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Work Background
CEO, Founder, Advisor
ToTheTopCEO, Founder, Advisor
Jan. 2018London, Paris, Barcelona, San-FranciscoThe startup ecosystem is global and ulta-competitive, reaching the top of your industry is a priority and achieving hyper-growth the new standard. Benefit from our tailored services to reach this goal. FOR STARTUPS & ENTERPRISES: We help founders and C-level executives design or revamp ambitious yet convincing business plans, forecasts, funding rounds, fundraising campaigns, and set the course towards maximized profit and valuation. We provide expert advisory services, audits, industry-standard templates, and expert forecasting data sheets to save you time, trigger your creativity, help resolve forecasting or planning challenges, and inform strategic decisions. FOR PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS: We help fund managers optimize their portfolio by repositioning, improving or revamping business planning and forecasting of startups in your portfolio, auditing or monitoring startups at risk, helping startups reset course on hyper-growth or finding traction, and set the course towards hyper-growth and maximized valuation.
CEO, Founder, Executive coach
ToTheTopCEO, Founder, Executive coach
Jan. 2017 - Dec. 2018Paris, Barcelona, San-FransiscoHelping tech startup founders going from idea to seed funding.
You are Capital.Partner
Oct. 2021Barcelona, Catalonia, SpainCorporate Finance advisory aimed at global companies, private equity funds, and private companies. Small and mid-cap services such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Fundraising, Financial and Strategic Advisory. YouAre Capital that’s 30 years of experience, 11 offices around the world, track records of 400+ transactions, and access to more than 10,000 enterprises and investors.
Analyst & Fundraiser
ELIKACIOAnalyst & Fundraiser
Mar. 2019 - Jul. 2020Paris, Cape-TownWe're specialized in structuring funding for infrastructure projects in Africa meeting some of the 17 UNDP's sustainability goals: recycling chain, energy production, affordable housing... We identify, analyse and select projects that are fundable, we structure funding and guaranties, we coordinate local and international player to get documents ready for due diligence, we present projects to investment funds and help finalize funding agreements. We're proud to have a pilot project backed by the UNDP in South-Africa.
Digital transformation expert
ElitechDigital transformation expert
Jan. 2017 - Dec. 2018Paris, FranceIn every sector of the economy, new offers launched by startups or simply from competition inspired by the startup ecosystem, drive businesses to offer digital services and a strong presence on social media. Digital transformation is a unique opportunity for your company to move ahead on the market or even to take a pole position. Since 2009, Elitech is offering expertise in digital transformation: digital marketing, digital services, lean digitalized processes, cloud infrastructures, etc... Elitech creates or completes your team to succeed in digitalizing your company.
Founder, CEO, CTO
Donzat Business SolutionFounder, CEO, CTO
Jan. 2008 - Dec. 2017Paris, FranceDonzat™ is aimed to bring enterprise complete and powerful and flexible integrated IT cloud solutions. Donzat™ offer is based on industry IT experts, using the first continuous integration platform and AGILE method, to deliver large functional coverage (enterprise resources planning, customer relationship management, supply chain management, business intelligence), large technical coverage (high-avalaibility / volume / performance / security). With Donzat™ in you entreprise, your IT is constantly in phase with company's offers, products and processes. • Cloud applications publishing for small businesses (2017) • Cloud IT global solution publishing, project management and continuous integration for large businesses (2013) • Global IT cloud solution publishing, cloud IT platform development, pilot project management and pilot integration (2008)
Information technology expert
GE ConsultingInformation technology expert
Jan. 2007 - Dec. 2008Paris, France• IT architecture • IT company master plan • Business process modeling
Founder, CEO & Information technology architect
CONSULTEXPRESSFounder, CEO & Information technology architect
Jan. 1994 - Dec. 2006Paris, France• IT company master plan • Organization, processes & IT consulting • IT integration


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