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United Arab Emirates
United States
Work Background
Product Manager
Letmespeak.org AGProduct Manager
Dec. 2018Дубай, Объединённые Арабские Эмираты
Senior Product Manager and Co-Founder (EdTech, FitTech)
ПредпринимательSenior Product Manager and Co-Founder (EdTech, FitTech)
Oct. 2018Москва, Москва, РоссияWe are developing several educational and wellness mobile apps from scratch. It involves the whole life cycle of app development - from idea to implementation and revenue growth. We form the idea, make customer development, implement quick prototypes, do UX testing, launch the apps and make the post-release analysis. Then we form new hypothesis aimed at revenue growth.
Product Lead
Oysterkit.comProduct Lead
Jun. 2016 - Oct. 2018Moscowhttps://oysterkit.com/ Educational StartUp aimed at helping youngsters find their calling. It combines education and fun. It is an offline kit which contains tangible objects, so suitable and interesting for kids, with cutting age technologies, such as VR. Oyster often gets both exellent customer reviews and feedback from educational professionals. I participated in developing the product from scratch, finding the right implementation, format and market position. We have effectively made several pivots while testing different hypothesis and finally came to a product, that both combined our best ideas and was economically efficient. This journey included a great deal of market research, customer development, design thinking sessions, quick product prototyping and hypothesis testing. عرض أقل
Lead Product Manager
LinguaLeoLead Product Manager
Jun. 2014 - Dec. 2014I coordinated a team of 5 product managers, working on both web and mobile platforms. Our aim was to increase the retention rate dramatically. We developed a strategy of product growth on a two-year horizon. We made several major releases, which were something completely new on the EdTech market. - We have launched an adaptive grammar test. More than 90% of users completed the test and 2-nd day retention was increased. - We launched a 'Dashboard", which was a personalized and adaptive educational plan, that leaded the user II teacher, which formed the best educational path for a particular user. While working on this projects we also made several amendments in the product development process. For instance, we started to make faster prototypes, introduced regular UX-testing and more reliable a/b test for each new feature. That enabled us to save resources and make releases more effective and fast. عرض أقل
Product Manager
LinguaLeoProduct Manager
Mar. 2012 - Dec. 2015MoscowWhile working in this position I was managing several products: - interactive online courses - interactive grammar courses (which in total raised the revenue at least by 30% as well as the user engagement). I worked with several development teams on this project and I formed a content team from scratch, which consisted of methodologies, linguists and content-managers. The content team was a fully remote one. I was also partly involved in e-mail marketing at this time. I have launched a chain of educational emails, that were found extremely useful and interesting y the users and increased daily revenue at leased by 10% each time the email was sent. عرض أقل
Ultimate Business Consulting LtdManager
Aug. 2011 - Dec. 2011
Jul. 2009 - Aug. 2009


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