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How to Find a Co-Founder in 2023

How to Find a Co-Founder in 2023

What would you choose — building a business with a stranger or with your best friend? A good co-founder is someone who has the right professional expertise, shares your values and approach to work. And most importantly, it is someone you easily get along with.

According to a research report by CB Insights, 23% of startups fail because of team-related issues, which includes co-founder conflicts. Another study by Noam Wasserman, a Harvard Business School professor, found that around 65% of high-potential startups fail due to co-founder conflicts.

So how do you find the right person to make sure this won’t happen to you? Open communication and clear expectations can help mitigate these challenges. In order to smooth out the first communication and build trust, you need to use modern tools for networking.

🚀 Intch matches you with the potential co-founders and helps to build trust through warm introductions

Intch AI algorithms match you with people with the right background and goals. Among them, you can easily find your future partner or they can introduce you to the right people.

More than 1,000 founders have found their future co-founders or got a warm introduction with them thanks to Intch 🚀

Here is how to get in touch with them 👇

  1. Create a request

Requests are a key tool for meeting and collaborating with people on Intch. A request is a unique template that helps you easily describe what you’re looking for and who you are.

Pitch your product and indicate the skills of the co-founder you are looking for. Use Intch templates to make it informative and engaging.

  1. Intch AI shows your request to the relevant professionals

If your idea catches their attention, they will respond themselves or recommend someone.

See examples 👇

  1. Arrange a call to know each other better 

If there is mutual interest between you and other person, discuss the terms and you’ll be all set to go!

Intch App – Your Chief Networking Officer Try it

What’s next? Be proactive to double the response!

  1. Reply to requests from other founders and professionals

Intch AI will send you a selection of requests that match you every day.

Intch request's work process

  1. Share requests 

with the people from your network who might be interested.

Join Micro Communities for founders on Intch

This is a place for founders to meet, chat, and help each other with their requests. Micro Communities have global and geographically-specific options.

Intch micro communities

Go to Intch 🚀

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