россия● Increased the median Retention Rate to 117% and increased the share of Ad Business Communities by 12% by arranging and executing monthly marketing activations and releases of new products. Contributed to the creation of the product "Simple launch of VK Ads". ● Increased the number of new advertisers by 23% compared to the previous year, leading and supervising performance campaigns on internal resources, as well as for the first time launched advertising on external sites such as Facebook, Yandex, Google.
Marketing Director
SolomotoMarketing Director
Aug. 2017 - Aug. 2018● Made an impact into company's survival by creating and implementing a marketing strategy including audience segmentation, creative generation and media planning. ● Provided over 1,200 new customers during the first month of launch at the Brazilian and USA markets by localizing the product and promotional materials. ● Achieved monthly KPIs by an average of 130% attainment above target, by systemizing analytics and analysis of CAC, Churn Rates, Up-Sell Metrics, ROI, LTV, profitability and other data. ● Budgeted the entire marketing strategy for the company, including calculation of average customers’ check and the client cost which provided the planned annual revenue. ● Raised the average order per account by 10-30% by grouping customers into segments based on their needs and identifying areas of growth. ● Improved 40% of the SOLOMOTO platform interface by accumulating the best functionality of the most famous ad services (Meta, VK, Google, website builders, etc.) and shaping it into a simplified service for entrepreneurs. ● Increased Conversion Rate into registration by 25% leading UX design projects and A/B testing of landing pages. ● Arranged collaboration with the biggest bank of Russia Sberbank as part of the «Non-Banking services» program which provided 50% of all new clients of the SOLOMOTO platform and significantly reduced promotion costs. ● Recruited new team and grew it from 1 to 6 members, attracting young professionals and training them from scratch. Within 2-3 months, newcomers became independent marketing managers capable coordinate development, design and other kind of protects in all markets.
Marketing Manager
SolomotoMarketing Manager
Sep. 2014 - Aug. 2017● Activated launch strategies of SOLOMOTO platform at the markets of the CIS, Brazil, Latin America and the USA. Achieved customer acquisition KPIs by 100%. ● Maintained the Conversion Rate to registration at 9% directing the development of the platform, designing ads and localizing them to new markets. ● Reduced CAC (cost per customer) by half, analyzing about 40-50 campaigns running simultaneously and efficiently investing marketing budgets toward the best performing channels. ● Invented multi levels report for campaigns analyses to improve overall performance.
Content Manager
SolomotoContent Manager
Feb. 2014 - Sep. 2014Москва, РоссияSolomoto is an international SaaS platform designed to give SMBs a simple, all-in-one digital marketing platform to maximize their success. ● Created 70% of the service interface by analyzing all existing ad platforms and adapting them to the concept of the platform. ● Increased the value of the product for users by creating customized content templates according to the business category.
Account Manager
LEADS.SUAccount Manager
Jan. 2013 - Feb. 2014Москва, Москва, Россия● Raised average revenue per clients (webmasters) by customizing communication with the most profitable clients. ● Boosted sales by proactively creating personalized offers and promotions for customers.
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