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Chief Advisor - Strategic Initiatives.
His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Rashid Bin Humaid Al NuaimiChief Advisor - Strategic Initiatives.
Mar. 2023Ajman Emirate, United Arab EmiratesAs the Chief Advisor - Strategic Initiatives to His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Rashed Bin Humaid Al-Nuaumi, I work closely with His Highness to understand his goals and objectives, identify potential opportunities and risks, and develop actionable plans to achieve desired outcomes. I am also responsible for leading a team of professionals who assist in the implementation of the strategies we develop. I work closely with my team to ensure that they understand the objectives and goals of His Highness and are aligned with his vision and values. I provide guidance and support to ensure that the team is focused and motivated to achieve the desired outcomes. Together, we conduct extensive research and analysis to identify potential opportunities and risks and develop effective plans to achieve His Highness's objectives. With my leadership, I ensure that the team works efficiently and effectively to implement strategies that align with His Highness's vision and values and deliver the expected results.
Chairperson and Director
UAE STRAT: 2071 Chairperson and Director
Dec. 2022Dubai, United Arab EmiratesUAE STRAT: 2071 is a think tank that has been established with the goal of advancing the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) international standing by focusing on humanitarian and environmental issues. This focus on humanitarian and environmental issues will include research and advocacy on topics such as disaster relief, sustainable development, and climate change. Additionally, the think tank will also be working to promote the UAE's reputation as a leader in these areas on the global stage.
David & Goliath SRLCo-Founder
Jan. 2018Partnico, Scily, ItalySicily's Farming Heritage, Desert's Future. Where old-world farming charm meets modern desert opulence.
Carver International Projects Founder
Apr. 2003GloballyCarver International Project, (Carver) since its founding in 2003, has continued to accomplish its objectives by initiating significant impact social ventures by identifying and empowering men and women in local communities to establish their own social impact plans for economic growth; and environmental, social and cultural protection, to ultimately join with them as partners in service. Members of Carver International Project’s team meet with businessmen, academics, clergy, politicians and other local leaders to initiate the dynamic and positive changes that need to be undertaken to make our universe a better place by investing in significant impact socially responsible projects one vulnerable individual at a time. By fostering the means to build essential infrastructure to enhance economic, social and cultural opportunities. Carver believes individuals impacted will soon experience increased productivity, stability and a sense of self-worth. Successful campaigns include: Organizer, "Take a Five Minute Family Break" Campaign" Organizer, "Lets Fight Hunger Together” Campaign Organizer, "Contra Costa Food Bank's Food for Children Program“ Organizer, Diablo Regional Art Assoc’s “The Art Scholarship Program" Presenter, "Oscar winning A.R. Rehman Concert" Organizer, "Asha Bhosle and Adnan Sami Concert Presenter, "The Rahat Fatheh Ali Khan Show" Presenter, "The Sa Re Ga Ma Challenge - the Show“ Sponsor and Presenter, Federation of Indo-American Association of Northern California 7th Annual Banquet Awards Presenter, Federation of Indo-American American Asso., Diwali Mela Organizer and Presenter, Jagjit Singh in Concert. Presenter, Gurdass Mann in Concert
Senior Policy Advisor
Lampe, Trinkaus & Berg.Senior Policy Advisor
Dec. 1998 - Oct. 2022Palermo, Italy; St. Petersburg, RussiaAssisting clients to seamlessly beat the competition in an over-crowded fund-raising market place.
Chief Executive Officer
Allied GroupChief Executive Officer
Apr. 1998 - Apr. 2009Palau, Geneve, San Francisco, Guam, Paris. Managed a boutique financial services organization valued at US $1.7 billion.
Manager, Financial Services
Moylan's Insurance Underwriters, Inc. Manager, Financial Services
Mar. 1997 - Mar. 1999Saipan, Palau, and Marshall IslandsKaleo Moylan, Director, wrote: “As a manager of our Financial Services Division, Lal has been responsible for generating excitement and high achievement among our marketing organizational members. He was responsible for recruiting, training and motivating a sales force of over 30 people. As the leader of that marketing team he was able to get the team to amass over one million dollars, in annualized premiums in a six-month period of time. A great effort by an individual who can achieve great things. Lal has many strengths but what stands out is his ability to motivate and recruit others. He unselfishly gives his time and energy to his duties. It is this kind of work ethic and focus that is uncommon in today's worker but is indicative of Lal Bhatia's commitment to achieve greater things for the company and himself. If your company is looking for a hardworking, dedicated, independent, intelligent, trustworthy person for position of responsibility and growth, I certainly would recommend Lal Bhatia and would be happy to discuss his credentials, further if asked.”
Founder and Chairman
David & Goliath FarmsFounder and Chairman
Oct. 2023Ajman, UAEIn the heart of Ajman's sands, along with my team at David & Goliath Farms, I am not just tilling the soil — we're penning a revolutionary narrative. Here, we bravely defy the odds, inspired by the age-old tale of David and Goliath, merging audacious spirit with agricultural innovation, hydroponics, vertical farming and technology. We're not just farming; we're making the impossible bloom, transforming barren desert into a flourishing oasis of rare exotic fruits & vegetables…
David & Goliath FilmsChairperson
Aug. 2018India and elsewhereWith over 36 awards and accumulated approximately more than 50 laurels, in about three years, David & Goliath Films' business ecosystem strives to be an economic and intellectual catalyst stimulating among other things, community philanthropy that contribute to an enduring positive change. With vigour and enthusiasm, David & Goliath embarks on its determined endeavour to invest in significant and impactful social ventures in India. One "Goliath" at a time. One vulnerable person at a time. One heartfelt project at a time.
Hilshaw GroupChairman
Nov. 2020United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Italy and RussiaHilshaw Group is a Business Advisory and Multi Family Office with an existing fund size of USD 500 million. The Group primarily advises and normally invests its own funds in low supply and finite real estate opportunities and has allocated USD 175 Million towards UAE's Real Estate Market.


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Advisor, Board Director, Partner, Guide, CEO, Chairman @ Strategic Brand Solutions, Ulysees Holdings, Clean Air Associates
Founder & CEO @ Amtec Links
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