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How to Find a Mentor on Intch

How to Find a Mentor on Intch

The importance of having a mentor in both personal and professional development cannot be overstated. A mentor can provide valuable guidance, support, and advice based on their own experiences, which can help us navigate our own paths with greater confidence and success.

The study by the University of Virginia found that entrepreneurs who had a mentor were more likely to start and grow a successful business.

However, finding the right mentor can be a challenge, especially when faced with an overwhelming number of options available online. It’s not just a matter of finding someone with the right expertise. The mentor-mentee relationship is highly personal, and finding someone who shares our values and is a good fit for us can make all the difference. 

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So how do we find the right person among hundreds of mentoring sites?

🚀 Intch matches you with the potential mentors and helps to build trust through warm introductions

On Intch, you will find mentors from different backgrounds and industries to help you reach your goal.

More than 5,000 people found their mentors on Intch 🚀


Here is how to get in touch with them 👇

  1. Create a request

Requests are a key tool for meeting and collaborating with people on Intch. A request is a unique template that helps you easily describe what you’re looking for and who you are.

Describe what skills and background a mentor should have. Specify your goals that you want to achieve with the help of mentoring support.

  1. Intch AI shows your request to the relevant professionals

They will either get in touch with you themselves or recommend you to someone from their network.

See examples 👇

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What’s next? Be proactive to double the response!

  1. Reply to requests from other users

Intch AI will send you a selection of requests that match you every day.

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  1. Share requests 

with the people from your network who might be interested.

Join Micro Communities on Intch

This is a place where people meet, chat, and help each other with their requests. Micro Communities have global and geographically-specific options.

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Go to Intch 🚀

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