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Co-Founder & Keymaster
The Ark of Forgotten KnowledgeCo-Founder & Keymaster
Jan. 2021Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaAs Co-Founder & Keymaster of The Ark of Forgotten Knowledge, I am committed to preserving and sharing a diverse array of rare and specialized knowledge. My role involves the curation and dissemination of unique insights across various fields, ensuring this valuable knowledge is accessible and beneficial to a broad audience. I strive to create a platform that not only safeguards forgotten wisdom but also fosters a community of learning and discovery.
Board Member
Secure Private Equity ÜbervarsityBoard Member
Nov. 2016Berlin, Germany · HybridAs a Board Member at Secure Private Equity Übervarsity, my focus is on making strategic investment decisions and offering guidance to maximize ROI and drive innovation in private equity ventures. My responsibilities include evaluating potential investments, advising on risk management, and ensuring the alignment of investment strategies with the long-term goals of the firm.
Founder & Director
Manolutions Australia Pty LtdFounder & Director
Jan. 2016Australia · HybridAs the Director and Founder of Manolutions Australia, my mission is to empower businesses through innovative management solutions, focusing on unleashing their full potential. Our approach, which includes strategies like the transformative Total QX Methodology, is part of a broader spectrum of services aimed at comprehensive business optimisation. In My Role: - I lead our team in offering custom-tailored management solutions, designed to unlock the hidden potential within our clients' organisations. This encompasses a variety of strategies, including but not limited to Total QX, to ensure a holistic approach to business growth. - Our methods extend beyond operational optimisation, aiming to catalyze growth by tapping into the unique strengths and capabilities of each business. While Total QX is a key component, it is integrated with other innovative techniques to foster all-round development. - My leadership focuses on guiding businesses through a transformative journey. This involves not just adopting specific methodologies like Total QX but also leveraging a range of tools and insights to ensure every client interaction is an opportunity to excel and leave a lasting impact. Under my guidance, Manolutions Australia is dedicated to taking our clients' businesses beyond conventional growth paths. We use a blend of methods, including Total QX, to unlock their true potential and drive exceptional results.
Board Member
AEGIS Pre-insolvency & Corporate RestructuringBoard Member
Dec. 2015 - Apr. 2017Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaAs a Board Member at AEGIS Pre-insolvency & Corporate Restructuring, I guided corporate restructuring and pre-insolvency strategies focusing on financial stability and recovery plans for businesses in distress. My expertise in financial management and corporate restructuring was instrumental in helping companies navigate challenging situations and emerge stronger.
Board Member
Loan Rescue Pty LimitedBoard Member
Sep. 2015 - Aug. 2017Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaDuring my tenure as a Board Member at Loan Rescue Pty Limited, I provided strategic direction and financial oversight to ensure the company's successful navigation through complex financial landscapes. My role involved assessing financial health, advising on restructuring strategies, and guiding the company towards sustainable growth and stability.
The Hedonist Entrepreneur InitiativeCo-Founder
Aug. 2014Berlin, GermanyI co-founded The Hedonist Entrepreneur Initiative with the goal of creating a vibrant community for Ultra High Net Worth individuals. My role as Co-Founder involves orchestrating events, workshops, and networking sessions that provide essential support, resources, and opportunities for our members. This initiative has grown into a thriving ecosystem where luxury, lifestyle, and business are nurtured, challenges are addressed collaboratively, and success stories are born. It stands as a testament to my commitment to fostering entrepreneurial spirit where pleasure and passion meet purpose and profit.
Co-Founder & Head Business Trainer
BsnssRcks (Business Rocks)Co-Founder & Head Business Trainer
Mar. 2013Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaAs Co-Founder and Head Business Trainer at BsnssRcks, I lead the development and delivery of impactful training and development programs for aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals. My role involves curating a curriculum that blends cutting-edge business strategies with practical skills, catering to the evolving needs of the modern business landscape. Through these programs, I aim to empower individuals with the tools and insights needed to navigate their entrepreneurial journey successfully.
Advisory Board Member
Young Entrepreneur Society GlobalAdvisory Board Member
Oct. 2011Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaServing as an Advisory Board Member at Young Entrepreneur Society Global, my role is to provide strategic guidance and mentorship to young entrepreneurs. I focus on fostering innovation and business excellence among the upcoming generation of business leaders. My contributions include sharing insights from my extensive experience, helping young entrepreneurs to refine their business models, and providing them with the necessary support to turn their innovative ideas into successful ventures.
Chief Executive Officer
Focus Liquidity ILPChief Executive Officer
May. 2009 - May. 2010Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaAs CEO of Focus Liquidity ILP, I was at the forefront of pioneering strategic financial initiatives, leading the development and successful launch of Australia's first crowdsourced commercial finance platform. This groundbreaking venture not only marked a significant milestone in the financial sector but also culminated in a lucrative exit through the sale to a major player in the local market. Under my stewardship, Focus Liquidity was established as an Incorporated Limited Partnership (ILP), a corporate structure then relatively novel in Australia, despite its popularity in North America and parts of Europe. We were among the first 100 companies to register as an ILP in Australia. My leadership was instrumental in steering the company through complex financial landscapes, optimizing operations for peak efficiency, and securing the firm's long-term success and stability.
Lifetime Partner
B1G1Lifetime Partner
Jan. 2009As a Lifetime Partner with B1G1, my commitment to creating a positive impact transcends traditional roles. I am passionately dedicated to contributing to socially impactful projects and fostering corporate social responsibility on a global level. My involvement goes beyond mere financial aid; it encompasses providing strategic guidance and actively participating through my own business enterprises to support chosen companies. This is aimed at driving sustainable development and enhancing societal well-being. I am particularly focused on backing initiatives that tackle crucial global issues, including education, healthcare, environmental preservation, and poverty reduction. My efforts are geared towards harnessing the potential of business as a catalyst for good, with the goal of generating enduring benefits for communities worldwide. This approach is a reflection of my firm belief in the power of responsible business practices and my unwavering commitment to being an integral part of addressing the world's most urgent challenges.
Executive Producer
The Secret of Action and Networking Days - The SandExecutive Producer
Mar. 2007 - Jun. 2007Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaIn my capacity as the Executive Producer for The Secret of Action and Networking Days (The SAND), I was responsible for curating and executing highly effective personal development and business networking events. My role was centered around organizing and managing workshops and training sessions designed to foster professional development and strategic networking opportunities for participants. These events played a significant role in enhancing both personal growth and business achievements of the attendees.
Leader - Law of Attraction Business Club
EcademyLeader - Law of Attraction Business Club
Feb. 2007 - Aug. 2008GlobalAs the leader of the Law of Attraction Business Club, I guided members in adopting positive business practices and principles. My role was focused on enhancing member success and personal growth through the application of the Law of Attraction in business contexts, encouraging a mindset of positivity and abundance in professional endeavors.
Leader - Strategic Business Alliance Club
EcademyLeader - Strategic Business Alliance Club
Jun. 2006 - Nov. 2011GlobalIn my leadership role at the Strategic Business Alliance Club, I was instrumental in fostering international business partnerships and collaborative opportunities for members. My efforts were centered on creating a platform for cross-border business engagements, facilitating networking, and nurturing strategic alliances that spanned various industries and regions.
National Manager
Der PschorrNational Manager
Jun. 2006 - Jul. 2007Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaIn my role as National Manager of Der Pschorr, I was instrumental in launching and establishing the brand in Australia, overseeing a range of responsibilities from marketing to operations management in the hospitality sector. My duties extended beyond typical brand development; they included comprehensive legal and financial management on behalf of the directors and shareholders, as well as intricate negotiations with government and regulatory bodies. Despite facing significant challenges, such as bureaucratic hurdles and opposition from a well-established local competitor, which ultimately impeded the launch of our flagship venue, my efforts were crucial in strategizing and implementing plans for brand growth, customer engagement, and operational excellence. These efforts were pivotal in navigating the complexities of the Australian market and contributed substantially to the brand's presence and recognition in the region.
National Board Advisor
AB InBev APACNational Board Advisor
Mar. 2006 - Jan. 2007The Hague, South Holland, NetherlandsIn my role as a National Board Advisor at AB InBev APAC, I provided strategic insights and guidance to enhance the company’s growth and market presence. My focus was on identifying opportunities for expansion, advising on marketing strategies, and fostering a culture of innovation within the company.
IT Manager - CIMS Program
ABN AMRO Bank N.V.IT Manager - CIMS Program
Jun. 2005 - Feb. 2006Amsterdam, North Holland, NetherlandsAs the IT Manager for the CIMS Program at ABN AMRO Bank N.V., I oversaw the development and implementation of the Case Investigation Management System. My responsibilities included ensuring a robust IT infrastructure, managing stakeholder relations, and leading a team to deliver efficient IT solutions to support the bank's operations.
BlackStar Life Member
EcademyBlackStar Life Member
Apr. 2005 - Feb. 2013GlobalAs a BlackStar Life Member of Ecademy, I played a key role in leveraging global networks for strategic business growth and professional development. My active involvement included engaging with a diverse community of professionals, sharing insights, and fostering collaborative opportunities, contributing significantly to the enhancement of business strategies and professional skills.
Global Information Technology Manager
SafeBootGlobal Information Technology Manager
Jul. 2003 - Dec. 2004NetherlandsAs the Global Information Technology Manager at SafeBoot, I led the company's technology strategies and managed IT operations across international branches. My role was instrumental in streamlining IT processes, enhancing system security, and ensuring seamless technology integration in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
Interim Manager
UWVInterim Manager
Nov. 2002 - Jul. 2003Amsterdam, North Holland, NetherlandsDuring my tenure as an Interim Manager at UWV, I managed stakeholder relations and spearheaded project initiatives for a new Virtual Data Centre. My focus was on aligning IT strategies with organizational goals, ensuring efficient project execution, and facilitating technological advancements.
Principal Consultant - Financial Services EMEA
MicrosoftPrincipal Consultant - Financial Services EMEA
Jan. 2001 - Jul. 2001London, England, United KingdomIn my capacity as Principal Consultant at Microsoft Financial Services EMEA, my expertise was channeled towards providing specialized consultancy to prominent clients like Euroclear Bank. My core responsibilities encompassed streamlining project delivery, strengthening client engagement, and ensuring that technological strategies were effectively integrated with overarching business goals. A notable accomplishment in this role was my successful management of stakeholder relationships and the re-engagement of the client's C-suite with the previously agreed-upon solutions, all accomplished within the set timeline and budget constraints. This was pivotal in restoring and advancing a critical project with Microsoft Financial Services Belgium and their leading client.
Interim Manager
AegonInterim Manager
Jan. 1998 - Dec. 2000Leeuwarden, Friesland, NetherlandsAs an Interim Manager at Aegon, I managed the national network and telecommunications team, focusing on system efficiency and reliability in a dynamic financial services environment. My leadership ensured optimal performance of network systems, supporting the company's strategic technology goals.
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
LANGE GRUPPE FINANZCo-Founder and Managing Partner
Feb. 1985Berlin, GermanyAs a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of LANGE GRUPPE FINANZ, my expertise lies in steering the firm towards pioneering financial solutions and strategic investment opportunities. This role is dedicated to advising and consulting with our clients, helping them navigate the complex landscape of finance and investment. My responsibilities encompass strategic analysis, market insights, and bespoke financial consultancy, all aimed at enhancing our clients' financial growth and stability in the dynamic market.


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