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Work Background
Backend Architect
TinkoffBackend Architect
Nov. 2018 - Aug. 2022Moscow, RussiaDuring this period of my work, our project finally transformed from kind-of-startup into mature well-recognised media with more than hundred people involved and separated areas of responsibility. I'm mainly concentrated on backend-only tasks & architectural decisions: — splitting Django monolith into (micro)services built on FastAPI, — preparing documentation: ADR, RFC, guides, specifications etc, — consulting other dev teams during new services/features implementation, — developing & maintaining public open-source packages built from our internal solutions. Some of problems solved by me and our backend team over this period: — transferring existing media platform backend to microservice/cloud-native architecture and asynchronous Python stack, — building mechanism for runtime conversion of ≈12K manually HTML-composed journal articles with rich layout into format, suitable for newly released mobile app client. The project's MAU is currently about 15M. Tech stack: Python 3.9+, FastAPI, Postgres, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, Pub/Sub
Lead Full Stack Developer
TinkoffLead Full Stack Developer
Nov. 2016 - Nov. 2018Moscow, RussiaI joined team of Tinkoff Journal — currently the largest Russian online media about personal finances — as a first core developer and set up platform for content publishing & distribution. Some examples of my tasks: — moving from PoC WordPress setup to customised full-featured Django web service, — developing admin interface for content managers/editors, — managing 2 major releases of website design updates and series of small changes during project's lifetime, — making integrations with Tinkoff Bank content projects and APIs, — maintaining infrastructure and configuring features deployment process. Over 2 years, the project's MAU had grown from ≈200K to 5M value: it was also my responsibility to adapt code/infrastructure for system load growth and to support overall service performance. Our dev team had also grown up to 30 persons, so another part of my job was communication with colleagues (product owners, HRs, corporate managers, designers, teammates), e.g.: — collecting business requirements and specs, — coordinating work of backend/frontend developers (both inhouse and outsourced), — interviewing and hiring new developers, — code review. Tech stack: Python 3.5+, Django, DRF, Celery, Postgres, Redis, nginx; Node.js, vanilla JS, postCSS
Web Developer
FreelanceWeb Developer
Sep. 2010 - Nov. 2016St Petersburg City, RussiaDeveloping presentational/content websites and online database management systems for small businesses and social researchers. Examples of projects: — re-launched website for social research center with search/admin UI for 10 years old archive of publications (previously maintained in HTML files), — built online archives and visualisation tools for several researches made by my academia colleagues, — introduced online orders management system for company producing printing materials
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